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Maria Carreira was struck with delight when she found out she had got lucky and won a massive prize of $40,000 Canadian dollars (worth about £26,000). The woman rushed home to share the news with her family before finding out that she hadn’t read the ticket correctly. Excitement levels skyrocketed when she realised the true value of her ticket – $40 million.

Where some winners like this would instantly go all out and celebrate in style, Carreira chose a more modest approach by treating her family to an all-you-can-eat buffet at a Mandarin restaurant. She did, however, start to splash out once the initial excitement had settled.

This is not an isolated event in the lottery and scratch card world. In December 2013, a man from New Hampshire in accidentally won £1.3 million after the cashier gave him a wrong ticket. Scott Bennett, 48, went in with the intention of buying one ticket for the Tri-State Megabucks lottery and one for the Lucky for Life Lottery. The shop assistant accidentally handed him 2 Megabucks tickets, one of which turned out to be the winner.

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Scratch Card Woes

But luck is not always on your side. In 2009, Ontario’s gaming authority printed 1,100 winning scratch cards by mistake, none of which were meant to win. One player couldn’t believe his luck when he purchased 4 scratch cards to find out that all of them had won. When he totalled up his winnings, he thought he had bagged £135,000. But because of the mistake, he didn’t see a cent.

Then there was the bizarre story of the homeless man from Bloomington, Illinois, who struck it lucky on a scratch card. Dennis Mahurin has been living in rough conditions for 30 years, being housed in a tent in the woods. But despite his $50,000 win, the 58-year-old is planning to continue living where he has been. He insists he is “as happy as can be” and that this style of living is in his nature.

He is planning on splashing out somewhat though, on a new tent. He also plans to get some long-overdue dental work and visit his son. The rest of the money will be put into saving in an investment for his later life. The man joked that he had put some cash aside for his “new friends” the money would bring.

Camelot Scratch Card Error

There is no denying that the online environment is steadily becoming even more popular than traditional printed forms of media, but after Camelot’s recent blunder, it is possible that printed scratch cards could very soon become a thing of the past – making way for the online scratch card to reign victorious.

Camelot is the UK’s most popular distributor of scratch cards considering their affiliation with the National Lottery; however a watermark error found in a batch of 17 million scratchcards has caused false hope amongst players.

Esme Arbouse, from North London, was one of the unlucky few who purchased a scratch card from the batch. After revealing what she thought to be a number eight on the scratchcard, the watermark later revealed it to be a three instead. Esme’s initial excitement, thinking she had won £80,000 was crushed when she found out that her winnings only amounted to £2.00. Esme had been planning on giving a large chunk of the cash she thought she had won to charity.

“We had already thought about it,” she added. “We wanted to give at least £15,000 to children’s homes.

“I sent a picture of the card to my son and he said ‘wow mum, you’ve got to send it off’.”

Esme and husband Tim, of Ruislip, North West London, were bitterly disappointed when they were told they had not won.

“I will be retiring in November and this would have been absolutely fantastic,” Esme said.

“I work on contract, so I won’t be getting a pension from work.

“With the money I could have happily retired knowing we had some money in the bank. It would have been completely amazing to win.”

Camelot has been approached by 24 other potential winners, all of whom have had to be informed about the watermark. A spokesman for Camelot stated that they are in the process of speaking with the manufacturers of the scratchcards, in order to minimise the risk of this happening again.

Online scratch cards can be met with scepticism, as many believe that the whole process is rigged. Having a scratch card that you can hold in your hand proves that hidden symbols or numbers cannot be altered at the last second – or at least it used to. With faith being shaken in the printed scratch card, perhaps many will begin turning to the online counterpart considering any winning combination uncovered cannot be faltered. Only time will tell if this recent revelation will have an adverse effect on how the public perceive the traditional printed scratchcard, especially when there will always be a possibility of it happening again. So why not try out some great online scratch cards today at Jackpot Joy, a name trusted by millions!

Scratch Card Win

There are many people in the world who believe that gambling, in all its forms, is a con. They think that casinos are out to steal your money and online scratchcards and bingo are all fixed because the house always wins. However, one young mother has proved this accusation to be very false indeed.

Katie Bryant, 21, from Burnley recently won a huge sum of money of a national lottery scratchcard, which has subsequently changed her life. While doing her weekly shop, Katie purchased two scratchcards from her local ASDA. The first came up blank, however the second revealed a massive win of £250,000. The exciting Katie couldn’t believe her luck, “I scratched the first one and there was nothing on it, she said. “I was standing next to my car as my mum loaded the shopping into the boot and I scratched the second card.

“I just could not believe what I was seeing.

“I turned to my mum and said ‘Is this right?’.

“We just continued to pack the shopping into the car and then thought we better go back into Asda to check. I asked the shop assistant to check the card and I was expecting her to say there was a mistake.

“I just could not believe it. It seemed like a dream.

“I had walked into Asda needing to watch every penny I spent and I walked out having won a quarter of a million pounds – things like this only ever happen to other people.”

Katie is a mother of two and this win couldn’t have come at a better time for the struggling parent, as she had been finding it difficult to cope financially. Her visit to the local ASDA superstore that day had come at price, considering she had overspent on her budget by £10. However, she came out quid’s-in, thanks to the National Lottery scratchcard which has since changed her life.

Katie is now planning on buying her first home, complete with a garden for the kids to play in, as well as using some of her winnings to learn how to drive and buy a car. Life is definitely on the up and Katie has shown us that anyone is capable to being lucky enough to scoop a huge jackpot. But in order to even be in with a chance, they have to be in it to win it.

Choose To Play Online And Win Big With Jackpot Joy

Buying scratch cards over the counter is all very well, but the best scratch card experience is online as you have so much more to choose between, you can set the prices yourself, collect a great cash match welcome bonus and play without having to leave the comfort of your own home! Jackpot Joy have a great selection of scratch cards that tick all the boxes, you can also play bingo and slot machines there so why not give online scratch cards a go today!

You get nothing for a pair. Not in this game! Remember… it could still be a good night if you play your cards right. Who remembers the classic TV show hosted by Brucie? Of course you do, it was the highlight of saturday night TV, long before the internet was a gleam in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye people watched this show in their millions. Now the famous card game has been resurrected on the popular gaming site

The instant win scratch card game plays just like the TV Show. The game starts when you’re dealt a single card at random from the deck, all you need to do is guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card. Sounds simple right? and it is, the great thing about this game is nearly anyone can play it well, most people know if the previous card is a King, then chances are the next card be lower. However, you still get nothing for a pair in this game, meaning you’ll lose if another King is drawn from the deck.

Players keep guessing to win more money, or you can cash out at anytime. The longer you play the more you win but it becomes more difficult as each card is turned. Like the TV show you can swap cards at certain points in the game. It’s worth doing this if you draw the dreaded middle value cards like the 7 or 8.

The game allows you to select the level of risk you feel comfortable playing for. Play for pennies or pounds, it’s completely up to YOU. Jackpots rise and fall depending on the size you wager you make.

Overall ‘Play Your Cards Right’ captures the fun of the original TV Show, the games are quick but not too frantic. Winning requires some skill but the game isn’t too complicated for newbies to understand. In fact, even if you’ve never seen the TV show you could still get the hang of this game in a few minutes.

It’s worth noting that Jackpot Joy gives new players cash bonuses when they join. A great way to try out this game before risking any of your own money.

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PopCap Games launched the first Bejeweled game in 2001, and it took the gaming world by storm. Interestingly, 2001 was also the year that British-based Gamesys Group launched. Gamesys is a technology company, and one of its flagship products is the website. Jackpot Joy is an online gaming service that specializes in free-to-play and gambling versions of fun games.

Recently, PopCap Games and Jackpot Joy joined forces to bring you a brand new series of Bejeweled games. This new series includes Bejeweled Bingo, Bejeweled Hypercash, Bejeweled Scratchcard and Bejeweled 2 Slots. The goal with this series was to create four unique gaming experiences inspired by the look and feel of Bejeweled, and in our opinion, the result is a tremendous success.

Of the four Bejeweled games, Bejeweled Bingo is the only one that does not offer a demo mode, and that’s due to the nature of the game. This is 90-ball bingo with a progressive jackpot, which means that the jackpot grows every day that no one wins, and when someone does win, the jackpot defaults to £2,500. The Bejeweled aspect is essentially a bonus round that awards free cards at the end of each round.

Bejeweled Hypercash emulates the style of the original game. Each round, the game presents you with a refreshed 8×8 grid of jewels, and you win based on the biggest combination available. The top prize, for combinations of sixteen gems or more, pays out 100 times the coin size. Coin size ranges from 20p to £200, so the big jackpot is £20,000, and the bigger the bet, the more new gems you get each round.

Bejeweled Scratchcard is a virtual scratchie that has bet amounts of £1 to £4 and jackpot amounts of £750 to £3,000. The game uses a 3×4 grid, and each card presents you with three each of four unique jewels. Click a jewel to reveal all the amounts hidden under jewels of that type. Click each jewel type to clear the board, or click Reveal All if you prefer a much faster and more streamlined experience.

Bejeweled 2 Slots is a 5-reel video slots game with 20 paylines and coin values ranging from 1p to £1, so the max bet is £20, and the minimum bet for full coverage is 20p. Bejeweled 2 Slots has a wild symbol, scatter symbol, free spins feature, multiplier feature and a bonus game. The Wheel of Riches lets you multiply your bet by as much as x500, and the scatter-triggered bonus game is a lot like Hypercash.

The Bejeweled series at Jackpot Joy is a great deal of fun, and you can play most of it in a no-obligation arcade-like experience. So there’s no reason not to try! When you do try and find that you like it, Jackpotjoy offers a wide range of benefits, including a 200 percent match bonus on your first deposit. Even if you plan to play arcade mode only, having a free membership has a number of perks.

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Are you a Mexican or a Mexican’t? If the answer is Mexican then The Jalapeno Racers from Jackpot Joy is the game for You! Boasting a top payout of £8000 the Jalapeno Racers scratch card is like having a Piñata Party in your living room.

The aim of the scratch card is to win FREE SPINS which you can then redeem to use on the Jalapeno Racers slot machine. You can win up to a maximum of 4000 spins.

First you get to pick your cash stake size, this is a nice feature as not everyone wants to play for big money. To start the mayhem you just need to click the play button. You’ll see your on screen mouse pointer turn into a Piñata stick that you can use to smash up the Piñatas. Hit them a few times to release those free spins, if you’re lucky the onscreen thermometer will start to rise, showing you how many free spins you’ve just bagged.

At the end of each round you’ll be asked how you’d like to take your winnings as cash or convert them in FREE SLOT spins, personally I always convert my winnings into free spins. Not only does this give you a bigger chance of winning more wonga but it also extents the game play, giving you more excitement for the same amount of money.

It’w worth noting that the top prize on Jalapeno Racers Slot is a mighty x 1,000! All spins will be played at 1p a line on all 80 lines.

Fancy trying your luck on the Jalapeno Racers scratch card? Just visit Jackpot Joy, new players can take advantage of their fantastic promotional offer… deposit £10 and Jackpot Joy will give you £30 to play with. Jalapeno Racers isn’t the only scratch card Jackpot Joy has to offer, you can choose from Deal Or No Deal, The Scratch Card Shop, Alice In Wonderland, Red Or Black and the ever popular Bejewled scratch cards.

Tycoons Treasure is a “big win game” by Jackpot Joy Games. It uses the classic style of the one-armed bandit: three reels and single pay line. One main difference is that reels never stop off centre. Spin amounts range from 20p to £1, and the top and second-tier jackpots are 3,000 and 1,600 coins.

[hr]Progressive Jackpot — No
Free Play Option — Yes
Reels — 3
Win Lines — 1
Min Bet — 20p
Max Bet — £1
Wild Symbols — No
Scatter Symbols — No
Free Spins — No
Bonus Features — No
Nudges — No
Holds — No[hr]

Tycoons Treasure is beautiful in its simplicity. Clearly inspired by Monopoly, the symbol set includes a tycoon, diamond, gold bullion, luxury car, green dollar, blue dollar and red dollar. The game allows 1-3 coins per spin. The number of coins played dictates the payout tier. The tiers do not scale evenly, so it is in the player’s best interest to play every spin at three coins.

The payout schedule is simple. Each symbol pays out when you hit three of a kind. Symbols can never land off-centre, the way they can in an actual fruit machine, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect. The one exception to this simplicity is the any money feature. Any three dollar bills in a row, regardless of colour, pays out x5, x10 or x15, depending on the number of coins in play. The any money feature is an important aspect of this machine’s favourable payout rate.

Isn’t it refreshing to look at a fruit machine and instantly know what’s going on? This is what Jackpot Joy excels at, and it’s the reason we love playing there. Simply sign up for free to experience Tycoons Treasure in a free arcade mode. If you decide to play for real, Jackpot Joy has welcome bonuses and other promotions to take advantage of.