Scratch-offs are fun due to their curious and interesting themes. Online scratch-offs are no different, especially when they use Flash gaming technology to make these luck-based games fun to play. Skeet Shooting, one of many scratch-off type games at 888 games, provides an interesting example of the genre. If you enjoy interesting luck-based scratch-offs, check out Skeet Shooting today.


Skeet Shooting looks like you should be able to control it, but it is really just a luck-based game. You are sitting behind the sights of a shotgun. The mechanics behind the game are:

  • Get a virtual card with six clay disks to scratch off.
  • Choose your stake, or how much you will bet with each shot.
  • With each disk you “scratch off,” a skeet will be shot into the sky. Your shotgun takes a random course and shoots at a certain point.
  • If your gun hits a skeet, you win some money.

For instance, if your stake is $0.50 per shot, that is the equivalent of buying a $3 scratch-off. The payoffs for the game are as follows: 1x for one skeet, 2x for two skeets, 5x for three skeets, 10x for four skeets, 100x for five, and 3000x for all six. This means that you have to hit at least three skeets for the game to pay off.

Remember that this is a luck-based game. You don’t get to control the gun, meaning that you have no idea if you will win or not. Finally, if you want to enjoy the game without betting real money, there is a demo/free play option.


This game is fun for the occasional luck-based bet. However, like most scratch-offs, the odds are against you winning anything. Unlike games where skill is partially involved, you might be throwing money away. This is, however, the only downside to Skeet Shooting at 888 Games. It provides a fun user interface, and it is easy to choose a stake, shoot a skeet and watch yourself hit or miss. The clay disk’s arc and explosion are quite satisfying when you do make a hit.

For a fun fifteen minutes of diversion, Skeet Shooting offers everything you could need. It is one of many cash-play games at 888 Games, so be sure to check it and other games on the site out today!

You may have taken one along to a job interview, onto the sports pitch, into the exam room and if you’ve ever been a bride, you’ll know all about four very specific ones. They are buried at the bottoms of handbags, deep in pockets, hung from key rings, displayed on chains around our necks and dangle from the mirrors of our cars.

Lucky charms come in all shapes and sizes and a whole industry has grown up around them. Catholic travellers and pilgrims have been protecting themselves with lucky St. Christopher medals for hundreds of years, whilst in Asia, Buddha charms and statues have been thought of as lucky for even longer, and are especially lucky if you rub the Buddha’s belly. More recently Star Wars fans have taken to wearing lucky Jedi amulets that have, it’s claimed, been infused with the Force.

Throughout history all types of animals have been considered to have luck bringing properties. The ancient Greeks were always happy to see a school of lucky dolphins in the Aegean and the Egyptians wore scarab beetles as jewellery for lucky decoration. Black cats crossing your path can either be lucky or unlucky, dependent on where you come from in Britain, whilst in China dragonflies are considered lucky and a sign of “a good rice harvest”. Some people believe that you should always salute a single magpie and you don’t want to step on a ladybird, as killing one will bring you bad luck or even disaster, particularly fire, at home.

Most of us will have spent an hour or two scouring the lawn for that elusive lucky four leaf clover; each leaf representing an aspect of life – love, hope, happiness, and luck, but in China it’s the bamboo that is considered to be a lucky plant and a gift of bamboo is often presented to brides on their wedding day. In Norse folklore, both the acorn and the oak tree bring good fortune and Vikings would often carry an acorn or an oak twig to bring them luck in battle as they pillaged their way across Europe.

Many people carry a lucky coin and who hasn’t tossed a penny into a wishing well hoping that their wish would come true? Both the British and Americans believe that finding a penny brings luck – “See a penny pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck”, and coin associated luck is particularly big in Asiatic countries where lucky coins are minted by the million. It was once customary to hide a lucky sixpence in your Christmas pudding, but these days health and safety is the name of the game.

A horseshoes is believed to bring good fortune when hung up on the wall or above a doorway, although there’s some debate on which way up you should hang it. Admiral Lord Nelson tacked a horseshoe to the mainmast of his ship and President Harry S Truman displayed a horseshoe over the door of his office in the White House. Brides are often presented with horse shoes for luck and no self-respecting Irish bride would be seen on her wedding day without a horseshoe hidden away in her bouquet.

In fact good luck is everywhere if you just look for it – the wishbone of a chicken, a falling star, even a rabbit’s severed foot; anything can be a lucky charm if you believe that it can bring you good fortune. From lucky colours, or lucky underwear to lucky habits, most of us have our own ingrained superstitious behaviours and good luck charms.

Actor Peter O’Toole always wore green socks both on and off stage, considering green to be his lucky colour. Golfer, Tiger Woods, on the other hand is more of a red man, considering the colour red to be very lucky and often wearing a red polo shirt during a game.

Actors are generally superstitious and Robin Williams is no exception; he always carries an ivory figurine that belonged to his late father for luck, but it seems that rock stars are just as concerned about their fortune. Axl Rose, from Guns N’ Roses, refuses to tour in any city beginning with the letter M because he believes the letter is cursed. Meat Loaf always travels with his two lucky teddy bears, Mandy and Marietta, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin won’t go on stage without brushing his teeth, believing that without completing his lucky ritual he won’t be able to sing a note. Jennifer Anniston also has a lucky ritual – she won’t board a plane without stepping on with her right foot first and tapping on the outside of the plane, and Cameron Diaz has more lucky charms, each with a different purpose, than you can shake a lucky stick at.

Lucky charms – it seems that a lot of people won’t leave the house without one; but what if they actually work as some researchers are claiming?

Psychologists at the University of Cologne recently ran an experiment using ‘lucky’ golf balls where half the golfers on a putting green were told that they were playing with a lucky ball, and the other half they were playing with an ordinary ball. The research showed that golfers who were playing with a ‘lucky ball’ managed to sink 35 per cent more putts than those who were playing with the ordinary ball. Unbelievably those with the lucky balls sank 6.4 putts out of 10, nearly two more putts on average than the others.

Behavioural scientists have yet to understand why this should be, but are seeing the research as significant. One theory is that knowing that we are in possession of a charm to bring us luck makes us more optimistic and confident and hence we perform better, another is that it helps us relax and focus our minds more on whatever we are doing at the time.

Whether we carry a silver charm, keep a lucky stone in our pocket, nod at the moon, throw salt over our shoulder, or simply cross our fingers, there’s no doubt that we all want our share of Lady Luck’s attention and will try most anything to get it.

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