Ever wanted to learn about history in an interesting and blood-curdling manner?  Well now you can at the London Dungeon where history is brought to life and you can delve into the past in a way that your teachers never wanted you to!  The Dungeons involve live actors, hair raising rides, and shows with special effects that will bring you back to when times were black, bleak and scary!

Chilling tales, unscrupulous characters, torturous methods and re-enactment provide eerie spine-chilling fun for everyone who dares to enter the world of the Dungeons!

Attractions at the Dungeon include ‘Surgery: Blood and Guts’ where you will have to hold on to your stomach when you enter the makeshift operating room of Tooley Street’s butcher surgeon.  Here is where history’s most horrific surgery is performed in graphic detail on the most unwilling of patients!

Another attraction is Jack the Ripper.  In 1888 Jack the Rippers Whitechapel is where the horror of his terrible crimes are revealed in bloody detail.  You not only enter the location but get to come face to face with Jack the Ripper himself!

You can also have a close shave with Sweeney Todd – you’ll have to keep your wits about you to make sure you don’t end up as filling for one of Mrs Lovett’s famous pies!

This Christmas the Dungeons are home to ‘Christmas Cromwell-ed’, where you will be transported back to 1647 when in a fit of Puritanism, Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas.  Doesn’t sound like much fun does it!?  If you’re brave enough to venture in be prepared to be greeted by Cromwell’s henchmen – and will be surrounded by burnt Christmas trees, smashed decorations, severed heads choking on their last mince pies and robins on spears.

Good luck to those who dare to utter the words ‘Merry Christmas’, or who smell of Christmas cake, as they have been condemned by Oliver Cromwell as illegal demons of Catholic decadence, and Cromwell’s henchman do not take kindly to those who break the law.  It sounds strange but after Cromwell banned mince pies, the law was never rescinded, so it is still illegal to eat them on Christmas Day!

You know that eating mince pies is something you are well and truly guilty of so be prepared to venture through the Dungeons room 101 of all things festive gone horribly wrong and prepare to defend yourself in the Dungeons anti-Christmas courtroom.  The Judge Mental will be making visitors quake in their boots as he singles them out for their Christmas crimes, so beware of any of you who have been wrapping presenting, sipping sherry or writing letters to Santa Claus!

But this is probably the lesser of your worries, as after your courtroom trial and punishment you will still have to venture out into the rest of the Dungeon.  Will your nerves be able to cope with the blood, gore and spine-tingling voyage on board a boat to hell?   Or the ride on Extremis where you will be plummeted screaming into the darkness below?