We’re almost there. It’s been a short and painful wait but the new season is about to start soon and, frankly, even a sooner start will be too late for our taste. And who can blame us? With the previous season taking us all for an unexpected ride that ended with Leicester taking the cup home and other teams falling down the table, this season is bound to be even better, especially with all the changes we’ve seen during summer.

The Changes Have Arrived

The number one cause of excitement for everyone this year is Manchester City, who seem to be going for their best year ever, but we’ve also seen some improvements in other teams as well, which give us high hopes of another great season: Manchester United are pulling themselves together again; Chelsea are working on fixing the holes which sunk their chances last year; Arsenal finally started scouting for more strikers; Liverpool are refortifying their starting line-up; and Tottenham are bringing in new players who are set on repeating and even surpassing last year’s success. All this gives us the impression of a great year up ahead, where once again we will see the big teams clash under the leadership of world-class managers, some with a different mentality and others with minor alterations to their battle-tested tactics.
Whatever the season brings, we are definitely going to be watching some great football, although with less surprises than last year, it seems. And like with every season, one of the greatest things about it is earning some cash while watching the game we love the most.

Turning Your Love for the Game into Money

For those of you who’ve never done it so far, betting it’s not that complicated, especially if you know your game well. Betting is all about finding lower odds that are most likely to come true, which is where your expertise comes into play. Each betting provider publishes their odds and keeps them regularly updated as the season unfolds, and whether you’ll make a good winning will depend on how accurate are your predictions for the odds you’ve chosen. And if you don’t feel comfortable or are too inexperienced to make some predictions on your own, you can always find betting tips online and compare them to select the “strongest”, keeping in mind that they can also be wrong.

What the Odds Say

The first thing you might want to take a look at is the Outright Winner odds for the season, which give you a fair estimate of which teams you can expect to be the top contenders. The Outright Winner Odds for 2016/17 are:
Manchester City – 9/4
Manchester United – 7/2
Arsenal – 11/2
Chelsea 5/1
Tottenham – 9/1
Liverpool – 8/1
Leicester City – 29/1
West Ham – 80/1.

The highest contenders for the cup this year are Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal, with City being the favorite among both experts and bookies, following Guardiola’s arrival to the team. Leicester, despite their last year’s success, found themselves on the 7th place of the odds table, which is a large improvement over their last year’s 5000/1 odds that nearly bankrupted bookies. On the other hand, Manchester United now has higher chances of winning the cup again after both Mourinho and Ibrahimovic were signed.

Other Bets

Apart from the outright winner, you can also bet on who will finish in the top 4 and the top 6, who will not enter the top 4, who will finish in the bottom and top half, who will be the top goalscorer, who will end up being relegated, and who will win, lose, or tie each match.
But before you move on to dreaming about big winnings, the first step would be to find a quality bookmaker, one whose odds will be in tune with the winnings you have in mind. Once you find one, you can choose those favorable odds that you are most certain of (or get some help), place the bet, and sit back and enjoy the game, with the occasional glance or two on your ticket.

Enjoying the games of the ruthless fighters has prevailed since the ancient times. Earlier, it was gladiators and now it is the MMA fighters who are stealing the show. However, enjoying the killer performance is quite different from betting on your favorite. No matter, you are a regular audience or not, history will represent you the complete profile of the target player. But, this is not all as there is even a financial angle related to the UFC betting success. If you desire to be successful, master the tricks given below:

Value Betting

The probability of winning is not always the safe pick; instead, you should focus on the value betting. The process will include, selecting your bets depending on the value, they are providing. You might consider someone as the winner of the game, but this is of no use if the odds offer 20% payout of your stake. It doesn’t matter whether he is a winner or not, the odds are paying poorly.

Handicapping Line

The sportsbook represent the odds on the fighter. These odds are often defined on the basis of a formula that determines the chance of winning. Further, the value of the odds changes depending on the market demand. Suppose, you have 2 sportsbooks, the chances according to them are 80% and 60% respectively, and you assume it to be 75%, so, what will you bet on. Ignoring the overhauled first odd, you go for the second one as it has 15% of the value. Add up the scores to reach a percentage, and then compare the handicap line vs. the bookie’s line. A wise man will take the valuable offers scraping down the low ones.

Margin of Safety

The margin safety refers to the variation between the bookies odds and the money line odds. The limit should be 20% more than what the bookie is offering. You can’t often find these values on your favorite fights, but this is the trick to win more.


Favorites are always not the right picks to bet on. In fact, most of the professional bettors go for the underdogs when making a pick. Go by the facts and you will realize that small fights have more values. Being one of the solid strategies of MMA betting, this gives a chance to win over the long hauls. Eventually, the profits might not be that big, yet you will at least not lose the game.

Betting Pools and bonus offers

It might have nothing to do with the efficiency of skills, yet they are beneficial for making some extra money. However, you will find an obstruction between the claims as you will have to play multiple times before claiming the additional amount. There is no worry, because if you play safe, this will only add to your account. Take a cue from here and master the art of MMA betting, the road ahead will be of fun and cash for sure.

Cash Phrase

Catch Phrase with Roy Walker had all the thrills of online scratch cards and now viewers can enjoy watching Mr Chips performing his clues and shout out at the TV with their answers as the much loved TV program has returned. To celebrate Jackpot Joy have created a great little bonus game with their very own showman – Houdini! Yes the star of Jackpot Joy’s Houdini fruit machine is offering £1,000 in prize money if you can guess the ‘Cash Phrase’

Jackpot Joy have set out a series of tasks and if you complete just one you will reveal a clue to Houdini’s Cash Phrase. More tasks completed will reveal more clues, once you think you have the Cash Phrase submit your answer. If it’s correct you’ll be entered into the Prize Draw for the chance to win up to £1,000! Plus, if you complete all six tasks, Jackpot Joy will give you a guaranteed share of an extra special £10,000 prize pot!

Task Wagering Obligations

  • Bingo Royale – £5
  • Double Bubble Fruit Machine – £10
  • Houdini Fruit Machine – £10
  • Jungle Jump Fruit Machine – £10
  • Tiki Island Fruit Machine – £10
  • Wonderland Fruit Machine – £10

You are definitely going to have fun earning clues and trying to guess the phrase and with the chance of winning £1,000 as well there’s no reason not to give Jackpot Joy a go this week. If this is your first time at Jackpot Joy then their is a welcome bonus treat of £35 available! Not only that but you also get to play some of the best fruit machines, scratch cards and bongo games available online.

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Betfred also offers generous bonuses for those of us with less money to splash around, you can still get a 100% match on any deposit up to £200. So a £50 first deposit will give you £100!

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