Robin Dude is a fantasy-themed scratch card game that is available for play at MegaMoneyGames. Players can take on the role of a similar character to their favorite childhood hero, Robin Hood. Unlike most scratch card games where you simply scratch off symbols, players will aim and shoot a bow and arrow in Robin Dude to win real cash prizes. The game features high-quality and easy to understand graphics for fun and simple game play. Whether you’re a professional at shooting bow and arrows or it’s your first time, Robin Dude is easy for all to understand and play.

Upon opening the game screen, a money bag will be shown at the bottom that has a minus sign and a plus sign. These buttons will be used to set your bet amount. The minimum bet is $1.00 and the maximum bet is $10.00. After setting the bet amount that you feel comfortable with, the game can be played.

Players will assist Robin Dude in aiming his bow and arrow towards the target. When you feel that it is lined up as best as possible, click the “Shoot” button to fire away. Each game offers three chances to hit the target and the bow and arrow can be re-positioned during each try. If the target is hit during your first, second or third try, the prize amount that is shown behind that try will be won. The more that a player bets with, the more money that they can win. An amazing prize of $100,000.00 is possible when playing Robin Dude.

New players should not forget to take advantage of great promotions that are available to them at MegaMoneyGames. This includes a free %7.00 bonus with no deposit required. This is a great way to try out Robin Dude before making your own bet.