In 2017 there are few of us who are not addicted to our phones, excusing our friends, food and even work to check the latest notifications on our screens and stay connected with the world around us. Ten years ago this year Apple unveiled the very first iPhone model, the catalyst in turning a convenient accessory – the mobile phone – into the world’s biggest must have.

From business men and women to young children and teens mobile phone technology is changing the way we live our lives – from how we shop to how we entertain ourselves – but what have been the biggest changes in the mobile technology market?

Social Media
Hands up if you have a Facebook account – Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn? There are very few of us who don’t use social media to stay in contact with our friends, family and loved ones – especially those who live further away. Social Media has grown hugely in popularity since the integration with Apps and smart phone technology – in fact more people access Facebook now through a phone, than through a desktop.

How many of us own a camera – one that hasn’t been sat gathering dust in a drawer somewhere for a few years? Recent smart phones offer cameras that rival even some of the more expensive point and shoot style digital cameras available, with some phones even offering the ability to capture 360 degree photos and videos. With front cameras, back cameras, dual cameras, RAW capture, panoramic capture, editing and – of course – selfie sticks there are few of us not recording our lives through our phones.

2017 is set to be the biggest year for Virtual Reality (VR) yet with an increasing number of brands and companies launching VR sets to rival each other – and eventually flood the market. Promising to change how we experience films and television series, transform the world of gaming and even enable us to visit the 7 wonders of the world from the toilet in the morning – the entertainment industry is expected to be taken by storm over the next few months.

Whilst mobile gaming has always been popular, touch screen technology transformed the market – and opened a world of newer, different games to be enjoyed. The advances in gaming has also meant that a lot of popular betting shop and casino games have also moved online – with players linking their bank cards to their phones and playing in real time, with real money – but from the comfort of their own sofas, the train home, or when the boss isn’t looking in that Monday morning meeting.

In fact – the shift to internet and mobile gambling and casinos is thought to be behind the merger of the two biggest betting shops on the British high street and the consequential closure of many different stores. If you’re thinking about trying online casinos or betting sites take a look at a comparison site such as to help determine which site or app is best for you – whether you’re looking for matched bets, free spins or huge bonuses.