A budding artist has created a collection of artwork using discarded scratch cards. Teenager James Owen Thomas uses old scratch cards to make his stunning collages.

The 18-year-old is displaying his creations at the Durham’s World Heritage Site Visitor Centre during July. Visitors can expect to see glorious collages of Catherdrals, Animals and Landscapes.

The teenage artist said “Four years ago, I came across a discarded scratch card floating in a puddle of water,”

“I then began to see how scratch cards were littering our streets and parks and thought I have to do something about this, so started picking them up.” James decided to use his artistic skills to recycle the cards creatively. He said: “Many people mistake the art for paintings so when they get in close they can’t believe they are scratchcards.

James’ favourite piece is a picture of Ripon Cathedral; it took him 30 hours to complete. You can see it here.

He added: “One of my tutors knew how many cards I have collected but because they had already been used and I was underage, I never actually scratched any.

“For my 16th birthday, my tutor got me a £1 scratchcard which I could actually scratch, which was very thoughtful.

“I couldn’t believe it when I scratched it and it was actually a £100 winner, it is the only time I have ever had a big win like that.

You can view more of Jame’s artwork on this personal website, www.jamesowenthomas.com. Recently he has been asked to create four colleges for Pontefract racecourse. The commission will be used in their marketing literature and will be made out of old badges and tickets from the racetrack.