If you’re looking to play one of the simple Ladbrokes scratch cards, then go straight to Scratchball. This game has a football theme, and like most other scratch card games at ‘Ladbrokes Games’, the goal is to match three symbols. You can change your stakes every game, which allows you more flexibility when it comes to money management.

When the game begins, move your cursor over one of the empty boxes. As you move the mouse, you will hear a scratching noise that sounds very realistic. If you match three symbols, then you will see the lights to the right blink, and you will hear a celebratory horn.

A simpler option is to select the “Reveal All” option, but that won’t allow for much excitement. The “Reveal All” option is best used when you’re pressed for time, such as during a lunch break.

Scratchball has a wide range of payouts. These payouts aren’t as high as The Big Match Scratch Card, but that’s one of the best Ladbrokes Games. This is a work-your-way-up game. Scratchball comes in batches of 10,000 scratch cards. Of those 10,000 scratch cards, 1,000 of them pay 1x your original wager. Two thousand of these scratch cards pay 2x your original wager. That might not sound like much, but you’re winning double your money. If you want to win 5x your money, then you should be happy to know that 500 scratch cards offer such a return. As many as 50 cards offer 10x your original wager. Twenty scratch cards offer 20x your original wager. Only five scratch cards offer 50x your original wager, but if you’re wagering a decent amount and you hit, then you will see an enormous return.

If this doesn’t sound like the game for you, then check out other Ladbrokes Scratch Cards. Soccer Safari is a great option. David G just won 3,882.80 GBO. Anthony I just won 3,030.00 playing Virtual Dog, and William S. just won 2,702.40 playing Rubiks Riches. These are all great Ladbrokes Games with big potential.

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