The popularity of online poker continues to grow online as advertising and availability of the game become more and more widespread. Poker is not an easy game to win from the start but here are some tips to help you profit along the way.

Don’t Bet What You Can’t Afford to Lose
This has to be the number one rule for anyone getting into online gambling, not just poker.  Don’t bet what you can’t afford otherwise you’re going to end up in a whole heap of trouble from the outset.  Start off small and even if you do get on a winning run don’t up your limit until you’re ready.

It is crucial that you’re playing your A-game at all times so playing above your usual limit will only increase your nerves and chances of losing.  Stick within the limits of your bankroll.  There is no better lesson to learn than experience.  So build up your experience on low limits that you can afford to lose.

Take Mental Notes
The more you learn about your opponents in-play the more chance you have of correctly predicting their cards and moves to beat them.  Whilst players online often have unmemorable usernames you can purchase online poker software of which many allow you to create notes on other players.  At first it may take a while to build up the notes but the more you have under your collection as time goes by the better chance you give yourself of beating that player in the future.

Play Your Big Pairs
Online poker players tend to meet with more calls to your bets than they would playing in person.  This is usually because they are amateurs still learning the game.  With this in mind, you should avoid letting other players at the table see the flop whenever possible.  So if you are dealt a big pair, get your cash in pre-flop, because unless they are holding a bigger pair than you, the only way to win is by hitting a strike.  This isn’t an instruction to go all-in on every big pair, but if you’re confident your KK or QQ is beating your opponent pre-flop, don’t be afraid to push them.

Don’t Play Too Many Tables
Most professional online poker players will sit at multiple tables at once to increase their profit margin.  However, the more tables you play at, the harder it is to remain focussed on the game and your opponents’ hands.  It is critical that you can focus on every hand that you are playing to avoid losing chips cheaply – so stick to one table at a time.

Take Short Breaks
If you are too tired, hungry or emotional then these will likely hinder your success.  These make your prone to bad decisions, so by taking short breaks such as 10 minutes every hour allows you to regain your focus and composure.