There have been some great advances in technology and casino players no longer need to undertake long journeys to Vegas or Atlantic City in order to play their favourite casino game.  Players can now enjoy casino gaming from a mobile device, which a few years ago was unimaginable.

The question is what exactly defines a mobile casino?  A mobile casino is where casino players can play casino games either those based on luck or skill or both for free or real money using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or even just normal mobile phones.  Convenience is the main reason why mobile gaming has become so popular.

Players will not necessarily need the latest mobile phone to play casino games and the majority of online casinos are compatible with Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson models.  These games are also compatible with LG, Panasonic, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp and Siemens phones and many others. It does help though to have a good sized screen with a higher resolution when playing mobile casino games, but not a necessity.

Getting Started

For new mobile casino players getting started is very quick and easy.  Players can either choose to play using the instant play option or they can download the game.  Once they have chosen their option they can go ahead and play. Players will need to make sure that the mobile device they are using has a compatible operating system which includes iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry.

Finding a mobile casino is the first important step.  Players should make sure the mobile casino is legitimate; it must have the proper licensing and be legal.  The mobile casino must also make use of a good security system to protect a player’s personal and banking details.  Consulting various forums or social media should give players a good idea of what to look out for and also get some advice from the experts.  The majority of mobile casinos are legitimate, but unfortunately there are a few out there that are not.

Once a player has found a casino, by accessing it from their mobile browser they will need to scan the QR Code (this is a special code that has black and white squares and can be scanned using a QR scanner which can be found on smartphones) or click on a link to be able to access all the games on offer.  Once a player has chosen a game they can go ahead a register to play. They will need to first make a deposit in order to play for real money. For players who are uncertain which game they will enjoy, the play for free option will enable them to try out various games without having to make a real money deposit.  This is also a good way to look around in a casino without risking any real money.

Mobile Bonuses

Mobile casino bonuses are also a great drawcard for players, or those who enjoy bingo for money online.  Most online casino’s will offer bonuses in various forms and these can go a long way to increasing the bankroll.  When a new player signs up they will be offered a sign up or welcome bonus and these are usually very generous. There are always terms and conditions attached to each bonus and players should make sure that they have familiarised themselves with them.  This is why it also good to ensure that the mobile casino is reputable and licensed.

There are many advantages to playing mobile casino games.  The convenience of online gaming is one of the main reasons for choosing a mobile casino.