Power Money Slot Machine


You might be interested in online scratchies and bingo games but Paddy Power has a whole host of new online slots that will keep you just as entertained as your favourite online scratchie does.

The Game

Power Money is the latest online slot to be featured on the gambling site and it is creating an incredible buzz amongst the players of online bingo and online scratchies. Power Money almost meets bingo and online scratchies right in the middle as an exciting mix of the two, with its “shocking” features. With an electric vibe you will be awarded unlimited free spins and repeat chances so that you can generate some fantastic wins.

Features of Power Money

The way the game works involves clicking “Spin” and waiting for the reel to stop. If it rests on a combination that forms a sufficient line of matching symbols in one line then you will win a particular amount. All winnings will be directly sent to your online account. Registering at Paddy Power is easy and will only take a few moments. The game also offers ‘Power Spins’ where you can win 5x your stake in the game. ‘Repeat Chances’ are given if the spinning reel lands on the symbol giving you even more opportunities to win the game and increase your online member’s balance. For those who wish to take a back seat and let the game unfold for itself then you can also choose to ‘Autoplay’ and watch the game unravel.

Luck of the Irish

Paddy Power has a huge range of alternative games and online scratchies for you to choose from, along with some great discounts and promotions. As a new member you will be entitled to all of these and will be the first to hear about new incentives that are introduced throughout the year. For example, as a new member to the site, if you bet 2 EUR on a game then you will receive another 2 EUR absolutely free. Paddy Power is always looking for ways to enhance your enjoyment and the longer you play, the more chance you have of winning big at your favourite online scratchie or slot game.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over there now and see for yourself. There is no need to invest huge amounts of money in order win huge sums of money – all you need is a little luck!