After years of playing scratch cards, you probably still have no idea which ones are the most profitable. Of course, you could buy a bunch and hope to get lucky, or just play the same old boring games that never win anything. But, if you want to have some fun – and potentially even win a big prize – then check out our tips for ‘Which Scratch Card Is Most Likely To Win’.

How To Beat The Scratch Card Odds

If there is one thing that most scratch card players know, the odds are not in their favour. But, could this be about to change? Maybe, here are three ways in which scratch card players can give themselves an edge.

No Jackpot – No Play

Scratch cards will always have a certain number of guaranteed winners in each scratch card batch, if worth checking how many top prizes remain unclaimed; What’s the point of buying cards if all the jackpots have been claimed?

So you might be asking, ‘how can I tell which cards still have jackpots?’ Well, it’s pretty easy. The National Lottery provide a handy webpage that lets players know which jackpots have been won! You can visit the page here.

If the card you are thinking of buying still has unclaimed jackpot prizes, then, by all means, go for it. But, if not, choose another card, don’t waste money on cards with no jackpots!

Playing Online? – Check Out RTP’s

“RTP” stands for the RETURN TO PLAYER rate. It’s expressed as a percentage number, like (96%). When you play casino games online, you’ll see this figure before you start playing.

The figure and percentage rate is how much money a player can expect a scratch card or any casino game to payout, which means that for every £1 you put down on this card, it will return an average amount of £0.96p in winnings.

Do not assume that you will achieve the stated RTP percentage when playing a casino game or scratch card. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is a long-term calculation based on the number of games played at a casino over an extended period. Scratch card games may exhibit different RTP rates for a single player at various points in time.

The scratch card RTP is calculated by the scratch card operator and provided to the relevant gambling regulatory authority. In general, the higher the stated RTP, the better the odds of winning for the player.

Different games on the same website can have vastly different RTP’s. So, shop around for the best games.

Bag A Bonus

Another way to put the odds in your favour is taking advantage of online casinos generosity when it comes to scratch card promotions. This is when casino portals and websites offer new players bonus cash to play with them.

The exact terms of any scratch card promotions will vary between casinos. We have details of a Jackpot Joy promo offer below. However, you can get similar deals with Betfred, Mecca Bingo and Paddy Power.

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In Summary

We’ve created this post to help you figure out which scratch card is most likely to win. If you play online or play National Lottery cards, you can put the odds in your favour by checking how many jackpots remain; when playing online, note the RTP (you want a high RTP) and also claiming any promotional bonuses available.

If you’re looking for unbiased reviews about scratch cards online, consult our site before purchasing. We update information weekly and have clear instructions on finding the best scratch cards according to your interests.