3 ways strategy games help your sport betting

If you’re looking to improve your sports betting success, it could pay off to try your hand at some online strategy games. While you might think that sport and online gaming are completely separate beasts – the techniques that you will learn from poker game strategies and other similar games could be just the thing to turn your luck around. Here we outline some of the ways strategy games can improve your chances this season…

One track mind

When there are thousands of different games and matches for you to put a bet on, it’s mighty tempting to have a bet on multiple games, with the view that covering your bases will improve your chances of winning. In actual fact, you need to cut it right back. Focus on one team and one sport and your chances of success are far higher. In poker, players learn their game inside and out. They study the rules, other players techniques, they read up on the topic, they watch hours of footage. They are committed to poker, understand it completely, and are therefore best placed to be successful when it comes to laying down a wager. They acquire the required level of knowledge to be successful and focus their energies solely on that.

Keep an eye on your percentages

With both poker and sports betting, you should only really ever bet 1-2 percent of your bankroll. Everybody placing a bet is going to go through losing streaks – counteract these by being strict with your percentages. It might sound like a conservative strategy, but if you put the work in and perfect your betting skills, this method pretty much guarantees profit, and that’s what we all want, right?

Enlist help from software

Just as there is software out there that helps you to analyse your poker strategy and to monitor other players stats, there are many sports software packages that can help you to do the same. Software packages like Swish Analytics or Sports Insights allow you to access a huge amount of statistics to inform your sports betting. You’ll find players rankings, when they last played, team vs team stats – this information is invaluable. You’re more informed, which means you’re more likely to succeed.