Since the late 1960s, the comedy group known as Monty Python has been bringing the world a particularly peculiar brand of comedy that is uniquely English. In 1975, the group’s success brought about Monty Python and the Holy Grail; a comedy film inspired by the legends of King Arthur. The movie has become a classic, in cultures across the world, and has had far reaching cultural influences. In 2004, American playwrights created Monty Python’s Spamalot; a play “lovingly ripped off from” the original film. The musical became a smash hit, winning three tony awards for the 2005 performance, and grossing over $175 million.

Now, thanks to Betfred Casino, you too can relive the fun, hilarity, and action, of the show, anytime you want, with the Monty Python’s Spamalot Scratch Card game. The game is created with the same touch of insanity that made the Monty Python comedies the cultural icons they have become. Immediately upon loading the game, they player is greeted by whimsical, leisurely music. In the background, the player can see an animated version of the poster that advertises the musical. The game board looks like a scroll of parchment, fitting since the reward conditions are displayed on a second piece of parchment. The buttons, which control the game’s settings, all appear to be carved from stone, and, upon changing the wager, the signature foot, used in many Monty Python sketches, smashes down over the game board.. The whole scratch card appears as if it could have been pulled right out of a program for Spamalot, making the entire experience full of comedic joy.

While the game is available in free to play mode, Betfred Casino will only dispense your winnings if you wager money first. The minimum stake is 50p, and can go as high as £100, for each card. Once you have settled on a wager, press play to start the round. The scroll of parchment will unroll, revealing the icon you need to match in order to win, on this card. The prize will vary based on what icon is shown, and how likely you are to see that icon. Winning rewards the player with the value shown, as well as with an animation, related to that particular icon, and a small clip of music from the show. The game features an autoplay function, to automatically play a large sequence of cards, and a scratch all button, to reveal every space available.

For fans of the musical, the Spamalot scratch card game is one of the most enjoyable ways to play on Betfred Casino, and one that certainly should not be missed.