Scratch Card Win

Although some online scratch card sites offer free scratch cards or extra bonus cash – you should always read the terms and conditions to see if it’s really free.

Can you Really Claim Free Scratch Cards Online?

You know that saying is something looks too good to be true it probably is?  Well that can often be the case with some of the offers featured on online scratch card sites.  They entice players with the offer of free no deposit bonuses or free scratch cards as part of their promotions – but sometimes there are pesky terms and conditions or wagering requirements to be met that make the offer not quite as good as what you first thought!

No Deposit Bonuses

When joining a new site – it definitely is an incentive if there is some free no deposit cash involved.  Not all scratch card sites do this – but often you will find just that.  It can vary from a free fiver up to sometimes a free tenner.  Although you are generally free to spend this bonus cash on what you would like (sometimes only certain types of games are eligible) – if you manage to win something – you won’t be allow to withdraw unless you have deposited and wagered a certain amount of cash.  So although the bonus is free – you can’t claim your winnings straight away.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are another way for you to play scratch cards for free.  The average welcome bonus is 100% – which means the sites will double your deposit.  So although it can be advertised as free cash – of course it is only free if you make a deposit.  Again sometimes there are restrictions on what games you can spend your bonus cash on and if you choose to deposit just £10 perhaps – you still will probably need to deposit again to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Free Scratch Cards in Promotions

You will often find free scratch cards as part as a promotion, which of course on first glance very appealing but again – you will find there is some criteria that has to be met.  For example you may have to have already deposited within that week – or it could be that if you spend £5 on the game – that you will get another £5 for free.  It is unlikely that you will get this offer no strings attached but it doesn’t mean its not a good deal- it just means it won’t be completely free.

I think the moral of the article is that make sure you always read the small print when you see the word “free” – there will probably be a catch.

Scratch cards are hardly a new phenomenon, but until recently the only place you could get them was in your local newsagents or supermarket. Now the magic of the internet has made playing scratch cards online a reality.

Now don’t be mistaken, you don’t have to scratch your computer screen with a coin to see if you’ve won! It’s all virtual nowadays. You use a virtual coin to reveal the panels and see you prize.

There are a number of online sites offering cards and the choice can be a little bewildering, so has reviews all the best online providers and offers to give you a one stop solution to choosing the right site to play at.

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