Camelot Scratch Card Error


There is no denying that the online environment is steadily becoming even more popular than traditional printed forms of media, but after Camelot’s recent blunder, it is possible that printed scratch cards could very soon become a thing of the past – making way for the online scratch card to reign victorious.

Camelot is the UK’s most popular distributor of scratch cards considering their affiliation with the National Lottery; however a watermark error found in a batch of 17 million scratchcards has caused false hope amongst players.

Esme Arbouse, from North London, was one of the unlucky few who purchased a scratch card from the batch. After revealing what she thought to be a number eight on the scratchcard, the watermark later revealed it to be a three instead. Esme’s initial excitement, thinking she had won £80,000 was crushed when she found out that her winnings only amounted to £2.00. Esme had been planning on giving a large chunk of the cash she thought she had won to charity.

“We had already thought about it,” she added. “We wanted to give at least £15,000 to children’s homes.

“I sent a picture of the card to my son and he said ‘wow mum, you’ve got to send it off’.”

Esme and husband Tim, of Ruislip, North West London, were bitterly disappointed when they were told they had not won.

“I will be retiring in November and this would have been absolutely fantastic,” Esme said.

“I work on contract, so I won’t be getting a pension from work.

“With the money I could have happily retired knowing we had some money in the bank. It would have been completely amazing to win.”

Camelot has been approached by 24 other potential winners, all of whom have had to be informed about the watermark. A spokesman for Camelot stated that they are in the process of speaking with the manufacturers of the scratchcards, in order to minimise the risk of this happening again.

Online scratch cards can be met with scepticism, as many believe that the whole process is rigged. Having a scratch card that you can hold in your hand proves that hidden symbols or numbers cannot be altered at the last second – or at least it used to. With faith being shaken in the printed scratch card, perhaps many will begin turning to the online counterpart considering any winning combination uncovered cannot be faltered. Only time will tell if this recent revelation will have an adverse effect on how the public perceive the traditional printed scratchcard, especially when there will always be a possibility of it happening again. So why not try out some great online scratch cards today at Jackpot Joy, a name trusted by millions!