The appeal of playing online scratchcards as well as classic paper based scratchies is stronger than ever, with incredible jackpots coming from online sites as well as the National Lottery jackpots rising and rising!

Scratchie fever seems to be sweeping the nation at the moment, and if they are not being used as incentives to try and get employees to work harder, they are being slapped on everything from bags of rice to parking tickets to try and generate new and repeat business. Companies all over the UK are wising up to the massive thrill that scratch cards offer, and the latest business to get hooked on scratchies is a little-known bakery in London!

The Konditor and Cook bakery may be a chain of retail bakeries, however they are still not as well known as their competitors. All of this could be about to change, however, given that they are now capitalizing on the massive popularity of scratchies!

They have cooked up (or BAKED up I should say!) a whole heap of excellent promotional scratchcards to try and entice new customers and secure some repeat purchases from their already loyal fans. At the moment there are no cash prizes hidden beneath those panels, but some might argue that the treats on offer are even BETTER!

If you love your grub as much as you love playing these addictive games then this one will most definitely appeal to you! If you are lucky enough to get your mitts on a Konditor and Cook scratchie then you could be in with the chances of winning:

  1. Cake Decorating classes with the founder of Konditor and Cook, Gerhard Jenne
  2. A year’s supply of brownies
  3. 100 cakes
  4. 100 savoury pastries
  5. 10,000 £1 cakes and goodies

What a haul! This new company utilizing scratchies in an attempt to boost their business is simply more testament to how incredible popular this game seems to be!

Over the Christmas period in particular there were a lot of companies using scratch cards as gifts to their customers and clients and I recently saw a report of an African food company using scratchies to drive more customers to purchase their sacks of rice! These are a great way to try and secure some repeat business, as we all know how thrilling the chances of an instant win can be Looks like we are not the only ones!