If you enjoyed playing Battleship as a kid, you’ll love Battle Cash Bonanza, a play-for-money version of the classic ship-sinking game available at Ladbrokes Games. Battle Cash Bonanza places you at the helm of a cannon with a top-down view of a 9×9 game board.

Your goal is, as with the original game, to sink ships in as few shots as possible. However, instead of playing against a live human who is trying to sink your ships, you’re playing against your wallet. Specifically, you pay for each shot you make. The more ships you sink, the bigger your payout is likely to be.

Like slots, Battle Cash Bonanza at Ladbrokes Games is a luck-based game, but there is some strategy involved. You need to aim and shoot to be able to hit moving ships effectively. You have to sink full ships to win the biggest payouts, so when you win a hit, you have to hit it again several times before you can get the full money.

How to Play
The interface for Battle Cash Bonanza is remarkably simple. Just select the amount of money per shot, or your stake, aim at a particular square on the board, and click to fire. Ships will be moving about the board while you fire, so you need to aim carefully in advance of your shot. You get a bigger payout the more ships you hit, and if you happen to sink an entire ship, you get a special bonus payout.

As a simple, easy-to-use game, players can easily find themselves addicted. Unlike card games like poker or blackjack, Battle Cash Bonanza is mostly based on luck, so it is unlikely that anyone playing it will be able to become a millionaire overnight. Nevertheless, it is fun and a good way to while away time with a real money gaming edge.

Another interesting aspect of Battle Cash Bonanza is the setting to change ships to look the way you want them to look. You can arrange the layout of the board as well, which is useful if you think different groupings of ships would be easier to hit.

The only downside to Battle Cash Bonanza is that the cursor and cannon fire isn’t as accurate as it could be. The aiming in the game is somewhat temperamental, and there may be a learning curve where you aren’t hitting ships as much as you think you ought to be. As you get used to the quirky functionality, this will subside; however, it can be annoying when you begin.

Battle Cash Bonanza on Ladbrokes Games accompanies dozens of other fun cash games to while away the hours. I recommend you try it out today!

Ladbrokes Slot Race

Compete for your share of a huge £15,000 prize fund simply by playing your favourite fruit machines at Ladbrokes Games this August. Play your way to the top of the leader board to win a share of this great cash prize, for every £1 wagered on any of Ladbrokes Games excellent fruit machine range you will earn 1 point towards your total. The Fruit Machines Club Turnover Race runs between Monday the 12th of August and Thursday the 15th or August so see how far you can climb the leader board for a great cash prize!

1st Place – £500
2nd Place – £250
3rd Place – £200
4th Place – £150
5th Place – £100
6th Place – £75
7th Place – £50
8th Place – £25
9th Place – £25
10th Place – £25
11th –15th Place – £20

Playing at Ladbrokes Games is great not least for the 500 plus games available! Choose between great titles such as Monopoly Dream Life, Thor, Day Of The Dead, Harry Trotter and their most recent addition – Worms! One of my favourite fruit machines at Ladbrokes is Madness House Of Fun, The gameplay is excellent and features the music of Madness along with some really fun bonus rounds!

Other Ladbrokes Games Offers
The £15,000 prize pot isn’t the only great promotion running at Ladbrokes Games as you can also earn cash back every weekend until the end of September. Any fruit machine game you play at weekends offers 25% cash back on any losses so however your luck runs you will be better off at Ladbrokes Games.

New players can take advantage of a range of great deals including a fantastic welcome bonus of £10! Deposit and spend £10 on a selection of their greatest games and if you don’t win they’ll give you your money back! This is a great deal that differs from most online games sites as you can claim any wins as you make them without having to play through a given amount.

The Cube

Fancy a change from playing online scratch cards then try this new addition to Ladbrokes Games. The superb new 20 win line 5 reel fruit machine from Ladbrokes Games is based on the hit TV game show – The Cube. Aired on ITV The Cube is a game based on dexterity and skill, contestants have to complete a series of tasks under pressure to win the final prize. Now you get your chance to enjoy the thrill, tension and excitement of The Cube combined with the classic game play of fruit machines and feature packed games that are straight out of TV show itself.

You will find all the traditional features of a 5 reel fruit machine game such as wilds, multipliers and scatters. Wilds substitute for all icons except scatter and bonus and during the main game, there are stretches of ‘Stacked Wilds’ on the reels. If a full reel of these joined wilds occur on screen, they are replaced by a video from the show such as ‘The Body’. For multipliers you can earn x2, x3 multipliers to all further wins – All wins are increased by this multiplier. Additional triggers of this bonus would add together, x2 followed by retrigger would mean x3 and so on up to x5.

When you activate the Free Spins round you get many chances to increase your wins. One of these is the Jackpot Symbol. A new JACKPOT symbol will be added to the reels and this symbol is a high paying symbol. Achieving 5 of these on a wagered line will pay out a much higher reward than any other symbol in the game. You can also land Super Wilds which have a chance to appear on any reel but the second, these are wilds that remain in place for a set duration of spins before vanishing.

The Cube Bonus Rounds

Bonus Games featured in this fruit machine are taken from the TV Show and are activated when you get 3 or more scatter symbols. Try your luck on Descent where you throw the ball so that it bounces off the columns and lands in the target container or see if you can come to a Dead Stop where you throw the ball onto the raised podium. The ball must come to a complete stop without falling off.

Lobster Mania Slot

This is a fantastic new slot title addition to Ladbrokes Games, Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania takes you on a hunt for tasty seafood treats and offers great features that are sure to have you coming back to play again and again. With 5 reels and 25 paylines this slot brings together great game play and quality bonus games that offer amazing cash prizes along with funny animations. So get out the Lobster Cracker for this tasty treat of a game and enjoy the thrills of the nautical life with Lobster Mania!

Like most slot games at Ladbrokes you will see that Lobster Mania has all the regular features of scatter symbols and wild symbols, superb animations and illustrations and great sound effects. The paytable has nine symbols that when 3 or more are matched across the paylines payout between 5x and 10,000x your winning stake. With a minimum stake of 1p per line and a maximum of £500 for 25 lines you could be playing for a jackpot of £5,000,000!

Buoy Bonus Feature Game
Once you enter the Buoy Bonus game you will meet Lucky Larry for the first time, you will join this seafarer on his boat and help hime catch as many Lobsters as possible. The bonus round is activated once you land three Lobstermania symbols and you are then presented with the choice of Buoys, the amount of choice you get is determined by choosing one of the Lobstermania symbols in the main game. Once you’ve made your choice Lucky larry will lift the lobster cage out of the water and count how many Lobster you caught, watch as each lobster gives you a cash reward!

Ladbrokes Welcome Bonus

Ladbrokes are continually releasing new game titles and their welcome bonuses are pretty good too! New players can expect a free £5 no deposit bonus upon sign up, it can be used on any of their games and it costs you nothing to claim it! What’s more is there is also a £10 risk free bonus, which means if you play and lose your first £10 you can play it again until you win! So give Ladbrokes Games a go today!

Ladbrokes games have stayed very active in the addition of new slot games to their selection, which partly makes up for the absence of any new online scratch cards. One of their recent additions is Worms, based on the classic computer game of which many of you will undoubtedly have fond memories.

Worms is a classic console game in which teams of military worms battle it out for survival using various power weapons. The transition of the game into a slot version has been done very well and is just as impressive as the original game. It has a very playful and high quality aesthetic, using cartoon-style image with high definition 3D animation.

When you first start spinning the reels, you will see various worm characters bearing different weapons. One of the symbols features two worms with a massive machine gun, while another shows a smug-looking worm aiming an Uzi at you. In the background, you can see various crates and worms parachuting out the sky, ready for battle.

This game is very impressive in terms of bonus rounds. It seems to be these features which are pulling the new games apart from their more dates equivalents. There are three bonuses which you can trigger in this slot, each offering potentially massive payouts. If you get the crate bonus symbol on reels two, three and four, you will activate one of the worms bonuses, which can be the Space Trail Bonus, The Crate Escape or the Free Spins Battle. You must then select a bonus crate to reveal which bonus round will commence. If you reveal Sgt Major, the Free Spins Battle will start, offing unlimited free spins. Reveal the Cosmo Worm and the Space Trail bonus will start, offering up to 1000x the total bet amount. The third bonus round is the Crate Escape Bonus, triggered by revealing the Scot Worm. This round offers a win of up to 100x the total bet.

When playing the Free Spins Battle, various symbols featuring on specific reels have additional effects. If Sgt Major appears on the centre reel, a bonus cash prize will be awarded. If the pirate worm appears on the centre reel, the health meter is reduced. Inversely, if the medic worm appears on the centre reel, the health bar will be restored.

For the many bonus features and the high definition animated graphics, this game is well worth a try.

Day Of The Dead Slot

In Mexico, they call it Día de los Muertos, but in English we all know it as Day of the Dead. It is held in November to mark both All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day. IGT has decided to draw on the rich heritage of this Mexican holiday to develop an online slot game entitled Day of the Dead. It is a colourful affair that draws upon imagery of skeletal mariachis in order to deliver unrivalled authenticity. Day of the Dead has just been released at Ladbrokes Games, so that means we all have a chance to try it out.

Unique Reel Layout
Normally we like to give you the rundown on online scratch card, but the opportunity to talk about this nifty slot was just too go to pass up. Day of the Dead features a sublimely unique design, which is initially evident from the layout of the five reels. On reels one and five there are three symbols displayed, while on two and four there are four symbols shown. Reel three, the middle reel, allows for five symbols to appear after a spin. This is certainly a concept that could breathe new life into the slots market.

720 Ways to Win
Moving on to the paylines, Day of the Dead has a staggering 720 ways of winning. The game plays with 50 coins, with the value of these set at from £1 to £10. It might seem a little frustrating playing at a set coin amount of 50, but there are 720 ways in which you can win. Plus, the display of extra symbols on reels two through four can help unlock wins that wouldn’t happen on other slot games. Before you even get to the extra features, Day of the Dead already impresses.

Up to 240 Free Spins
When you hit stacked wilds on the middle of the slot it looks really impressive. All of the symbols start going active and spin round in front of your eyes, making those winning moments all the sweeter. It also to get stacked bonus symbols, so there is plenty to watch out for. The free spins feature is simply brilliant, due to how lucrative it can be. It is possible to trigger up to 96 free spins in go, and then go on to reach a maximum number of free spins that hits 240. These extra features really cap off the game’s quality.

To get you in the mood for this years Christmas festivities Ladbrokes Games have come up with a brilliant new scratch card that anticipates the big day and offers a range of presents to find and match. You can win up to 200 times you initial stake in this fabulous scratch card. So will Santa Claus bring you everything you want for Christmas? Well play this scratch card and you just might have the best Christmas ever!

Playing The Christmas Present Scratch Card

Just follow the link to Ladbrokes Games above and navigate to the Scratch Cards section located in the left hand menu, there you will see Ladbrokes Games extensive range of superb scratch cards and instant wins, select Christmas Presents from the game list window and the game will launch.

Choosing Your Stake

Once the game has loaded you will need to decide how much you are prepared to play for. You can do this by selecting either the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols located next to the card price window. The minimum card price is 25p per card and the maximum is £10. With the maximum card price selected you could win the jackpot of £2,000! But don’t worry if you aren’t prepared to play at £10 per card as the minimum stake could still win you a cool £50.

How To Play

Based on traditional scratch card game play Christmas Presents is a grid with nine scratch panels and you all you need to do is scratch away at every one of them to reveal the hidden symbols. Match 3 symbols anywhere on the card and you win your starting card price times by the matching symbols multiplier figure.

So get yourself over to Ladbrokes Games this Christmas and enjoy the festive delights of this wonderful scratch card with Santa Claus bearing an incredible range of cash gifts!

Take a swing with Caddyscratch at ladbrokes Games, the instant win scratch card that uses a golf theme and pays out 250 times the stake on a hole-in-one. Caddyscratch plays very fast and smooth, and it uses cartoon graphics and genuine sound effects to deliver a fun golf atmosphere that will keep you coming back. The only thing it’s missing is a mad crazed gopher.

Caddyscratch uses a 3×3 grid and a pay-table layout. On the left, the grid holds the square that you scratch to reveal winners. On the right, the table shows payouts and the icons revealed so far. Each time you reveal a symbol, it will highlight on the table, which makes it very easy to see wins as they happen.

The stake defaults to £1, but you can adjust it as low as 25p or as high £10. There are six icons and seven possible outcomes: no win, x1, x2, x5, x10, x50 and x250. The win value is applied against the face value of the card. If you set the stake to £10, then the jackpot would be £2,500.

Once you’ve set the desired stake, click OK to purchase the card and start the game. Use the floating coin to scratch the squares individually, or use the REVEAL ALL button for quicker play. If you’ve won, the game will flash the icons on the table and play a brief jingle. To continue, simply click NEW CARD, which has replaced the OK button.

Caddyscratch is available at Ladbrokes Games in both a free practice mode and a standard real cash mode. Use the practice setting to try the game and learn the ropes. If you decide to stick around, Ladbrokes will give you a £5 bonus bet and a welcome bonus that is worth as much as £500.

Do you think the biggest football game in the world takes place at the World Cup? Do you think it happens to take place during the Olympics? In a professional football league? If you guessed any of these events or leagues and you like money, then you’re wrong.

The biggest football match of your life takes place on The Big Match Scratch Card. This isn’t only one of the biggest football games in the world when it comes to potential winnings; it’s also one of the top Ladbrokes Games, which is saying a lot considering this online casino’s reputation. Now let’s take a closer look at The Big Match Scratch Card game.

The goal of this game is to match three football icons. There are nine hidden symbols. In order to reveal these symbols, you must first choose a stake and then select “Play” or “Reveal All.” The minimum bet is .10P. The maximum bet is £5000. Playing the game couldn’t be any simpler, which is what makes online scratch card games so great. Now let’s get to the best part, which are the potential winnings.

When you look at the payouts for The Big Match Scratch Card game, you will see that the negative icons pay the least and the positive icons pay the most. For example, three cards pay 1x your original bet. Three flags pay 2x your original bet. Three whistle blows pay 5x your original bet. These are nice returns, but they’re not exactly going to make you rich. After the negative icons, we get into the neutral items. For instance, three boots pay 10x your original bet. Three shirts pay 15x your original bet. Three pitches pay 25 your original bet. Three scoreboards pay 50x your original bet. Those are impressive returns. However, we have saved the best for last. Three goals pay 100x your original bet, and three trophies pay 500x your original bet. You’re not going to find returns like that on many other Ladbrokes Games.

If you’re looking to play one of the simple Ladbrokes scratch cards, then go straight to Scratchball. This game has a football theme, and like most other scratch card games at ‘Ladbrokes Games’, the goal is to match three symbols. You can change your stakes every game, which allows you more flexibility when it comes to money management.

When the game begins, move your cursor over one of the empty boxes. As you move the mouse, you will hear a scratching noise that sounds very realistic. If you match three symbols, then you will see the lights to the right blink, and you will hear a celebratory horn.

A simpler option is to select the “Reveal All” option, but that won’t allow for much excitement. The “Reveal All” option is best used when you’re pressed for time, such as during a lunch break.

Scratchball has a wide range of payouts. These payouts aren’t as high as The Big Match Scratch Card, but that’s one of the best Ladbrokes Games. This is a work-your-way-up game. Scratchball comes in batches of 10,000 scratch cards. Of those 10,000 scratch cards, 1,000 of them pay 1x your original wager. Two thousand of these scratch cards pay 2x your original wager. That might not sound like much, but you’re winning double your money. If you want to win 5x your money, then you should be happy to know that 500 scratch cards offer such a return. As many as 50 cards offer 10x your original wager. Twenty scratch cards offer 20x your original wager. Only five scratch cards offer 50x your original wager, but if you’re wagering a decent amount and you hit, then you will see an enormous return.

If this doesn’t sound like the game for you, then check out other Ladbrokes Scratch Cards. Soccer Safari is a great option. David G just won 3,882.80 GBO. Anthony I just won 3,030.00 playing Virtual Dog, and William S. just won 2,702.40 playing Rubiks Riches. These are all great Ladbrokes Games with big potential.