Most casino games are very exciting while some can cause tension wondering if the bet made will result in a win.  Sports betting is also fun as bettors can place a bet and then watch the game to see if they have won, which is also very exciting.  Slots are fast paced filled with action as players wait in anticipation to see where the reels will fall.  Roulette players depend on the outcome of a little white ball to decide their fate. Some casino players however do not want to wait in anticipation to find out whether they have won or lost and instant games have been designed in such a way to give players an immediate outcome.  

What are Instant Games?

Instant win games cover a range of entertainment options, but the one thing they all have in common is that they do not have any complicated steps to follow.  They are fast paced games which do not offer much player interaction while some of these games will require players to perform some sort of action in order for them to see if they have won.  All instant win games are based entirely on luck and no complex decision making is necessary or any sort of skill. Instant win players are usually not after complex strategies, but rather hoping that they will be lucky.  The games are often very simple and it is usually the casual player that will enjoy them. Most of them also require minimal bets while high stakes players can increase their bet if they would like to.

Scratch Cards

The most common type of instant win game is the scratch card, and this can be found at sites like River Belle casino and other popular online playing destinations.  These cards have been around for many years and can be found almost anywhere, gas stations, supermarkets and convenience stores.  They have also been added to many online casinos with the introduction of online casino gaming. Most online casinos will feature a wide and varied range of scratch cards with different themes.  Scratch cards are really easy. All a player needs to do is to decide which card to buy, pay their money and by scratching on the ticket hopefully revealing the winning symbols. Online scratch card players can scratch manually or the symbols are revealed automatically.  There have been some great success stories of huge wins from scratch cards.

Bingo and Keno

Instant win games that rely on draws are also popular, such as Bingo.  The most popular of these Bingo games is where the Bingo player does not actually play like in a live Bingo hall or at a real money online casino, but players are given a set of cards and they then have to match up as many numbers as they can from a round of Bingo which has been randomly drawn and hoping that luck will be on their side and they have some winning patterns.  Keno is another popular instant win game, but does offer some complexities. Some online casinos will feature a quick pick where players receive spots and the draw can be activated and players will receive their results. Keno is a little slower and players can enjoy this game at their own pace.

Instant win casino games may not seem as important as Slots or other table games, but many players enjoy them.  They are appealing to many because they are easy to play and not much thought is needed. They are a great way to relax.


Whether you enjoy playing darts at the local bar down the street or have never even played the game before, Paddy Power Games offers a fun game for even the most novice of players to enjoy. Not only can you practice your dart throwing skills on a computer screen, but you can win real cash and prizes while doing so. When betting cash on a game of Darts, you are putting your money at stake in hopes of winning the jackpot payout level.

The overall interface of Darts is relatively simple to understand. There is a dartboard in front of the player and your goal is the use your mouse to throw the dart and hit the center of the target. Players can choose exactly how much of their money they would like to bet on the round.

After cashing in with money on your account, players can choose their stake from the chips that are located on the bottom of the game screen. Different stakes for different outcomes can be made. The game is truly customizable by the player. Bet that a dart will hit the section that you have selected to increase the odds of winning. Different combinations and different stakes can be bet as many times as the player would like.

There are other features available on Darts that make the game a more personalized experience. The returns section will show the level of the odds for the bet that the player has made, the repeat button allows you to choose the same bet again and the auto bet feature will play the same bet for as many times as selected. Simply throw your darts and hope that they will land on the dart board where you’d like them.

The return to player percentage for long term game play is 93.18 percent. Paddy Power Games offers new player bonuses and other promotions too!

The Keno Grand National style uses another popular gambling alternative, horse racing, to inspire its imagery and number board. The charming style has each of the forty numbers represent different horses, each with its own inspired name like “Jammy Dodger” or “Liza’s Leaky Bucket.” As they run across the finish line, numbers are chosen from the Keno board. Hopefully you chose correctly!

When you’ve seen one Keno game, you’ve seen them all. However, the little differences between Keno varieties can make all the difference. For instance, Keno Grand National earns big points with its smooth graphics and simple interface. It provides all the information you might need, including a payoff schedule that helps you decide how many numbers to bet for the maximum chances of success. In Keno, the more numbers you bet, the greater your chance of one of them being chosen, but the lower your payout for each correct choice.

Apart from the buttons letting you choose up to eight numbers on the forty-number board, there are only five buttons: two to raise or lower your stake, one to choose a random selection of numbers, one to clear the board and one to play. They are intuitively organized for easy access.

Grand National Keno is a classic Keno game. Its payoff schedule injects a little complex strategy into an otherwise simple game, and its cute aesthetic is sure to please horse racing fans as well as people who enjoy smooth graphics. Try out Grand National Keno at Ladbrokes Games today!

Grand National Keno is a well-designed version of a classic casino game. Try it or dozens of other Keno varieties at Ladbrokes Games today!

The triathlon is a fairly new Olympic event and was held for the first time at the Sydney Olympics in 2000. It consists of three events, the 1500 mtr swim in open water, a 40 km bike ride and a 10km run and the event became popular in America in the 1970s as a training regime but soon developed into a sport in it’s own right. The three events take place consecutively over a gruelling two hour period. Athletes undertake the swim first for safety reasons, as this reduces the chance of cramping in the water.

The 2012 London Triathlon will start and finish in Hyde Park [August 4th and 7th]. The swimming event will take place in the Serpentine, followed by the cycle ride around central London and finishing with the run back, in Hyde Park. Spectators will be able to view this Olympic event for free on most of the course, no need for tickets or a trek to the stadiums is necessary for this exciting event.

GB Hopefuls.
In September 2011 Alistair Brownlee took the Triathlon World Title with a convincing win on the 2008 Olympic course in Beijing. Brownlee was thought unlikely to qualify for the games in 2008 but after making the team, finished as the top Brit in the competition. Younger brother Jonathon finished second and Brit Will Clarke, was ninth. Alistair and Jonathon have virtually reserved their Olympic places, which leaves just one place to fill on the Olympic team. There are plenty of contenders for the coveted place including Tom Bishop. Bishop won the Senior National Championships at Windsor on his first attempt and last year came second in the Junior World Championship, he recently said that his life at the momement consists of ” eating, sleeping and training”. Bishop considers the triathlon run his best discipline and his objective now is to qualify for the Olympic Team. Veterans, Will Clarke and Tim Don may have other ideas about who should take the final spot, Bishop said recently “there’s a lot of people going for that last spot but, if my training continues to go as well as it has been, I’ve got a chance”.

Helen Jenkins won her second World Triathlon Championship after finishing runner up ,in the season ending Final, in Beijing the day after Brownlee took his title. This follows her win in August at the Hyde Park triathlon in London, when she won in some style and met GBs selection criteria for the 2012 Olympics. After the race she said ” That hurt so much. I just kept running and running”. Jenkins who finished 21st at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 is not guaranteed selection as others may also qualify, giving the selectors a wider choice of competitors to choose from. Jodie Stimpson who was placed 14th at Hyde Park, Vicky Holland and Scot, Kerry Lang, will also have their eyes set on London 2012.

Daniel Goodings /

London organisers have sealed a deal with Dow Chemical Company to restore an innovative wraparound curtain to encircle the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Games.

Olympic officials had scrapped the wrap late last year because its price tag of £7 million had been deemed too expensive at a time of economic austerity. Architects and artists had decried the decision, suggesting the look and image of the games would suffer.

But now, the wrap is back. Dow Chemical, the Midland, Michigan conglomerate, won a bid process to take on the visual centerpiece of the Olympics. The move comes even though Dow, the official ‘Chemistry Company’ of the Games, will be barred by Olympics guidelines from etching the firm’s logo onto the curtain.

‘This wrap will embrace the look of the games,’ said Keith Wiggins, managing director of Dow’s operations in Britain. ‘This is going to be a super, central, visual centerpiece.

Mecca Bingo is one of the UK’s most beloved Bingo operators and now you can play in big bingo games from the comfort of your own home. If you join Mecca bingo online you’ll be able to play in big jackpot games 24/7.

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Scratch cards are hardly a new phenomenon, but until recently the only place you could get them was in your local newsagents or supermarket. Now the magic of the internet has made playing scratch cards online a reality.

Now don’t be mistaken, you don’t have to scratch your computer screen with a coin to see if you’ve won! It’s all virtual nowadays. You use a virtual coin to reveal the panels and see you prize.

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