Classic Keno At Ladbrokes Casino


Play a version of the classic Keno game at Ladbrokes Casino and you could be in with a chance of winning the massive £100,000 jackpot. Although the game animation differs slightly from Keno played in the real world, this great game from Ladbrokes Casino plays in exactly the same way.

Keno uses a large board marked with the numbers 1 to 80. In a basket are balls also numbered 1 to 80. Twenty balls are drawn at random. The objective of Keno is to predict the numbers of the twenty balls drawn. You can bet on up to fifteen of the eighty numbers on the board in one play.

The minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £10 and if you choose to play with the maximum you could win a jackpot of £100,000 which is nothing to be sniffed at, particularly with such a quick and simple game!

Classic Keno And Other Instant Wins Games

There is a whole range of exciting instant win and scratch card games available at Ladbrokes Casino that offer an interesting change to the regular table and slot games. If you enjoy buying scratch cards at your local newsagent then I strongly recommend you give the online versions a go as you get much more control over how you play!