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An Inverness couple are celebrating after scooping a massive £100,000 jackpot on a National Lottery Scratch Card this week. In a recent press photograph, the couple are pictured pouring a couple of glasses of champagne with huge smiles on their faces.

On Saturday 6th April 2013, Lorraine Woolley, who works as a contract catering general manager, was visiting Asda to buy herself a lottery ticket for the Saturday draw. It was once she was already in the shop that she decided she would treat herself to a £2 scratch card.

The Inverness lady describes how she felt after she realised she’d won. She was apparently shaking like a leaf in the car when she became aware of her instant fortune. Her heart was racing and she not able to take it all in. Her shock was obviously evident to her granddaughter, who was travelling in the car with her at the time and asked her if she had won “any pennies”.

She was still in the car park when she made the realisation and decided to go back into the store to check that she had not made a mistake. Lorraine told how she was racing with adrenaline at this point. The Asda cashier took the scratch card, looked at it before looking back at her, and she knew she had won. This is a sort of excitement you cannot get from playing online scratch cards.

Woolley quickly phoned her husband Ian, 52, and her children, Robert, 31 and Michael, 29 to share the good news. However, she was unable to get through to them. The woman needed to share her good news with someone, so she confided in her friend and a neighbour. With the help of her friends, she managed to track down her husband who was away on a fishing trip.

Lorraine explained how she won at 3pm, but she couldn’t get hold of her husband until 5pm. This was quite a lot for her to bear, so she decided to get out the vodka to calm her nerves. When her husband first became aware of the good news, he initially thought it was a joke.

The couple have been married 32 years and play Lotto, EuroMillions and scratch cards. Last year, Lorraine also won £700 playing the National Lottery Triple Lucky 7s Scratch Card.

Lorraine plans on buying new cars for her and Ian, as well as going all out on a trip to Disney World, Florida.

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Maria Carreira was struck with delight when she found out she had got lucky and won a massive prize of $40,000 Canadian dollars (worth about £26,000). The woman rushed home to share the news with her family before finding out that she hadn’t read the ticket correctly. Excitement levels skyrocketed when she realised the true value of her ticket – $40 million.

Where some winners like this would instantly go all out and celebrate in style, Carreira chose a more modest approach by treating her family to an all-you-can-eat buffet at a Mandarin restaurant. She did, however, start to splash out once the initial excitement had settled.

This is not an isolated event in the lottery and scratch card world. In December 2013, a man from New Hampshire in accidentally won £1.3 million after the cashier gave him a wrong ticket. Scott Bennett, 48, went in with the intention of buying one ticket for the Tri-State Megabucks lottery and one for the Lucky for Life Lottery. The shop assistant accidentally handed him 2 Megabucks tickets, one of which turned out to be the winner.

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Scratch Card Woes

But luck is not always on your side. In 2009, Ontario’s gaming authority printed 1,100 winning scratch cards by mistake, none of which were meant to win. One player couldn’t believe his luck when he purchased 4 scratch cards to find out that all of them had won. When he totalled up his winnings, he thought he had bagged £135,000. But because of the mistake, he didn’t see a cent.

Then there was the bizarre story of the homeless man from Bloomington, Illinois, who struck it lucky on a scratch card. Dennis Mahurin has been living in rough conditions for 30 years, being housed in a tent in the woods. But despite his $50,000 win, the 58-year-old is planning to continue living where he has been. He insists he is “as happy as can be” and that this style of living is in his nature.

He is planning on splashing out somewhat though, on a new tent. He also plans to get some long-overdue dental work and visit his son. The rest of the money will be put into saving in an investment for his later life. The man joked that he had put some cash aside for his “new friends” the money would bring.

Scratch Card Win

There are many people in the world who believe that gambling, in all its forms, is a con. They think that casinos are out to steal your money and online scratchcards and bingo are all fixed because the house always wins. However, one young mother has proved this accusation to be very false indeed.

Katie Bryant, 21, from Burnley recently won a huge sum of money of a national lottery scratchcard, which has subsequently changed her life. While doing her weekly shop, Katie purchased two scratchcards from her local ASDA. The first came up blank, however the second revealed a massive win of £250,000. The exciting Katie couldn’t believe her luck, “I scratched the first one and there was nothing on it, she said. “I was standing next to my car as my mum loaded the shopping into the boot and I scratched the second card.

“I just could not believe what I was seeing.

“I turned to my mum and said ‘Is this right?’.

“We just continued to pack the shopping into the car and then thought we better go back into Asda to check. I asked the shop assistant to check the card and I was expecting her to say there was a mistake.

“I just could not believe it. It seemed like a dream.

“I had walked into Asda needing to watch every penny I spent and I walked out having won a quarter of a million pounds – things like this only ever happen to other people.”

Katie is a mother of two and this win couldn’t have come at a better time for the struggling parent, as she had been finding it difficult to cope financially. Her visit to the local ASDA superstore that day had come at price, considering she had overspent on her budget by £10. However, she came out quid’s-in, thanks to the National Lottery scratchcard which has since changed her life.

Katie is now planning on buying her first home, complete with a garden for the kids to play in, as well as using some of her winnings to learn how to drive and buy a car. Life is definitely on the up and Katie has shown us that anyone is capable to being lucky enough to scoop a huge jackpot. But in order to even be in with a chance, they have to be in it to win it.

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Beach Life — €1,707,894

The Beach Life fruit machine has been one of the most popular slot games online for nearly a decade. The jackpot is usually in excess of €1M, and the game offers a great deal of diversity. Created by Playtech, Beach Life has five reels, 20 pay lines, and bets ranging from 50p to £10.

Monty Python’s Spamalot — €411,393

Spamalot is a Broadway musical and comedy that Eric Idle “lovingly ripped” from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a film that he participate in. This fruit machine is based on the musical but also a celebration of Monty Python in general. It has five reels, 20 lines and a jackpot of almost a half-million euros.

The Incredible Hulk 50 Lines — €322,717

The 50-line edition of The Incredible Hulk by Playtech has five reels, 50 win lines, and a wide range of special features. As with all Marvel fruit machines developed by Playtech, Hulk is linked to four distinct progressive jackpots, the largest of which has reached $1M.

Fantastic Four 50 Lines — €322,717

The 50-line edition of Fantastic Four by Playtech is an engaging slot with five reels, 50 bet lines, a long list of features, four progressive jackpots, and a standard jackpot worth $100K.

Iron Man 2 50 Lines — €322,717

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You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank if you win the jackpot on the new Monty Python inspired scratch card from Paddy Power Casino. The card is called Spamalot, based on the hit musical from the Monty Python boys. The musical was ripped off from the hit comedy film ‘The Holy Grail’ which featured many of the classic comedy moments we all know and love.

The scratch card has most of the characters from the film: including the Black Knight, the rude French Archer and the poor Witch… Burn Her! However the prizes on this card are no laughing matter! The top prize is an eye watering £200,000k, to win that amount you will have to risk £20 per card. Don’t worry if you think £20 is a little steep, because you can choose how much you’d like to gamble. For instance if you choose to bet £5 per scratch, that will reduce the jackpot but you could still win £50,000. Play for 50p and the jackpot is £5,000. I prefer to play for £1 per card, that way you get plenty of chances to win and the jackpot is a cool £10,000.

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A bored mum who was suffering a constant stream of Euro 2012 games on TV has scoop a jackpot prize worth £1.3 million. Lisa Potter was nearly driven insane by her partner watching all the live football games from the Euro 2012 tournament. In a bid to block out the never ending football games she decided to try a game of online bingo.

She placed a £5 bet with Ladbrokes Bingo and within minutes she was a millionaire! She told the Daily Mirror: ‘I had a spare minute and wanted to get away from the football so I decided to log on. ‘As soon as I saw the size of the jackpot I thought it was worth a go – and I couldn’t believe my eyes when it said that I’d won.

‘I can’t remember much after, it’s all a blur. My kids came into the room and we all started screaming. It’s like a madhouse in here.’

Lisa is planning to treat her family members to a luxury holiday and a new house and car. She said: ‘We’re a normal family so this will change my life forever. The first thing we’re going to do is buy a new house before treating ourselves.’

The jackpot is third largest ever won in the UK, Ladbrokes have reports a 400% up take in online bingo since the start of the Euro 2012 competition! Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: ‘We bet she’ll never moan at her man for watching the footie ever again!’

Goal- Three 2 Win from Kerching Casino is a fun online game that fuses football with scratch cards. The aim of the game is to match three symbols of the same value, you revel the symbols by clicking on 1 of the 30 footballs on the card.

You click on the football symbols until you’ve matched three footballs of the same value, or until you’ve matched three red or blue footballs. If you revel three footballs with a number 15 behind them means you’ll win £15! Three footballs with 2 behind them means a £2 win.

If you hit three red or blue balls with no number then you will lose that round of the scratch card. But even when you lose you kinda win, the colour footballs build up in a feature bar, once the bar is full you can enter the mystery bonus round.

Goal Three 2 Win is very easy to play and the bonus round is really good fun, this scratch card is just one of many at Kerching and the Jackpot for winning on Goal is a massive £500,000! which makes it one of the biggest jackpots online for a scratch card game.

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