PopCap Games launched the first Bejeweled game in 2001, and it took the gaming world by storm. Interestingly, 2001 was also the year that British-based Gamesys Group launched. Gamesys is a technology company, and one of its flagship products is the website. Jackpot Joy is an online gaming service that specializes in free-to-play and gambling versions of fun games.

Recently, PopCap Games and Jackpot Joy joined forces to bring you a brand new series of Bejeweled games. This new series includes Bejeweled Bingo, Bejeweled Hypercash, Bejeweled Scratchcard and Bejeweled 2 Slots. The goal with this series was to create four unique gaming experiences inspired by the look and feel of Bejeweled, and in our opinion, the result is a tremendous success.

Of the four Bejeweled games, Bejeweled Bingo is the only one that does not offer a demo mode, and that’s due to the nature of the game. This is 90-ball bingo with a progressive jackpot, which means that the jackpot grows every day that no one wins, and when someone does win, the jackpot defaults to £2,500. The Bejeweled aspect is essentially a bonus round that awards free cards at the end of each round.

Bejeweled Hypercash emulates the style of the original game. Each round, the game presents you with a refreshed 8×8 grid of jewels, and you win based on the biggest combination available. The top prize, for combinations of sixteen gems or more, pays out 100 times the coin size. Coin size ranges from 20p to £200, so the big jackpot is £20,000, and the bigger the bet, the more new gems you get each round.

Bejeweled Scratchcard is a virtual scratchie that has bet amounts of £1 to £4 and jackpot amounts of £750 to £3,000. The game uses a 3×4 grid, and each card presents you with three each of four unique jewels. Click a jewel to reveal all the amounts hidden under jewels of that type. Click each jewel type to clear the board, or click Reveal All if you prefer a much faster and more streamlined experience.

Bejeweled 2 Slots is a 5-reel video slots game with 20 paylines and coin values ranging from 1p to £1, so the max bet is £20, and the minimum bet for full coverage is 20p. Bejeweled 2 Slots has a wild symbol, scatter symbol, free spins feature, multiplier feature and a bonus game. The Wheel of Riches lets you multiply your bet by as much as x500, and the scatter-triggered bonus game is a lot like Hypercash.

The Bejeweled series at Jackpot Joy is a great deal of fun, and you can play most of it in a no-obligation arcade-like experience. So there’s no reason not to try! When you do try and find that you like it, Jackpotjoy offers a wide range of benefits, including a 200 percent match bonus on your first deposit. Even if you plan to play arcade mode only, having a free membership has a number of perks.

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Players looking for adventure and mystery will love the Crypt Crusade scratch card from Ladbrokes Casino. The board-game interface is beautifully designed, the game play is fun and the jackpots are generous!

The instant-win game is a favourite among Ladbrokes players because of its multi-state play and exciting game play. Players roll a dice across the board game interface and move across a trail, coming closer and closer to the jackpot with each move.

If the player lands on a Continue space, he or she may roll the dice again. Only a limited number of rolls are allowed per game, so the player must hope to reach a Prize space before all the rolls are used. If the player lands on a coveted Prize space, he or she wins the space’s prize value as a multiplier of their bet.

The unluckiest players land on the Death spaces. If the dice send a player to these squares, the game ends instantly. Not all is lost though as players can still collect the last prize passed on the board.

Ladbrokes offers a number of promotions that make playing the Crypt Crusade scratch card game even more fun than ever before. New players are sweetly rewarded with five free pounds, matching bonuses and free spins that can be used on many of the casino’s hundreds of games. Returning players can earn free spins by making a second deposit or take advantage of the many daily and weekly promotions available. For example, players who log in on Tuesdays can win up to 2,000 pounds just for visiting the site. On Wednesdays, up to 600 pounds await lucky players who play the Turnover Race game. On Thursdays, 10 pound bonuses are available to use on any of the casino’s slot games. These and other promotions make Ladbrokes Casino the premier online destination for people who love to play and win.

Ladbrokes Casino Dawn of the Bread scratch card game challenges players to escape a post-apocalyptic world with both their lives and enormous jackpots. Zombies have taken over, but the remaining humans have a chance to win huge prizes in this fun and slightly scary game.

The instant win scratch card shows nine loaves of bread. Players should not be fooled by the golden appearance of the loaves because their insides hide horrible creatures and terrifying treats. Scratching the loaves reveals these devilish goodies, like eyeballs and squirming insects. If three of the disgusting symbols are matched, the player wins. Three eyeballs are especially lucky, enabling the player to win 10,000 times the bet immediately.

If rotting eyeballs and severed fingers are not your cup of tea, Ladbrokes Casino has plenty of other scratch cards that are less squeamish but equally fun. Beer lovers will enjoy the Beer Fest scratch card, which features tall glasses of the foamy golden liquid. Sports fans can win big with games like Bowled Over and movie fans will love winning with the Bill and Ted scratch card. The Crypt Crusade scratch card is perfect for history buffs that love an adventure while Cashapillar is great for gardeners who want to scratch off pests in hopes of winning big. Other games, like Foamy Fortunes, Freezing Fuzzballs, Dragon’s Fortune and more perfectly pair beautiful designs with fun game play. With so many unique options, there really is something for everyone at Ladbrokes Casino.

These games are even more fun to play thanks to the casino’s amazing array of promotions. Both new and returning players are rewarded with plenty of matching bonuses, free spins and cash drops every day of the week. These exciting promotions make playing and winning at Ladbrokes Casino easy.

Bowled Over is an online scratch card of the instant win variety available at Ladbrokes Casino in both a real money and free-to-play mode. Bowled Over is a cricket-themed casino game, and it manages to distinguish itself from other scratch cards by giving players two chances to win on every play.

Bowled Over is an instant win scratch card that uses a 2×3 grid and has a built-in secondary game. The default stake is £2, but you can use the minus button to low it as far as 50p or the plus button to raise it up to £10. Click New Card to purchase the card and play. You can then scratch the squares individually and activate the bonus game in any order. Alternately, the Reveal All button will play the entire game for you.

Bowled Over has 12 unique bowler symbols, and your goal is to get three of a kind. Each bowler has a multiplier associated with it. The smallest multiplier is 10x. The largest is 100,000x. Therefore, at the maximum wager, the jackpot is £1M, which is astounding for a scratch card game.

The bonus game is available on every card. It doesn’t cost anything extra, and you can even play it and win it on cards that win on the main game. The game is simply a random chance to win, and it pays up to 1000x, which is considerable, since you can win as much as £10,000 on a “losing” card.

Bowled Over is a fun and lucrative scratch card. Ladbrokes Casino will let you play it free in arcade mode for as long as you like. If you decide to play for real, Ladbrokes will give you a £5 no-deposit bonus and even match your first deposit by 100 per cent up to £500.

Don’t listen to what everyone says. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too! You can do so by playing the Cashapilla Scratch Card at Ladbrokes Casino. You might recognize the name Cashapilla because it’s a popular five-reel fruit machine that is also at Ladbrokes Casino. Both games come highly recommended. The scratch card version of the game is especially appealing because it offers a top prize of 10,000x. This is an astronomical number for any online casino game.

In order to win 10,000x your original bet, all you have to do is match three birthday cakes. No, it doesn’t need to be your birthday. If you win, the celebration will be much greater than any birthday party you have ever experienced, that’s a guarantee. If you don’t win the big one, that’s okay. There are still many other prizes to be won. Interestingly, they all associate with bugs; hence the name, Cashapilla. If you match three caterpillars on your scratch card, then you will win 2,500x your original bet. If you match three ladybugs, then you will win 100x your original bet. If you match three snails, then you will win 10x your original bet. If you match three turtles, then you will match 5x your original bet. If you match three bees, then you will win 2x your original bet.

When you play the Cashapilla Scratch Card game at Ladbrokes Casino, you will see that the layout of the game is extremely simple. The stake is on the bottom left and it can be adjusted by moving the cursor over the + and – signs. In the middle is a red New Card button for whenever you want to begin a new game. On the right is your win total. It really is that simple, which is why this game has attracted so much attention despite it being relatively new.

If you want to have a shot at the big money, then play Cashapilla Scratch Card at Ladbrokes Casino now.

Dragons Fortune brings players back to a time where dragons were said to exist and offer fortunes to those who would seek them. The red dragon is not only a legend anymore and is ready to provide you with ultimate riches. This oriental-themed scratch card game is available for play only at Ladbrokes Casino. Instantly win up to 20,000 times your stake by simply revealing and matching the dragon’s pearls. Seek out the dragon today and go home a winner.

How to Play Dragons Fortune
Players can try out the game before putting their money at stake through the free play option. This mode offers all of the same features found in real play, giving you a good idea of how the game is played and just how much you can really win. Upon starting the game, players must choose an amount to put at stake. The more that is put at stake, the higher your potential winnings may be.

Click to purchase your scratch card and nine hidden symbols will be shown. Individually scratch off each symbol as the dragon watches and waits to give you your winnings. Match three symbols and win a select amount of up to 20,000 times your stake. Symbols can be revealed all at once for faster play.

Ladbrokes Casino Promotions
Both new and old players can benefit from playing their favorite games such as Dragons Fortune at Ladbrokes Casino. Take advantage of excellent promotions that give you additional opportunities to play games at no cost to you. Upon signup, new members will receive £5 for free with no initial deposit required. When playing in the Instant Play Casino, new players making their first deposit can receive a 100% match bonus between £5 to £500. Other promotions include free spins on fruit machines, giveaways, slot bonuses and much more. New daily promotions are available for all players during each day of the week.

Big Break from Ladbrokes Casino is a fun and exciting scratchcard game where you can ride the waves to riches. Instantly win huge cash prizes just by matching select symbols. In just seconds you could be the next big winner of up to 10000x your stake when playing Big Break. Buy as many cards as you want, reveal the symbols and hang loose while you surf the waves to pay day.

Playing Big Break from Ladbrokes Casino
Playing Big Break is very simple. Whether you are new to the online casino scene or are a long-time player, Big Break can be played with ease and is a game of luck. Before purchasing your Big Break scratchcard, players will need to select their stake amount. This amount can easily be increased or decreased through the game play screen. Once a stake is selected, click to purchase a card. The more money that is put at stake, the more that can potentially be won.

After purchasing a card, there will be hidden symbols that you will need to reveal. Simply click on the symbols to reveal the prize amounts behind them. These can be reveal individually or all at once. If you match 3 surfing monkeys on your card, you will win a select prize amount. Match 3 Munky Wax logos and win the jackpot prize.

Free Play Mode for Big Break
Like many other games available for play at Ladbrokes Casino, Big Break offers a free play mode. In this mode, you can get a good feel for the game and test out all the features without making a stake. Whether you simply want to play for fun or to see if you enjoy the game before betting real money, free play is a great feature to have.

Promotions and Offers from Ladbrokes Casino
As a new player at Ladbrokes Casino, be sure to take advantage of promotional deals that are available to you. Just for becoming a new member, you will receive a £5 bonus with no deposit necessary. Other select promotions include a 100% match-up bonus upon first deposit.

Triple 777’s by BetFred Games is a classic, nine-series scratch card. The card looks and “feels” just like the real deal, and with the current emphasis on flair and complexity, that’s a breath of fresh air. The symbol set in play here is the numbers zero through nine, and your goal is to get three sevens.

Like a tic-tac-toe board, Triple 777’s uses a three-by-three grid that has nine individual squares. When you purchase a card, each of these squares seeds with a random digit. You win if you get three sevens in a row, column or diagonal. No symbol other than the seven has any value, and you cannot win multiple times on a single card. The max prize amount is x7777, but the max amount for each card is random.

By default, the face value of a Triple 777’s card is £1, and the max jackpot is £7,777. Using the plus and minus keys near the stake display, you can adjust the face value between 10p and £10. Any changes will remain in play until you change them or reload the game. Once you have the desired amount, press the PLAY button to purchase the card and start the game. You can now click the REVEAL ALL button to see if you’ve won, but if you enjoy the anticipation, you can also scratch each of the squares individually.

Triple 777’s is a pure scratch card, one that we’re sure you’re going to love. It’s available in a free practise mode too, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Try it. If you want to play Triple 777’s for real cash, BetFred Games has some excellent bonuses that you can take advantage of. The welcome package is worth as much as £500 spread out over your first three deposits.

Taste the finest entrees when playing Cash Cuisine from MegaMoneyGames. At this restaurant, you will reveal delicious plates of food in hopes of winning a huge jackpot amount of $100,000. With nine plates in total, three of the entrees must match in order to win a select prize amount. While average scratch cards games require the player to scratch off symbols Cash Cuisine has you lift up the cloches over the entrees to see if you are a winner.

The game interface will help players to understand how much they can potentially win while playing Cash Cuisine. Near the top of the screen, there is a chart that shows the winnings for each symbol. For example, matching three bowls of soup will win you x50 your stake while three sandwiches will earn you x1 your stake. Before beginning a game, a stake amount must be selected. Under the chef, a chalkboard with the stake amount will be seen. Simply use the plus and minus signs to increase or decrease the stake. The minimum stake amount is $1.00 while the maximum is $10.00. After the stake has been made, players can begin opening the cloches.

Click the cloches to open individually or select the open all button to reveal the entrees at once. Check to see if you have three matching entrees and your winnings will be revealed at the bottom of the game screen. Use your winnings to play again or cash out when you have won big.

MegaMoneyGames is the ideal place to have fun while playing your favorite casino games. Many promotions are available to provide you with bonuses upon membership. All new players will receive a $7 welcome bonus with no additional deposit required. A 300% match-up welcome bonus is now available for your first two deposits. A 100% bonus will be received on the first deposit and a 200% welcome bonus on the second deposit.


Take a swing with Caddyscratch at ladbrokes Games, the instant win scratch card that uses a golf theme and pays out 250 times the stake on a hole-in-one. Caddyscratch plays very fast and smooth, and it uses cartoon graphics and genuine sound effects to deliver a fun golf atmosphere that will keep you coming back. The only thing it’s missing is a mad crazed gopher.

Caddyscratch uses a 3×3 grid and a pay-table layout. On the left, the grid holds the square that you scratch to reveal winners. On the right, the table shows payouts and the icons revealed so far. Each time you reveal a symbol, it will highlight on the table, which makes it very easy to see wins as they happen.

The stake defaults to £1, but you can adjust it as low as 25p or as high £10. There are six icons and seven possible outcomes: no win, x1, x2, x5, x10, x50 and x250. The win value is applied against the face value of the card. If you set the stake to £10, then the jackpot would be £2,500.

Once you’ve set the desired stake, click OK to purchase the card and start the game. Use the floating coin to scratch the squares individually, or use the REVEAL ALL button for quicker play. If you’ve won, the game will flash the icons on the table and play a brief jingle. To continue, simply click NEW CARD, which has replaced the OK button.

Caddyscratch is available at Ladbrokes Games in both a free practice mode and a standard real cash mode. Use the practice setting to try the game and learn the ropes. If you decide to stick around, Ladbrokes will give you a £5 bonus bet and a welcome bonus that is worth as much as £500.

Do you think the biggest football game in the world takes place at the World Cup? Do you think it happens to take place during the Olympics? In a professional football league? If you guessed any of these events or leagues and you like money, then you’re wrong.

The biggest football match of your life takes place on The Big Match Scratch Card. This isn’t only one of the biggest football games in the world when it comes to potential winnings; it’s also one of the top Ladbrokes Games, which is saying a lot considering this online casino’s reputation. Now let’s take a closer look at The Big Match Scratch Card game.

The goal of this game is to match three football icons. There are nine hidden symbols. In order to reveal these symbols, you must first choose a stake and then select “Play” or “Reveal All.” The minimum bet is .10P. The maximum bet is £5000. Playing the game couldn’t be any simpler, which is what makes online scratch card games so great. Now let’s get to the best part, which are the potential winnings.

When you look at the payouts for The Big Match Scratch Card game, you will see that the negative icons pay the least and the positive icons pay the most. For example, three cards pay 1x your original bet. Three flags pay 2x your original bet. Three whistle blows pay 5x your original bet. These are nice returns, but they’re not exactly going to make you rich. After the negative icons, we get into the neutral items. For instance, three boots pay 10x your original bet. Three shirts pay 15x your original bet. Three pitches pay 25 your original bet. Three scoreboards pay 50x your original bet. Those are impressive returns. However, we have saved the best for last. Three goals pay 100x your original bet, and three trophies pay 500x your original bet. You’re not going to find returns like that on many other Ladbrokes Games.

Robin Dude is a fantasy-themed scratch card game that is available for play at MegaMoneyGames. Players can take on the role of a similar character to their favorite childhood hero, Robin Hood. Unlike most scratch card games where you simply scratch off symbols, players will aim and shoot a bow and arrow in Robin Dude to win real cash prizes. The game features high-quality and easy to understand graphics for fun and simple game play. Whether you’re a professional at shooting bow and arrows or it’s your first time, Robin Dude is easy for all to understand and play.

Upon opening the game screen, a money bag will be shown at the bottom that has a minus sign and a plus sign. These buttons will be used to set your bet amount. The minimum bet is $1.00 and the maximum bet is $10.00. After setting the bet amount that you feel comfortable with, the game can be played.

Players will assist Robin Dude in aiming his bow and arrow towards the target. When you feel that it is lined up as best as possible, click the “Shoot” button to fire away. Each game offers three chances to hit the target and the bow and arrow can be re-positioned during each try. If the target is hit during your first, second or third try, the prize amount that is shown behind that try will be won. The more that a player bets with, the more money that they can win. An amazing prize of $100,000.00 is possible when playing Robin Dude.

New players should not forget to take advantage of great promotions that are available to them at MegaMoneyGames. This includes a free %7.00 bonus with no deposit required. This is a great way to try out Robin Dude before making your own bet.