As if it isn’t exciting enough taking a flight when there is a prospect of going on your holiday’s and soaking up some sun, sea and sand, Ryanair also have some nifty little scratch cards you can purchase on flight where there are some great prizes up for grabs! These include cash prizes, cars and much more – all of which can be won just by scratching off and matching some panels!

As part of their ‘Fly to Win’ offer and there were four lucky winners of late who all walked (or flew) away with a luxury new car!

There were two winners from Italy, one from Portugal and finally one from Spain. Ms Maria Soccorsa Pitella, Ms Maria Eleonora Milazzo, Ms Maria Gabriela Rodrigues and Mr William Bullard where the ones to have a swanky new car and all the result of purchase of a Ryanair scratch card that costs just 2 Euros!

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The profit of these scratch cards don’t just go to Ryanair, a lot of it goes to charitable causes too which may be why they are so popular with the customers. The charities include: The Marie Keating Foundation, The GROW Organisation, The Jack and Jill Foundation, The Men’s Shed Association in Ireland and more.

Caroline Greene who is the Ryanair representative that presented the winners with the keys said:

“Every one of our 81m passengers is already a winner thanks to Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest fares and our ‘Fly To Win’ scratchcards offer some fabulous prizes, including a brand new car every single month, as well as cash and the chance to win €1 million, all for a stake of just €2.”

There was some poor publicity for Ryanair in recent months when it was uncovered that it was part of the company’s policy to not give their customers any change and encourage them to purchase extra items such as the scratch cards to spend more money with the company. The strategy was for the stewards to let customers know that they were struggling for change and they would need to come back with it and offer the alternative of spending just a little on some other items.

It looks like those four winners have come just in time to make sure that Ryanair remain in everyone’s good books! But if you’re not jetting off anywhere soon why not try some online scratchcards?

With huge jackpots, very high payout rates and often for a lot less than you can by them in your local shop, they are a hugely entertaining way to play. Paddy Power Games have a huge selection so head over and check them out.

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