We’re almost there. It’s been a short and painful wait but the new season is about to start soon and, frankly, even a sooner start will be too late for our taste. And who can blame us? With the previous season taking us all for an unexpected ride that ended with Leicester taking the cup home and other teams falling down the table, this season is bound to be even better, especially with all the changes we’ve seen during summer.

The Changes Have Arrived

The number one cause of excitement for everyone this year is Manchester City, who seem to be going for their best year ever, but we’ve also seen some improvements in other teams as well, which give us high hopes of another great season: Manchester United are pulling themselves together again; Chelsea are working on fixing the holes which sunk their chances last year; Arsenal finally started scouting for more strikers; Liverpool are refortifying their starting line-up; and Tottenham are bringing in new players who are set on repeating and even surpassing last year’s success. All this gives us the impression of a great year up ahead, where once again we will see the big teams clash under the leadership of world-class managers, some with a different mentality and others with minor alterations to their battle-tested tactics.
Whatever the season brings, we are definitely going to be watching some great football, although with less surprises than last year, it seems. And like with every season, one of the greatest things about it is earning some cash while watching the game we love the most.

Turning Your Love for the Game into Money

For those of you who’ve never done it so far, betting it’s not that complicated, especially if you know your game well. Betting is all about finding lower odds that are most likely to come true, which is where your expertise comes into play. Each betting provider publishes their odds and keeps them regularly updated as the season unfolds, and whether you’ll make a good winning will depend on how accurate are your predictions for the odds you’ve chosen. And if you don’t feel comfortable or are too inexperienced to make some predictions on your own, you can always find betting tips online and compare them to select the “strongest”, keeping in mind that they can also be wrong.

What the Odds Say

The first thing you might want to take a look at is the Outright Winner odds for the season, which give you a fair estimate of which teams you can expect to be the top contenders. The Outright Winner Odds for 2016/17 are:
Manchester City – 9/4
Manchester United – 7/2
Arsenal – 11/2
Chelsea 5/1
Tottenham – 9/1
Liverpool – 8/1
Leicester City – 29/1
West Ham – 80/1.

The highest contenders for the cup this year are Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal, with City being the favorite among both experts and bookies, following Guardiola’s arrival to the team. Leicester, despite their last year’s success, found themselves on the 7th place of the odds table, which is a large improvement over their last year’s 5000/1 odds that nearly bankrupted bookies. On the other hand, Manchester United now has higher chances of winning the cup again after both Mourinho and Ibrahimovic were signed.

Other Bets

Apart from the outright winner, you can also bet on who will finish in the top 4 and the top 6, who will not enter the top 4, who will finish in the bottom and top half, who will be the top goalscorer, who will end up being relegated, and who will win, lose, or tie each match.
But before you move on to dreaming about big winnings, the first step would be to find a quality bookmaker, one whose odds will be in tune with the winnings you have in mind. Once you find one, you can choose those favorable odds that you are most certain of (or get some help), place the bet, and sit back and enjoy the game, with the occasional glance or two on your ticket.

Prepping up for the much awaited Euro 2016 Finale? The promising tournament has offered a lot of drama and intrigue so far right from the first kick-off and has managed to set the bar pretty high. We witnessed surprising performance from many longshots, debutants making it to the quarter final, underdog players thriving and epic late goals ensuring you stay tuned in for the match. After all that thrill and excitement the semi-finals are up for grabs. France, Germany, Portugal and Wales are all set for the battle and all the football enthusiasts, wagers and bookies tuning-up for some last minute action. Amidst all this rage, we bring you something to calm your nerves down. Here’s what you can expect from the Euro 2016 Semi-Finals.

Wales Vs Portugal

Nothing can be more amusing than watching Ronnie play for Portugal. Although after the Champions League Final earlier this year, the star player has taken some time to get into his stride but the 3-3 draw with Hungary brought him back in the game. And now that Portugal’s star player has sprung in action there’s nothing stopping him from throwing strops and spicing things up for the nerve-wracking match with Wales.

Wales on the other hand has surprised us all by making it to the semi-finals. The debutant team holds a game changing card named Gareth Bale. Also Robson-Kanu, the underdog player was let go by Reading Football club of England and now is being chased by popular clubs seems promising for Wales.

Wales has shown a wonderful run of form by topping Group B, moving forward after defeating Northern Ireland 1-0 before overthrowing Belgium in the quarter finals by 3-1. On the flip side Portugal who finished off third in the group F further needed extra time to finish Croatia and penalties to defeat Poland before making it to the Semi-Finals. Needles to say Portugal has to step up their game in order to take Wales. All we can say is the excitement is about to get bigger and we can expect a mind-blowing game before the final battle.

Germany Vs France

Stade Velodrome in Marseille will be set on fire when Germany and France battle to make their way to the Finals of 2016. Both the teams have rightly earned their spot in the Semi-Finals and will now leave no stone unturned in their quest to lift the Euro 2016 trophy. France after topping Group A made their way to semi finals after defeating Ireland by 2-1 in the second round and Iceland by 5-2 in the quarter final. Now with the return of Adil Rami and N’Golo Kante from suspension plus Griezman and Giroud, their star strikers in great form, there will be nothing stopping France from taking Germany by Storm.

Germany on the other hand also finished top of their Group C and managed to show up in the semi-finals after defeating Slovakia in the second round and Italy in the quarter-final. The team has demonstrated the strongest defense so far in the tournament but will have to play France without Mario Gomez, their only striker who has been ruled out of the game due to a hamstring injury. Sami Khedira and Mats Hummels are also sitting out the match.

Till now the odds seem to favor France. Moreover when France has come this far there’s no way they will be phased out easily by a Germany on their home soil. All that is left for us is an action packed semi-   finals giving way to thrilling final.

A bored mum who was suffering a constant stream of Euro 2012 games on TV has scoop a jackpot prize worth £1.3 million. Lisa Potter was nearly driven insane by her partner watching all the live football games from the Euro 2012 tournament. In a bid to block out the never ending football games she decided to try a game of online bingo.

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The jackpot is third largest ever won in the UK, Ladbrokes have reports a 400% up take in online bingo since the start of the Euro 2012 competition! Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: ‘We bet she’ll never moan at her man for watching the footie ever again!’

Goal- Three 2 Win from Kerching Casino is a fun online game that fuses football with scratch cards. The aim of the game is to match three symbols of the same value, you revel the symbols by clicking on 1 of the 30 footballs on the card.

You click on the football symbols until you’ve matched three footballs of the same value, or until you’ve matched three red or blue footballs. If you revel three footballs with a number 15 behind them means you’ll win £15! Three footballs with 2 behind them means a £2 win.

If you hit three red or blue balls with no number then you will lose that round of the scratch card. But even when you lose you kinda win, the colour footballs build up in a feature bar, once the bar is full you can enter the mystery bonus round.

Goal Three 2 Win is very easy to play and the bonus round is really good fun, this scratch card is just one of many at Kerching and the Jackpot for winning on Goal is a massive £500,000! which makes it one of the biggest jackpots online for a scratch card game.

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Penalty Shoot Out is an online virtual sports game with a football theme available at Ladbrokes in both Real Play and Demo Play modes. Demo mode is a no-obligation game that doesn’t require money or a Ladbrokes account. The game gives you a £500 funny money balance, and if you hit rock bottom, you can simply start the game over.

The goal of Penalty Shoot Out is to emulate a shoot-out contest in a soccer match. In the Real Play mode, bets range from £0.50 to £1,000, and there are five strikers, each of which you’re wagering on individually. So the default bet is £0.00 because you don’t actually have to bet on any particular striker.

For each striker, there are three possible outcomes: Goal, Save and Miss. When we reviewed the game, Earl Adkins was the striker in the number one position, and he offered odds of 1.62 for a goal, 3.25 for a save, and 6.00 for a miss. In other words, if you bet £5 on Adkins to miss and he did, the game would pay out £5 times 6.00, or £30. Although there are some other factors that we’ll discuss in a moment.

When filling out the bet slip, the only restrictions is that you bet on at least one striker, and that the overall ticket amount does not exceed the account balance. So in Demo Mode, you’ll have to keep that first bet under £500. Once the slip is completed and submitted, Penalty Shoot Out enters into the game mode.

In game mode, the player has a view of the net broken down into zones. Each zone has its own value, and the value indicates how likely it is for the striker to score or miss, or for the goalkeeper to make a save. Your goal is to match what happens on the field to the bets you made on the slip. The challenging aspect is in shot selection. If you play it safe, you win based on the initials odds, but if you’re willing to take some risks, you can reach even higher jackpots.

Some players might call Penalty Shoot Out complex, but it caters to the kind of player who loves football and stats. There’s certainly a bit of a learning curve here, but the rewards and skill-based aspect certainly make it all worth it.

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