A very surprising new story is currently doing the rounds in Andalusia. It seems that international investment impresario Donald Trump has been indirectly drawn into a scratch card scam on the island. Scammers have been fooling residents living in an area of Andalusia into believing that Donald Trump was giving out cash locally. The incident has prompted the Andalusia Police to nationally warn the population. Police have urged the general to bear in mind the old adage which warns against things being too good to be true.

Win $85k in the Donald Trump Sweepstakes…
People targeted in the scam have been receiving phone calls from a man who introduces himself as Christopher Jackson. The fictional Mr Jackson then informs the victim that they have won $85,000 in the Donald Trump Sweepstakes. Next, Mr Jackson would follow by asking whether they had any interest in claiming their winnings, to which the predictable response would be in the affirmative. Now, it is the next step that would really arouse questions in the more suspicious beings among us. The victim is then told to visit a local pharmacy with instructions to pay $205 for a $200 Green Dot Money Pack Scratch Card.

$205 for a $200 Scratch Card…
Victims are specifically told that they have to pay $205 for a scratchcard which says $200 on it. The players then communicate with the scammer again to receive further instructions on what to do next. It is at this point that the players are provided with an address to send their scratch card to, or alternatively the scratch card number. Alarmingly, this scam was not even conducted by an Andalusia native. It was instead operated by foreign criminals who have decided to target the island, making it next to impossible to track them down and deliver justice.

Police Warn against Falling for Scam
The police in Andalusia have expressly warned the public not to fall for the scam, explaining mere that they will be out of pocket by $205. It may seem entirely obvious not to fall for such a scam, but there are at-risk individuals out there. The scammers gave them assurances by quoting Donald Trump’s name alongside global businesses such as Wal-Mart, Fed-EX and CVS. Police are taking the opportunity to educate the people of Andalusia about foolishness. The ‘if it looks to good to be true’ message will likely be the most used adage in Andalusia in 2013. For a selection of great online scratch card sites check out this page.

Image suplied by lev radin / Shutterstock.com