Bowled Over

Bowled Over is an online scratch card of the instant win variety available at Ladbrokes Casino in both a real money and free-to-play mode. Bowled Over is a cricket-themed casino game, and it manages to distinguish itself from other scratch cards by giving players two chances to win on every play.

Bowled Over is an instant win scratch card that uses a 2×3 grid and has a built-in secondary game. The default stake is £2, but you can use the minus button to low it as far as 50p or the plus button to raise it up to £10. Click New Card to purchase the card and play. You can then scratch the squares individually and activate the bonus game in any order. Alternately, the Reveal All button will play the entire game for you.

Bowled Over has 12 unique bowler symbols, and your goal is to get three of a kind. Each bowler has a multiplier associated with it. The smallest multiplier is 10x. The largest is 100,000x. Therefore, at the maximum wager, the jackpot is £1M, which is astounding for a scratch card game.

The bonus game is available on every card. It doesn’t cost anything extra, and you can even play it and win it on cards that win on the main game. The game is simply a random chance to win, and it pays up to 1000x, which is considerable, since you can win as much as £10,000 on a “losing” card.

Bowled Over is a fun and lucrative scratch card. Ladbrokes Casino will let you play it free in arcade mode for as long as you like. If you decide to play for real, Ladbrokes will give you a £5 no-deposit bonus and even match your first deposit by 100 per cent up to £500.