A recently furloughed Painter has scooped £300,000 on a National Lottery scratch card. Robert Fullerton a 30-year-old from Castledawson, Northern Ireland was celebrating after buying a £3 scratchcard while shopping last week.

Speaking to the press, Robert said he wanted to put the money to good use. Including plans for a new house, a holiday abroad and some driving lessons.

Robert explained how he won the life-changing sum. He said: “I was out doing a grocery shop and had a scratchcard in my pocket with a £3 win on it.

“So while I was paying for the groceries, I exchanged it for another similar National Lottery Scratchcard, and bought an extra one for good measure.”

It wasn’t until later that day when he rubbed off the scratch cards that he discovered his good fortune – a £300,000 jackpot win.

He said: “The biggest thing we’ll do with our winnings is buy a new house in the area.

“Also, we know it might be some time away, but when people are able to travel again we’ll go on a holiday to Benidorm. The only times I’ve been abroad before were on school trips, so it’ll be amazing for Susan and me to fly off somewhere sunny.”

As a life-long Liverpool FC fan, Robert is hoping he can soon celebrate the club’s premier league title win in style. He might even be able to afford a replica kit from the LFC store. Well, he’ll probably need another big win before having enough money to afford a shirt – have you seen the price of these new replica kits?