Although there has been little happening at Ladbrokes Games when it comes to the addition of new online scratch cards to their gaming selection, they do already have some older classics.

After reviewing and trying out many different scratch games, this one really stands out from the rest. Most other online scratch cards use a near identical format and the better ones simply use enhanced graphics. Route to Riches, however, takes an innovative twist on the game.

If you are a fan of travelling the world and visiting its many major cities, you’ll love this scratch card. When you join the game, you are presented with an authentic-looking world map with a number of ancient pieces of jewellery. Each of the seven items has a number underneath it representing its prize value ranging from 1x to 1,000x the stake. Each item of jewellery is cut into three pieces and in order to win the prize amount, you must find the individual pieces while travelling the world map.

There are nine different locations on the map, spotted around the various continents: Indiana, Panama, the Amazon, Paris, Cairo, Zanzibar, Beijing, Kathmandu and Singapore. You must first select how much you want to stake, which can be anything from £1 to £100. When playing with the maximum stake, the maximum possible prize amount is £100,000! Once you have selected your stake, you can select any three of the nine locations on the map. When you click on a location, you will see an aeroplane flying to that location.

Although this animation is relatively simple, it works very well and adds to the overall appeal of the game. In each location, you will find three broken pieces of jewellery and you must try to find three that complete one piece of jewellery. Once you find three matching pieces, you’ll win the corresponding prize amount.

So if you like the idea of visiting the various corners of the globe, this one will be right up your street!
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