Great excitement in Hawick last week as a local man won an amazing £250,000 on a National Lottery Scratch Card!

Craig Takacs, 31, isn’t sure what compelled him to buy a National Lottery Scratch Card last week in his local co-op. Having always been sceptical of the odds of winning, he had never bothered to play before. All of this changed on that fateful day when he decided to use the change left over from his shopping to buy one. He then put the card in his pocket and forgot all about until later that evening when getting ready for bed when he found it again. Little did he realise that his entire life was about to turn upside down.

Not thinking for a second that he could win anything, an unsuspecting Takacs scratched the card off and was shocked to find that he had won! Unable to believe his luck, he checked the card hundreds of times just to be sure before telling his partner, Rhonda, who was equally ecstatic to hear the incredible news.

As it was so late at night the two had to reserve their celebrations and wait until the claim line opened at 9AM the next morning. Mr. Takacs described his excitement as he was unable to sleep until four AM. The two set their alarm so they would be ready to phone up and claim first thing in the morning, and it was confirmed – they’d just won an amazing £250,000.

Mr. Takacs, who works as a tree surgeon and lives with Rhonda and their four children in Hawick, will receive the prize in yearly instalments of £25,000 for the next ten years. Rather than squander his money, he said that he would use the cash to buy his house, and occasionally buy a little treat for their children.

One thing that definitely has changed, however, is his attitude towards scratchcards. Far from being a sceptic, Mr. Takacs hopes that he will be able to carry on his lucky streak, as he confirmed that from now on he will be a much more avid lottery and scratchcard winner.

When asked what inspired him to buy a scratchcard on that fateful day, Mr. Tekacs said that he was unsure – but that he liked to hope that it was his late Grandmother continuing to look after him with a little push in the right direction.

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Now a bit about Supernova. It has an unusual design with two sets of reels and a background of stars giving you the feeling as if you are in outer space. There isn’t a bonus feature on Supernova but it’s the individuality of the game that is attractive.

There are 27 paylines and you are likely to get lots of smaller wins as opposed to few larger wins. When you do this will activate the 2nd set of reels. When this happens the first reel will spin hopefully revealing a multiplier of up to 10 x your line bet!

If you do manage to bag a multiplier you will then get a chance to do the same on the 2nd reel. If you land on a ‘black hole’ on the first reel the multiplier feature will be over. The most that can be won on this slot game is 50 x your bet and it is suitable for any kind of wagering requirements as you can bet from as little as 25p up to £50.

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Scratch Cards

An Inverness couple are celebrating after scooping a massive £100,000 jackpot on a National Lottery Scratch Card this week. In a recent press photograph, the couple are pictured pouring a couple of glasses of champagne with huge smiles on their faces.

On Saturday 6th April 2013, Lorraine Woolley, who works as a contract catering general manager, was visiting Asda to buy herself a lottery ticket for the Saturday draw. It was once she was already in the shop that she decided she would treat herself to a £2 scratch card.

The Inverness lady describes how she felt after she realised she’d won. She was apparently shaking like a leaf in the car when she became aware of her instant fortune. Her heart was racing and she not able to take it all in. Her shock was obviously evident to her granddaughter, who was travelling in the car with her at the time and asked her if she had won “any pennies”.

She was still in the car park when she made the realisation and decided to go back into the store to check that she had not made a mistake. Lorraine told how she was racing with adrenaline at this point. The Asda cashier took the scratch card, looked at it before looking back at her, and she knew she had won. This is a sort of excitement you cannot get from playing online scratch cards.

Woolley quickly phoned her husband Ian, 52, and her children, Robert, 31 and Michael, 29 to share the good news. However, she was unable to get through to them. The woman needed to share her good news with someone, so she confided in her friend and a neighbour. With the help of her friends, she managed to track down her husband who was away on a fishing trip.

Lorraine explained how she won at 3pm, but she couldn’t get hold of her husband until 5pm. This was quite a lot for her to bear, so she decided to get out the vodka to calm her nerves. When her husband first became aware of the good news, he initially thought it was a joke.

The couple have been married 32 years and play Lotto, EuroMillions and scratch cards. Last year, Lorraine also won £700 playing the National Lottery Triple Lucky 7s Scratch Card.

Lorraine plans on buying new cars for her and Ian, as well as going all out on a trip to Disney World, Florida.

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Cyanide Scratch Cards Mystery

Scratch cards, on occasion, have been known to inspire bad behaviour among some members of the general public. For instance, in December we showed you a video of a man who pranked a friend into thinking that he had scored a huge win of £50,000. We all know that this was just a hoax, with the amusing results soon posted to YouTube and going viral in rapid-quick time. Pranks seem to be the first level in scratch card misbehaviour, after which there are stories that behave badly after obtaining their winnings. Above this, there are plenty of stories of criminals conducting robberies with the goal of stealing lots of scratch cards from shops.

Million-Dollar Scratch Card

Based on recent news it would appear that scratch cards are now in murder-mystery realm, worthy of a place in an Agatha Christie novel. In America there was deceased man who was determined, after a toxicology report, to have consumed a lethal amount of cyanide. The departed was in fact a scratchcard winner who had scooped up a million-dollar prize from the card he played. Scratchcards in the UK seldom offer such lucrative prizes, although £100k and £200k sums are routinely available.

Posthumous Cheque Cashed

In June of 2012, Urooj Khan would purchase a scratchcard from a Chicago convenience store that would change his life forever. Mr Khan lived long enough to receive a cheque with the first instalment of his winnings, but did not live long enough to cash it. The cheque, subsequently, was cashed on 15 August, a month after it was issued on 19 July. Mr Khan had announced to his family and friends at a winning ceremony that he had won and that he would be spending the money on them.

A Murder Investigation Begins

The initial toxicology report on Mr Khan came back negative for the most commonly used drugs, drawing a conclusion that there was nothing suspicious. However, a relative of Mr Kahn’s came forward and pleaded for them to investigate further. After more testing it was determined that Mr Khan had died as a result of cyanide poisoning. Now the Chicago Police have commenced a murder investigation to catch the killer of Mr Khan. At present, all of the evidence is pointing toward the scratchcard winnings as having acted as motivation. Regardless, we will all have to wait some time before the conclusion of this unfortunate case is reached.

The appeal of playing online scratchcards as well as classic paper based scratchies is stronger than ever, with incredible jackpots coming from online sites as well as the National Lottery jackpots rising and rising! Scratchie fever seems to be sweeping the nation at the moment, and if they are not being used as incentives to try and get employees to work harder, they are being slapped on everything from bags of rice to parking tickets to try and generate new and repeat business. Companies all over the UK are wising up to the massive thrill that scratch cards offer, and the latest business to get hooked on scratchies is a little-known bakery in London!

The Konditor and Cook bakery may be a chain of retail bakeries, however they are still not as well known as their competitors. All of this could be about to change, however, given that they are now capitalizing on the massive popularity of scratchies! They have cooked up (or BAKED up I should say!) a whole heap of excellent promotional scratchcards to try and entice new customers and secure some repeat purchases from their already loyal fans. At the moment there are no cash prizes hidden beneath those panels, but some might argue that the treats on offer are even BETTER! If you love your grub as much as you love playing these addictive games then this one will most definitely appeal to you! If you are lucky enough to get your mitts on a Konditor and Cook scratchie then you could be in with the chances of winning:

  1. Cake Decorating classes with the founder of Konditor and Cook, Gerhard Jenne
  2. A year’s supply of brownies
  3. 100 cakes
  4. 100 savoury pastries
  5. 10,000 £1 cakes and goodies

What a haul! This new company utilizing scratchies in an attempt to boost their business is simply more testament to how incredible popular this game seems to be! Over the Christmas period in particular there were a lot of companies using scratch cards as gifts to their customers and clients and I recently saw a report of an African food company using scratchies to drive more customers to purchase their sacks of rice! These are a great way to try and secure some repeat business, as we all know how thrilling the chances of an instant win can be Looks like we are not the only ones!

Virtual Dogs From 888Games

Virtual Dogs is more of an instant win style of game than a scratch card but it is fantastic non the less. Virtual Dogs from 888Games brings the excitement of live greyhound racing giving you the chance to bet on 6 and 8 dog races without the hassle of leaving your own home.

This really is a fun game with multiple betting opportunities, the race doesn’t start until you’re ready and doesn’t end until you say it does. You can bet as little as 50p or as much as £50 and choose to bet on as many dogs or betting variations as you like, just like it is down at the track.

Betting on Virtual Dogs is varied with choices of straight winning bets, place bets and forecast bets. Win and Place bets can be initiated by clicking on the check boxes located in the top left area of the game screen next to the listed dogs running in the race. When you roll the cursor over the check boxes that indicate place bets, the odds quoted will change accordingly.

How To Play Virtual Dogs Scratch Card

Simply follow the above button link to 888Games and navigate to the instant wins section of the site. Once Virtual Dogs is selected you will be presented with the game screen where you can make your choice of bets. First you need to decide how much you wish to play with, you can do this by clicking on the various coin denominations in the lower left portion of the screen.

You then decide whether you want the races to feature 6 or 8 dogs by clicking the button in the top right of the game area. You can then choose which type of bets you’d like to make from Win, place or forecast. Win and Place bets are located next to the runners list. Place bets mean you will win if the dog you wagered on comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Forecast bets mean you can choose which dog will come first and which will come second in a single wager, the lower half of the game screen displays all the forecast bets you can choose from. Once you have selected your bets you are ready to begin the race and clicking the Bet Now button takes you to the racing game screen where the virtual race will be run. Good Luck and have fun with the fantastic Virtual Dogs from 888Games

To get you in the mood for this years Christmas festivities Ladbrokes Games have come up with a brilliant new scratch card that anticipates the big day and offers a range of presents to find and match. You can win up to 200 times you initial stake in this fabulous scratch card. So will Santa Claus bring you everything you want for Christmas? Well play this scratch card and you just might have the best Christmas ever!

Playing The Christmas Present Scratch Card

Just follow the link to Ladbrokes Games above and navigate to the Scratch Cards section located in the left hand menu, there you will see Ladbrokes Games extensive range of superb scratch cards and instant wins, select Christmas Presents from the game list window and the game will launch.

Choosing Your Stake

Once the game has loaded you will need to decide how much you are prepared to play for. You can do this by selecting either the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols located next to the card price window. The minimum card price is 25p per card and the maximum is £10. With the maximum card price selected you could win the jackpot of £2,000! But don’t worry if you aren’t prepared to play at £10 per card as the minimum stake could still win you a cool £50.

How To Play

Based on traditional scratch card game play Christmas Presents is a grid with nine scratch panels and you all you need to do is scratch away at every one of them to reveal the hidden symbols. Match 3 symbols anywhere on the card and you win your starting card price times by the matching symbols multiplier figure.

So get yourself over to Ladbrokes Games this Christmas and enjoy the festive delights of this wonderful scratch card with Santa Claus bearing an incredible range of cash gifts!

How are your predictive powers? Think you can beat the Hi-Lo from Ladbrokes Games? If the answer is YES then read on…

Hi Lo Shuffle from Ladbrokes is a simple game, all you need to do is guess or predict (if you have psychic powers) if the next number out the machine is Higher or Lower than the last. Choose correctly and you can opt to collect your accumulated winnings or stake them on the next spin.

Essential you can make one of two bets during the game, bet HI: betting that the number drawn after the next spin will be higher than the one currently displayed. or Bet LO: if you think that the next number will be lower than the one currently displayed.

The game is over if you collect your winnings, pick a losing selection or if the same number is drawn. The amount you win during the game is dependant on the odds of a number being Higher or Lower, let me explain… The machine is numbered 1 – 49, If the number 5 is displayed on the centre of the machine then the odds of the next number being lower than 5 are slim, because more numbers in the machine are higher that 5. The rewards reflect this, so you’ll win more money if you choose lower than a 5 but the chances of it happening are remote.

The game is a balancing act between winning big and correctly judging the odds of the next number being higher or lower. The accumulator aspect of the game also makes it very tense to play, the more you play the greater the rewards but you’ll also risk losing everything should you guess wrong!

Overall I did like this game. OK, it’s not technically a scratch card but it plays like a scratch card. In fact Hi-Lo is more fun than a lot of scratch cards available online. If you fancy trying out this game then just click the button below. New players at Ladbrokes Games will receive a tidy welcome bonus too!

You get nothing for a pair. Not in this game! Remember… it could still be a good night if you play your cards right. Who remembers the classic TV show hosted by Brucie? Of course you do, it was the highlight of saturday night TV, long before the internet was a gleam in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye people watched this show in their millions. Now the famous card game has been resurrected on the popular gaming site

The instant win scratch card game plays just like the TV Show. The game starts when you’re dealt a single card at random from the deck, all you need to do is guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card. Sounds simple right? and it is, the great thing about this game is nearly anyone can play it well, most people know if the previous card is a King, then chances are the next card be lower. However, you still get nothing for a pair in this game, meaning you’ll lose if another King is drawn from the deck.

Players keep guessing to win more money, or you can cash out at anytime. The longer you play the more you win but it becomes more difficult as each card is turned. Like the TV show you can swap cards at certain points in the game. It’s worth doing this if you draw the dreaded middle value cards like the 7 or 8.

The game allows you to select the level of risk you feel comfortable playing for. Play for pennies or pounds, it’s completely up to YOU. Jackpots rise and fall depending on the size you wager you make.

Overall ‘Play Your Cards Right’ captures the fun of the original TV Show, the games are quick but not too frantic. Winning requires some skill but the game isn’t too complicated for newbies to understand. In fact, even if you’ve never seen the TV show you could still get the hang of this game in a few minutes.

It’s worth noting that Jackpot Joy gives new players cash bonuses when they join. A great way to try out this game before risking any of your own money.

[Jackpot Joy]