Tycoons Treasure is a “big win game” by Jackpot Joy Games. It uses the classic style of the one-armed bandit: three reels and single pay line. One main difference is that reels never stop off centre. Spin amounts range from 20p to £1, and the top and second-tier jackpots are 3,000 and 1,600 coins.

[hr]Progressive Jackpot — No
Free Play Option — Yes
Reels — 3
Win Lines — 1
Min Bet — 20p
Max Bet — £1
Wild Symbols — No
Scatter Symbols — No
Free Spins — No
Bonus Features — No
Nudges — No
Holds — No[hr]

Tycoons Treasure is beautiful in its simplicity. Clearly inspired by Monopoly, the symbol set includes a tycoon, diamond, gold bullion, luxury car, green dollar, blue dollar and red dollar. The game allows 1-3 coins per spin. The number of coins played dictates the payout tier. The tiers do not scale evenly, so it is in the player’s best interest to play every spin at three coins.

The payout schedule is simple. Each symbol pays out when you hit three of a kind. Symbols can never land off-centre, the way they can in an actual fruit machine, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect. The one exception to this simplicity is the any money feature. Any three dollar bills in a row, regardless of colour, pays out x5, x10 or x15, depending on the number of coins in play. The any money feature is an important aspect of this machine’s favourable payout rate.

Isn’t it refreshing to look at a fruit machine and instantly know what’s going on? This is what Jackpot Joy excels at, and it’s the reason we love playing there. Simply sign up for free to experience Tycoons Treasure in a free arcade mode. If you decide to play for real, Jackpot Joy has welcome bonuses and other promotions to take advantage of.