London organisers have sealed a deal with Dow Chemical Company to restore an innovative wraparound curtain to encircle the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Games.

Olympic officials had scrapped the wrap late last year because its price tag of £7 million had been deemed too expensive at a time of economic austerity. Architects and artists had decried the decision, suggesting the look and image of the games would suffer.

But now, the wrap is back. Dow Chemical, the Midland, Michigan conglomerate, won a bid process to take on the visual centerpiece of the Olympics. The move comes even though Dow, the official ‘Chemistry Company’ of the Games, will be barred by Olympics guidelines from etching the firm’s logo onto the curtain.

‘This wrap will embrace the look of the games,’ said Keith Wiggins, managing director of Dow’s operations in Britain. ‘This is going to be a super, central, visual centerpiece.