Gambling is a favourite hobby among many Australians. Several casinos have been set up, and many bars, pubs and clubs offer a variety of gaming machines. Sports betting and live in-play betting are also quite popular.

The Australian government allows gambling in the country, so it is a legal activity. Some restrictions do exist, but they don’t apply to the players, and are only meant for casinos and online websites.  Considering in-play, in the run, or simply live betting, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 considers advertising or offering real money as an offence, if online websites do it.  If an operator does not comply with any of the laws, then they will be penalised, and not the person betting online.

Offered by several local and international agencies, live sports betting may apparently be simpler than pre games betting. As the game progresses, decisions become more informed, and thus, you can lock in profits if the situation favours you. The bookmarker margins, are however, higher when compared to other betting forms.

Here are some tips that can help you win if you make live bets.

Use a good internet connection
You must have an excellent internet connection if you are betting online, and want to be on top of the game.  This will keep you updated instantly without losing any chance. Slow internet connection can lead to unwanted delays, and affect your betting timing.

Start small
If you are a novice, start small. Analyse your performance, and figure out your weaknesses.  Learn from your mistakes, and see how you can improve. Once you get the hang of live sports betting, you can easily place bigger amounts.

Keep a close tab on your performance
Misjudging performance is a common mistake, especially if you are beginner.  Be sure to consider all stats and figures when evaluating yourself.  If you want you can start recording your performances in an Excel betting tracker spreadsheet, which are easily available online.

Act quickly
Odds change rapidly during live betting, and you must keep yourself at the same pace. Considering basket ball, a scoring streak can drop odds to 1.3 from 1.8 in just a few seconds. Generally, they change in 2 to 3 increments, but obviously taking advantage of the first one impacts your performance more.

You can increase your wagering speeds if you made advanced selections, input an appropriate stake amount, but submit the bet only when timing is right. Should something favourable happen, you can quickly submit then, reducing bet rejection chances due to changing odds.

Decide a strategy before a game
Come up with a betting plan before the game begins. Figure out when and what type of bets should you place, and what you can do if the chances of the other team wining improve during the game.

Become a maestro
Since bookmarker margins are greater during in-play betting, you should gain expertise on some of your favourite sports so as to improve your chances.  Being an expert involves more than learning all the rules.  You should also know how the markets operate, and how odds change during a game.