When I look for a site where I can play casino games without a lot of fuss and bother, I always gravitate to the tried-and-true William Hill online casino at This site may not have a lot of bells and whistles but it has exactly what I need (which is why I keep on returning). When I punt online, I don’t like to be assaulted with colours and graphics and flashing lights (if I wanted that, I’d go to Vegas); instead, I want the ability to find my favourite games without fighting my way through a maze of instructions and detours. William Hill is streamlined and straightforward – just the way I like it.

The William Hill online casino seems to read my mind in terms of priorities. For instance, I love a good bonus, and they put the promos and bonuses front and centre; you never have to fish around to find the information you’re looking for. And the folks at William Hill are super-generous. Not only do you get great first-deposit bonuses if you start off slow (150% up to £150), but mid-rollers and high-rollers get compensated as well (£350 free for a deposit of £500 and £500 for a deposit of £1,000, respectively). Second deposits are also eligible for a bonus and, as you continue to play on the site, you also get bonuses depending on which banking method you use.

Another reason I like playing with William Hill is because peace of mind is important to me. When I started punting online I was nervous about getting paid, not understanding the rules, and about the security of my personal information. As soon as I started reading about the different Internet casinos, I quickly learned that William Hill’s reputation is head and shoulders above all others. The company’s been around for ages and they really know what they’re doing. This becomes clear the very first time you need to contact their customer service team; those people are great! They’re available 24/7, they’re super friendly and nice and go out of their way to answer any question I had. It seems to me that from start (registration) to finish (collecting my winnings), William Hill online casino is like a well-oiled machine, created just for my gaming pleasure. Add to that all the incredible games, and it is easy to see why William Hill is a winner.