Scratch cards, on occasion, have been known to inspire bad behaviour among some members of the general public. For instance, in December we showed you a video of a man who pranked a friend into thinking that he had scored a huge win of £50,000. We all know that this was just a hoax, with the amusing results soon posted to YouTube and going viral in rapid-quick time. Pranks seem to be the first level in scratch card misbehaviour, after which there are stories that behave badly after obtaining their winnings. Above this, there are plenty of stories of criminals conducting robberies with the goal of stealing lots of scratch cards from shops.

Million-Dollar Scratch Card

Based on recent news it would appear that scratch cards are now in murder-mystery realm, worthy of a place in an Agatha Christie novel. In America there was deceased man who was determined, after a toxicology report, to have consumed a lethal amount of cyanide. The departed was in fact a scratchcard winner who had scooped up a million-dollar prize from the card he played. Scratchcards in the UK seldom offer such lucrative prizes, although £100k and £200k sums are routinely available.

Posthumous Cheque Cashed

In June of 2012, Urooj Khan would purchase a scratchcard from a Chicago convenience store that would change his life forever. Mr Khan lived long enough to receive a cheque with the first instalment of his winnings, but did not live long enough to cash it. The cheque, subsequently, was cashed on 15 August, a month after it was issued on 19 July. Mr Khan had announced to his family and friends at a winning ceremony that he had won and that he would be spending the money on them.

A Murder Investigation Begins

The initial toxicology report on Mr Khan came back negative for the most commonly used drugs, drawing a conclusion that there was nothing suspicious. However, a relative of Mr Kahn’s came forward and pleaded for them to investigate further. After more testing it was determined that Mr Khan had died as a result of cyanide poisoning. Now the Chicago Police have commenced a murder investigation to catch the killer of Mr Khan. At present, all of the evidence is pointing toward the scratchcard winnings as having acted as motivation. Regardless, we will all have to wait some time before the conclusion of this unfortunate case is reached.