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Long gone are the days when everyone was playing Runescape and spending their time on Newgrounds. Those were the days that all a player had to do was click their mouse to play a game. It was simpler back then, but those days aren’t entirely over. It just looks that way. The reality is that people have shifted over and are playing those kinds of games on their mobiles now.

There is one interesting area where browser-based gaming is still thriving though, and that is online gambling. Games such as free scratchcards have never been more popular. Statistics show that what was once a 20.51 billion dollar industry in 2009 became a 37.91 billion dollar industry and is expected to become a 59.79 billion dollar industry by 2020. The reason for this is because providers keep expanding their offerings. Free scratch cards are just one of many things that service providers present to players. They also cater to a variety of players; some looking to make some money, and others just looking to have fun.

If we were to compare those numbers to PC gamers then it becomes clear lots of people are still enjoying games through their computer. They’re just playing more competitive games thanks to the rise of eSports. The king of eSports remains DOTA 2, but players are also enjoying League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Counter Strike; Global Offensive. As impressive as the growth in browser-based gaming is, it has nothing on the explosion of eSports.

One problem is that it can be difficult to get hard facts about how many people are playing browser-based games. One thing we can do is look at Alexa ratings and see that the most popular browser-gaming website Miniclip dropped 800 places since 2013. Alexa may only be able to show the popularity of a website, but this number still shows how much the demand for these games has dropped. There’s also been a massive drop in the number of games being developed for the online market. This is mostly because those kinds of games are also being developed for the mobile market where they can have adverts built in. This, along with the ease of mobile gaming, is the reason browser-based gaming has all but vanished.

The final contributing factor is, of course, the mobile gaming industry. Around a third of all the money generated by games comes from mobile games. It’s obvious that people have turned off their browser games and turned on their mobile phones. Mobile games also make it easier to play with others and they tend to have extra functionality, which further increases their appeal. While some websites have put together their own mobile apps they are having trouble securing a piece of the market as the interest in those kinds of games has already dried up.

People are still playing browser-based games, for sure, but the market share for these games has been declining for years now and only continues to decline. Anyone looking to develop and share their games needs to consider mobile gaming as the future of gaming. Sometimes old habits aren’t so easy to kill, and playing games through a browser is apparently one of those habits.

As if it isn’t exciting enough taking a flight when there is a prospect of going on your holiday’s and soaking up some sun, sea and sand, Ryanair also have some nifty little scratch cards you can purchase on flight where there are some great prizes up for grabs! These include cash prizes, cars and much more – all of which can be won just by scratching off and matching some panels!

As part of their ‘Fly to Win’ offer and there were four lucky winners of late who all walked (or flew) away with a luxury new car!

There were two winners from Italy, one from Portugal and finally one from Spain. Ms Maria Soccorsa Pitella, Ms Maria Eleonora Milazzo, Ms Maria Gabriela Rodrigues and Mr William Bullard where the ones to have a swanky new car and all the result of purchase of a Ryanair scratch card that costs just 2 Euros!

The profit of these scratch cards don’t just go to Ryanair, a lot of it goes to charitable causes too which may be why they are so popular with the customers. The charities include: The Marie Keating Foundation, The GROW Organisation, The Jack and Jill Foundation, The Men’s Shed Association in Ireland and more.

Caroline Greene who is the Ryanair representative that presented the winners with the keys said:

“Every one of our 81m passengers is already a winner thanks to Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest fares and our ‘Fly To Win’ scratchcards offer some fabulous prizes, including a brand new car every single month, as well as cash and the chance to win €1 million, all for a stake of just €2.”

There was some poor publicity for Ryanair in recent months when it was uncovered that it was part of the company’s policy to not give their customers any change and encourage them to purchase extra items such as the scratch cards to spend more money with the company. The strategy was for the stewards to let customers know that they were struggling for change and they would need to come back with it and offer the alternative of spending just a little on some other items.

It looks like those four winners have come just in time to make sure that Ryanair remain in everyone’s good books! But if you’re not jetting off anywhere soon why not try some online scratchcards?

With huge jackpots, very high payout rates and often for a lot less than you can by them in your local shop, they are a hugely entertaining way to play. Paddy Power Games have a huge selection so head over and check them out.

If you enjoyed playing Battleship as a kid, you’ll love Battle Cash Bonanza, a play-for-money version of the classic ship-sinking game available at Ladbrokes Games. Battle Cash Bonanza places you at the helm of a cannon with a top-down view of a 9×9 game board.

Your goal is, as with the original game, to sink ships in as few shots as possible. However, instead of playing against a live human who is trying to sink your ships, you’re playing against your wallet. Specifically, you pay for each shot you make. The more ships you sink, the bigger your payout is likely to be.

Like slots, Battle Cash Bonanza at Ladbrokes Games is a luck-based game, but there is some strategy involved. You need to aim and shoot to be able to hit moving ships effectively. You have to sink full ships to win the biggest payouts, so when you win a hit, you have to hit it again several times before you can get the full money.

How to Play
The interface for Battle Cash Bonanza is remarkably simple. Just select the amount of money per shot, or your stake, aim at a particular square on the board, and click to fire. Ships will be moving about the board while you fire, so you need to aim carefully in advance of your shot. You get a bigger payout the more ships you hit, and if you happen to sink an entire ship, you get a special bonus payout.

As a simple, easy-to-use game, players can easily find themselves addicted. Unlike card games like poker or blackjack, Battle Cash Bonanza is mostly based on luck, so it is unlikely that anyone playing it will be able to become a millionaire overnight. Nevertheless, it is fun and a good way to while away time with a real money gaming edge.

Another interesting aspect of Battle Cash Bonanza is the setting to change ships to look the way you want them to look. You can arrange the layout of the board as well, which is useful if you think different groupings of ships would be easier to hit.

The only downside to Battle Cash Bonanza is that the cursor and cannon fire isn’t as accurate as it could be. The aiming in the game is somewhat temperamental, and there may be a learning curve where you aren’t hitting ships as much as you think you ought to be. As you get used to the quirky functionality, this will subside; however, it can be annoying when you begin.

Battle Cash Bonanza on Ladbrokes Games accompanies dozens of other fun cash games to while away the hours. I recommend you try it out today!