Bingo Halls Suffer Losses


Bingo Halls around the world could be facing closure within the coming months. A report in the Financial Times states that one in every three bingo halls face this fate due to high taxes and players spending less when they come in to play. Because of this deadly combination, bingo halls have seen their revenues take a major nosedive, making them incapable of continuing to stay open.

High Taxes for Bingo Halls
According to the Bingo Association, many of the bingo halls within the United Kingdom that make an annual profit of £70,000 or less will be closed within the next few months or years. Of 476 clubs located through the UK, more than 170 could face this horrible outcome. If the government does not reduce the tax burden put on these clubs, even more could possibly shut down over time. The smaller, locally-owned bingo clubs seem to have this issue more so than the larger branch clubs.

The Future of Bingo
With online bingo in the mix, it’s no wonder that many have stopped going to local bingo halls. Online bingo can be played for the comfort of ones home. While bingo clubs may only be open certain days and hours each week, players can take to their computers and join a game of bingo 24/7. Because there is no commute in getting to and from a bingo club when playing online, players can spend more of their money gambling in front of their computer. The uncertain future of bingo halls may also play a part in the rising number of online players looking for a stable place to gamble. Online bingo like that at Jackpot Joy may be the light at the end of the tunnel for some, but for others, it’s sad to see bingo halls shutting down left and right.