Online betting is one of the fastest growing fields of the internet today. With the advent of online gambling, many people are now able to bet thousands of dollars on a sporting event that they can watch from the comfort of their own home. Many people who have never bet on sports are opening online betting accounts and joining in the fun with millions of people from all over the world. However, what many bettors soon realize is that betting on sports is fun, but money can be lost very quickly in the event that their chosen team does not win. There are ways in which bettors can place bets to make their money last longer, yield higher returns, and to have more fun.

Science Of Betting

One of the great things about betting is that it is all based in probability. Bookmakers make their money in something called the “juice” which is essentially the transaction fees when gambling. For instance, one casino or online broker may say when buying 1,000 pounds worth of a team, if you win your bet you will only win 950 plus your original 1,000 pounds. Over time, this means that if the odds are correct and equal amounts of people bet on both sides, the house will always be the winner. However, as a smart and educated gambler, you can understand this logic and use it to your advantage.

Finding Value

One of the most rewarding and fun parts of online gambling is finding value in picks. Many people only look at major sporting events in England like the World Cup to place bets on. However, some of the best value plays are more obscure games and teams where there is not as much action on the games. Online gambling brokers have to spend a considerable amount of time researching when creating odds on a game. This means that games or events where they expect to have much less traffic they will spend less time on. This goes back to the transaction costs that were discussed earlier, which is where most of these places make most of their money. It is always a great idea to look for lesser known sports events and teams to place bets on online somewhere like here.

Make It Last Longer

One of the biggest concerns for those that place online wagers at bookmakers is how to make the money last longer. One of the good and bad things about placing online wagers is the fact that you can put as much money as you want on an single event. This means that you could literally put a million pounds or more on the outcome of a single game. However, smart bettors know that to reduce risk of loss, they should actually spread their wagers over multiple teams and events. Even the most experienced gambler can make mistakes, and it is important to not lose all of the winnings on a single event. By spreading out the events and teams that bets are placed on, gamblers can know that they are doing their part to reduce the risk of losing everything on a single event.

Have you ever heard the story of the Prince who was enchanted by a spiteful fairy and changed into a frog? He was doomed to stay as a frog until some princess take him out of the spring, let him eat from her plate, and sleep on her bed for 3 nights so that he can regain his human form. Eyecon has been inspired by this short story written by the Brothers Grimm and has created an enthralling game called Enchanted Prince Slots, and this game can be found at Spin and Win online casino. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, this online slots game brings together some fantastic game play and outstanding bonus features that will reward you with awesome cash prizes. You don’t have to worry as we won’t ask you to kiss a frog, however Enchanted Prince Slots will surely show you a different side of the story where you win a fortune.

Just like most slot games found at Spin and Win you will discover that Enchanted Prince Slots has quite a few regular features such as wild symbol and scatter symbol, a high quality animation and melodious sound effects. On the pay table, you will find 12 symbols which include a crown, a frog, a princess, a castle, a gem, a lotus, a lotus leaf, and high ranking cards 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. When 3 or more of identical symbols matched across the paylines, the payout can be anything between 2 to 2,400 coins.
The Crown symbol is the wild card, and it substitutes for all symbols except the scattered Frog symbols when substituting in a winning combination, and it also double prizes. On the other hand, 3, 4 or 5 scattered Frog symbols appearing anywhere on the reel will award you 15, 20 or 25 Free Games respectively. Free Games can be retriggered up to a maximum of 15 times on Enchanted Prince Slots, largely enough to make you win an incredible amount.

You can try to double your luck on the Gamble Bonus mode, which is available when you hit a winning combination. To win, you will require to correctly select which one of two available choices will be revealed, and if you make the correct choice, your winnings will be doubled. The Gamble Bonus mode continues until you select Take Win, the next win would exceed 3,200,000, 5 correct selection have been made, or an incorrect selection is made. On Enchanted Prince you can bet from £0.01 to £12.50 that you can choose on the Change Bet field by clicking on the Bet Down or Bet Up buttons to decrease or increase your stake amount, and you may select your preferred number of paylines which ranges from 1 to 25. The Auto Play button will allow you to select 10, 20, 50 or 100 Games to play automatically.

Spin and Win has been continuously adding new games to its large collection of over 200 games and is always striving to provide an unparalleled gaming experience. Their welcome offer is simply brilliant, where you can earn up to £500 as match bonus on your first deposit. You will also automatically qualify for an end of month payback of 25% for losses on all games.

Bingo Extra is the latest online bingo site release,designed by some of the top gaming developers in the industry who are behind the popular bingo sites such as Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo. What is striking about Bingo Extra is its unique theme based on the golden era of the 50’s, reminding you of the good ol’ days. Bingo Extra features games such as bingo, slots, roulette, poker, blackjack and scratch cards.

The registration process at Bingo Extra takes less than a minute, and is completed on a single page. New players joining the online bingo site will have the exceptional chance to grab £10 Free along with 50 Free Spin, with no deposit required. This is indeed a no deposit bonus that is strikingly attractive. The Free Bingo Bonus can be spent in the 90 ball bingo, Extra room, while the 50 Free Spins may be used on a number of exclusive slots found at Bingo Extra.

If you thought that this no deposit bingo offer is fantastic, wait till we reveal their first deposit bonus, which is mind blowing. On your first deposit, you will have the privilege of earning 300% as Bingo Bonus + 100 Free Spins, or if you are more of a slots player, you can catch hold of 100% Slots Bonus along with 100 Free Spins which you will be able to use on exclusive slots, such as Grease, Easter Coop, Wired Birds and Lady Luck Deluxe.

The Extra room is the heart of Bingo Extra where you can pick up a prize for almost anything and not just by winning. While being in this room, brace yourself to be surprised as it plays any type of bingo such as 90 ball, 75 ball, and 5 line bingo where prizes can be anything from free cards, free spins, free bonus money, and many more. The Extra room is also the place where you can catch up on some amazing promos such as Double Your Winnings Hour, We’ve Got More Balls Hour, Bingo Lotto PJP, 90 Ball PJP, Lucky Numbers PJP, and a lot more. If you are hungry for more bingo, you can join the Diner room where every hour you can play the linked bingo Party Games where you will be playing along with other players from the sister sites of Bingo Extra to win huge pots. Other rooms that you will find at Bingo Extra are Penny Arcade, Drive In, the 75 ball Candy Store, and the 5 line Playground room.

You will find various Bingo Progressive Jackpots at Bingo Extra such as the 90 Ball PJP where you can win a minimum of £10,000, the 75 Ball PJP where a minimum of £8,000 can be won, Lucky Number PJP where you can catch hold of £500, Party Games, and the Bingo Lotto PJP where you can win a minimum of £5,000, and everyone in the room at that time also win a share of it. Pre-buy games on this online bingo site include Win-Win Wednesday, £100 Weekly Shop, the Jukebox, Extra Surprise, and the 5 line £10K Slider game where you can walk away with up to £10,000.

Bingo Extra hasn’t set to impress but to provide its members with a superb kick, which will keep them wanting for more!

Scratch Cards

If you enjoy playing scratch cards bought from your local news agents you may not have considered playing the online versions. But online scratch cards offer the same fun and excitement as traditional cards with several extra benefits, not least the fact that you can play them from home, on your mobile or even a sneaky game or two whilst at work.

Out of the many reasons to choose online scratch cards, the first is the vast variety in games and playing techniques. Choose from hundreds of different games that can either follow the simple format of scratching panels and revealing matching symbols to win to the more complicated, but great fun games that involve skill or extra bonus game play. You will find that each card has superb artwork and animation that increase the entertainment value over regular scratch cards.

Second is the price, with the majority of online scratch cards you can choose how much you wish to play for, with some starting at as little as 1p and for the bigger wins as much as £10 or £20. So you can play your favourite games at a cost that suits you, something your local newsagent just can’t offer!

The last major reason to choose online scratch cards are the bonus deals available to claim. Almost all online scratch card and gaming sites offer fantastic sign up bonuses available to new players, a couple of these are the no deposit bonus in which sites will give you an amount such as £5 or more to play their games where you could win money without spending a penny or the cash match sign up bonuses in which sites will match your first deposit with an equal amount, effectively doubling the amount you play with. Online scratch card sites also offer regular new promotions, deals and offers that really boost your playing potential.

So, along with great variety, excellent game play and a choice of price there is also the fact that jackpots available are as good if not better than many of the scratch cards that you can buy over the counter. There is also a great range of other games available to play on online scratch card sites such as casino style games and many many fruit machines and instant win games. So why not give online scratch cards a go today and see why so many others choose to do so!

Choosing Where To Play Online Scratch Cards

It can be difficult to choose where to play when you first search for online scratch card sites so we have done the searching for you. We have played them all and pieced together reviews on the best along with regular updates on the latest offers available. So check out the rest of this site to see which site will have what you want from online scratch card game play and free bonus cash deals.

Whether you enjoy playing darts at the local bar down the street or have never even played the game before, Paddy Power Games offers a fun game for even the most novice of players to enjoy. Not only can you practice your dart throwing skills on a computer screen, but you can win real cash and prizes while doing so. When betting cash on a game of Darts, you are putting your money at stake in hopes of winning the jackpot payout level.

The overall interface of Darts is relatively simple to understand. There is a dartboard in front of the player and your goal is the use your mouse to throw the dart and hit the center of the target. Players can choose exactly how much of their money they would like to bet on the round.

After cashing in with money on your account, players can choose their stake from the chips that are located on the bottom of the game screen. Different stakes for different outcomes can be made. The game is truly customizable by the player. Bet that a dart will hit the section that you have selected to increase the odds of winning. Different combinations and different stakes can be bet as many times as the player would like.

There are other features available on Darts that make the game a more personalized experience. The returns section will show the level of the odds for the bet that the player has made, the repeat button allows you to choose the same bet again and the auto bet feature will play the same bet for as many times as selected. Simply throw your darts and hope that they will land on the dart board where you’d like them.

The return to player percentage for long term game play is 93.18 percent. Paddy Power Games offers new player bonuses and other promotions too!

London Underground (LU) is pushing ahead with plans to set up a wi-fi internet network at 120 Tube stations – despite several security concerns. Following a trial at Charing Cross Tube Station, LU is inviting companies to tender for a network-wide contract. It could be operational by 2012.

But a security expert warned wi-fi could make it easier for fraudsters or terrorists to target Tube passengers. LU denied the wi-fi system would increase risk to the Tube.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said: “The roll out will finally allow Londoners to use mobile devices to pick up their e-mails and stay in touch with the world while they traverse our subterranean network.

“We are inviting companies to bid before next June, which would mean Londoners underground will be able to keep up to date with the British medal tally at the 2012 Games.”

Mecca Bingo is one of the UK’s most beloved Bingo operators and now you can play in big bingo games from the comfort of your own home. If you join Mecca bingo online you’ll be able to play in big jackpot games 24/7.

If you would like to open a MeccaBingo online account. Joining is simply and only takes a few minutes. The bingo games play just like the ones in your local bingo club, but they cost less! cards can be purchased for just 25p but some of the special games have them for as low as 10p. The game cards are exactly like traditional 90 ball bingo. You must get one line, two lines or full house to win.

Scratch cards are hardly a new phenomenon, but until recently the only place you could get them was in your local newsagents or supermarket. Now the magic of the internet has made playing scratch cards online a reality.

Now don’t be mistaken, you don’t have to scratch your computer screen with a coin to see if you’ve won! It’s all virtual nowadays. You use a virtual coin to reveal the panels and see you prize.

There are a number of online sites offering cards and the choice can be a little bewildering, so has reviews all the best online providers and offers to give you a one stop solution to choosing the right site to play at.

But wait, how would you like to play totally free scratch card games? Definitely because you can win cash payouts without spending anything adds to the appeal of the experience. There are several suggestions that will help win free scratch off games. You can easily try your luck at websites on the internet. You can easily surf the net utilizing your favorite search engine for websites offering free games. What websites like these require is for you to take part in their survey. After performing the survey, you can take advantage of free scratch cards which provide cool gifts. is a directory dedicated to bring you the best online casino information. You can find links to online casino tips, cash bonuses and the latest casino news.

Webmaster can add a gambling or sports betting website URL to the directory for free, no link backs are required. The site already has over 350 unique gambling related links, why not add you site or webpage today – please remember that only gambling related links will be accepted.

All you need to know about playing casino games online can be found at You can read reviews of major online casinos like Littlewoods Casino, William Hill Casino and Spin Palace Casino you can also check out poker, bingo and sports gambling sites.

Along with reviews you will find a best casino guide and tips for winning casino games. Plus great games like The Cashino slot machine from Paddy Power Games provides just a little bit of every thing. You like your slots? Nicely, Cashino is really a video slot at heart. Want a little bit of roulette? Strike the actual bonus round and also you can spin to win. And in the Cashino, you are able to win Large! Cash your chips in, have a spin and find out for your self.

Gala Bingo is Englands leading bingo club operator and has over 100+ clubs and 5 million players. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of playing bingo with Gala in your own home!

Sign up today and you can claim a free tenner to get you started, Gala Bingo offer big jackpots and B.O.G.O.F deals when you purchase bingo tickets online.

For the royal wedding Gala bingo has some great special offers in store for it’s players. Gala is hosting the ‘Biggest Wedding Celebration Ever’ at its 142 clubs across the country, expecting over 350,000 members to visit clubs over the 11-day period from April 22 to May 2 and over 70,000 to attend the Royal Wedding party on April 29.

As part of the celebrations taking place on April 29, Gala Bingo is offering members a glass of bubbly, as well as a wedding breakfast to get them in the party mood. Players will be able to watch Kate and Wills tie the knot on the big screen followed by an afternoon of fun and frivolity including a £5,000 prize draw for all clubs (the winning club will split £5,000 between all members in the club at that time)and £3,000 link games.

Mecca Bingo will need to go some to beat that!

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