Ladbrokes games have stayed very active in the addition of new slot games to their selection, which partly makes up for the absence of any new online scratch cards. One of their recent additions is Worms, based on the classic computer game of which many of you will undoubtedly have fond memories.

Worms is a classic console game in which teams of military worms battle it out for survival using various power weapons. The transition of the game into a slot version has been done very well and is just as impressive as the original game. It has a very playful and high quality aesthetic, using cartoon-style image with high definition 3D animation.

When you first start spinning the reels, you will see various worm characters bearing different weapons. One of the symbols features two worms with a massive machine gun, while another shows a smug-looking worm aiming an Uzi at you. In the background, you can see various crates and worms parachuting out the sky, ready for battle.

This game is very impressive in terms of bonus rounds. It seems to be these features which are pulling the new games apart from their more dates equivalents. There are three bonuses which you can trigger in this slot, each offering potentially massive payouts. If you get the crate bonus symbol on reels two, three and four, you will activate one of the worms bonuses, which can be the Space Trail Bonus, The Crate Escape or the Free Spins Battle. You must then select a bonus crate to reveal which bonus round will commence.

If you reveal Sgt Major, the Free Spins Battle will start, offing unlimited free spins. Reveal the Cosmo Worm and the Space Trail bonus will start, offering up to 1000x the total bet amount. The third bonus round is the Crate Escape Bonus, triggered by revealing the Scot Worm. This round offers a win of up to 100x the total bet.

When playing the Free Spins Battle, various symbols featuring on specific reels have additional effects. If Sgt Major appears on the centre reel, a bonus cash prize will be awarded. If the pirate worm appears on the centre reel, the health meter is reduced. Inversely, if the medic worm appears on the centre reel, the health bar will be restored.

For the many bonus features and the high definition animated graphics, this game is well worth a try.