There is always something to do at a casino and new games are always being released.  This is especially true for online casino players who can enjoy a popular casino games with just a few clicks of the mouse or a tap on the smartphone.  There are hundreds, possibly thousands of different casino games and many variations of the traditional games. There are also many games that aren’t as well-known, but online casino players will be happy to know that there are many games available.

There are however some casino games that are more popular than others.


For those who have played a big land-based casino they will know how popular slots are.  Land-based casinos often have many types of slots and there are often huge crowds of people wanting to play slots.  Slots are also easy to play, no complex rules to learn or strategies to remember. All a player needs to do is place a bet and push a button to get the reels spinning.  Playing slots online is even easier than playing in a land-based casino. Online slots come in a very wide range of different themes with different betting options as well as multiple reel slots.  Some slots also have progressive jackpots which can get very large.


When we think of casinos we often automatically think ‘blackjack’.  Blackjack is probably the most popular casino game in land-based and online casinos.  Although there is mostly skill involved, blackjack also has an element of luck.  With blackjack players can influence the outcome of each hand using a strategy, and this reduces the house edge to very little.  Blackjack rules are simple and the strategies are easy to master. A player can even reduce the house edge by using a good strategy.


Roulette is another casino game that has always been popular and the rules are really simple to follow, especially when played online at a site like River Belle casino.  Roulette has many betting options and there are also variations of the basic roulette game which players may like to try out.  Roulette can be played using strategies, which can help players increase their odds, but ultimately the player relies on where the white ball will land, so it is all about luck really.


Poker has many variations and each variant has different rules and strategies.  Many people enjoy playing poker because they are not necessarily playing against the house, but against other players.  When it comes to playing poker or any casino game the house will always have the advantage, but poker gives each player an equal opportunity to win.  Poker is not an easy game to win but with time and hard work players can definitely minimise their losses.


Craps is not an easy game, but is a game that many players enjoy.  The basics are easy to master and players just need to decide how much to bet and then hope for the best as the dice is rolled.  When playing craps players have the option of placing two different bets which does make the game a bit more complex. Craps players do not need to master all the different bets, but can get just as much out of the game by placing the basic simpler bets, which often carry with them better odds.

These are considered the most popular of the casino games, there are many more available, especially when playing online.  Casino players will find there is no shortage of games to choose from.