A man has been charged after punching woman in the midst of an armed robbery.

The abhorrent Vincent Johnson is alleged to have assaulted a defenceless store clerk at Happy Nicks convenience store on Palafox Street in Escambia County, Florida.

Sherry Bryson, the victim and store clerk in question was the only employee present in the store that day. She was in the store early as usual to prepare food for the day when Johnson committed his brutal and appalling attack.

CCTV footage shows Johnson casually walk behind the counter, and then without any warning, strike a blow to Bryson’s face, in turn knocking her straight to the ground. It was after this he made a grab for his loot, as camera footage shows him delve into the till to grab a wad of notes before filling his pockets with scratch off lotto cards.

It is estimated that over $500 cash and more than $200 of scratch offs were taken.

Bryson did not need to attend hospital after the assault, but was badly bruised and in pain for some time after the event. Johnson was later identified by Bryson by his appearance and voice, as he was a regular customer in the store prior to the incident.

She was also shown footage of a similar incident, in which she recognised the man punching another female to be the same as her attacker. The other incident in question was an offence which took place in May, and involved the vile Johnson punching another woman, one who was heavily pregnant.

Bryson has expressed mixed emotions that Johnson is now being investigated after her identification, saying that although she felt immense relief that her evil attacker had been caught, she also experienced severe regret that someone else was hurt in the process, especially a vulnerable person with a defenceless life inside them.

Bryson now refuses to enter the store by herself, and ensures her boyfriend stays with her if she would otherwise be alone in the store.

Horrific scratch off thief Johnson has previously been arrested prior to these two incidences, once for battery in 2009 and also for battery and robbery charges in 2012. As he has now been charged with the vile attacks on both Bryson and the unidentified pregnant woman, it is likely he will finally end up behind bars for his appalling actions.