Judith Cairns has been hitting the headlines of late as a scratch card thief. She is from Gateshead and worked in 2 stores – where it was uncovered that she was stealing scratch cards in both of them! Not just a couple – she pocketed thousands of them in the hope they would provide her with a big win! Originally it was claimed that Cairns had taken scratchies to the value of £44,000 however due to insufficient evidence in proving which ones she could have actually purchased and which ones she had taken without permission meant that the prosecutors didn’t really have any other option than to accept her story.

This means that her sentence was based on her taking only £2,000 worth of cards and claiming the winnings of £500. Mark Giuliani spoke to the Newcastle Crown Court and stated the following:
“The exact number of scratch cards cannot be quantified but she accepts there were about £2,000 of them. It’s impossible to work out which cards had gone and been sold etc. She said she had winnings of £500. That’s less than Camelot would expect, they said the winnings would be 60 to 70% of the value of the cards. She may have won a million pounds, who knows.”

The thought that she could have gotten away with such a large crime has caused a bit of an upset – but with the lack of evidence there is nothing else that could be done. Judith Cairns is 32 years old and worked in the Lifestyle Shop and Ivan’s Premier Shop which are both situated on Consort Road in Gateshead. She committed the offence last year and has plead guilty to theft of 4 counts.

Her sentence was community service – where she needs to undertake 100 hours of work which of course be unpaid. Her defender Nick Lane had stated that she had a child and had some financial problems at the time and that she of course feels bad about what she has done. He also revealed that she wasn’t in the best relationship at the time which only added to her worries. She now of course is no longer working in those stores but is working 4 hours a week and searching for more work.