Take a swing with Caddyscratch at ladbrokes Games, the instant win scratch card that uses a golf theme and pays out 250 times the stake on a hole-in-one. Caddyscratch plays very fast and smooth, and it uses cartoon graphics and genuine sound effects to deliver a fun golf atmosphere that will keep you coming back. The only thing it’s missing is a mad crazed gopher.

Caddyscratch uses a 3×3 grid and a pay-table layout. On the left, the grid holds the square that you scratch to reveal winners. On the right, the table shows payouts and the icons revealed so far. Each time you reveal a symbol, it will highlight on the table, which makes it very easy to see wins as they happen.

The stake defaults to £1, but you can adjust it as low as 25p or as high £10. There are six icons and seven possible outcomes: no win, x1, x2, x5, x10, x50 and x250. The win value is applied against the face value of the card. If you set the stake to £10, then the jackpot would be £2,500.

Once you’ve set the desired stake, click OK to purchase the card and start the game. Use the floating coin to scratch the squares individually, or use the REVEAL ALL button for quicker play. If you’ve won, the game will flash the icons on the table and play a brief jingle. To continue, simply click NEW CARD, which has replaced the OK button.

Caddyscratch is available at Ladbrokes Games in both a free practice mode and a standard real cash mode. Use the practice setting to try the game and learn the ropes. If you decide to stick around, Ladbrokes will give you a £5 bonus bet and a welcome bonus that is worth as much as £500.

Do you think the biggest football game in the world takes place at the World Cup? Do you think it happens to take place during the Olympics? In a professional football league? If you guessed any of these events or leagues and you like money, then you’re wrong.

The biggest football match of your life takes place on The Big Match Scratch Card. This isn’t only one of the biggest football games in the world when it comes to potential winnings; it’s also one of the top Ladbrokes Games, which is saying a lot considering this online casino’s reputation. Now let’s take a closer look at The Big Match Scratch Card game.

The goal of this game is to match three football icons. There are nine hidden symbols. In order to reveal these symbols, you must first choose a stake and then select “Play” or “Reveal All.” The minimum bet is .10P. The maximum bet is £5000. Playing the game couldn’t be any simpler, which is what makes online scratch card games so great. Now let’s get to the best part, which are the potential winnings.

When you look at the payouts for The Big Match Scratch Card game, you will see that the negative icons pay the least and the positive icons pay the most. For example, three cards pay 1x your original bet. Three flags pay 2x your original bet. Three whistle blows pay 5x your original bet. These are nice returns, but they’re not exactly going to make you rich. After the negative icons, we get into the neutral items. For instance, three boots pay 10x your original bet. Three shirts pay 15x your original bet. Three pitches pay 25 your original bet. Three scoreboards pay 50x your original bet. Those are impressive returns. However, we have saved the best for last. Three goals pay 100x your original bet, and three trophies pay 500x your original bet. You’re not going to find returns like that on many other Ladbrokes Games.

Robin Dude is a fantasy-themed scratch card game that is available for play at MegaMoneyGames. Players can take on the role of a similar character to their favorite childhood hero, Robin Hood. Unlike most scratch card games where you simply scratch off symbols, players will aim and shoot a bow and arrow in Robin Dude to win real cash prizes. The game features high-quality and easy to understand graphics for fun and simple game play. Whether you're a professional at shooting bow and arrows or it's your first time, Robin Dude is easy for all to understand and play.

Upon opening the game screen, a money bag will be shown at the bottom that has a minus sign and a plus sign. These buttons will be used to set your bet amount. The minimum bet is $1.00 and the maximum bet is $10.00. After setting the bet amount that you feel comfortable with, the game can be played.

Players will assist Robin Dude in aiming his bow and arrow towards the target. When you feel that it is lined up as best as possible, click the “Shoot” button to fire away. Each game offers three chances to hit the target and the bow and arrow can be re-positioned during each try. If the target is hit during your first, second or third try, the prize amount that is shown behind that try will be won. The more that a player bets with, the more money that they can win. An amazing prize of $100,000.00 is possible when playing Robin Dude.

New players should not forget to take advantage of great promotions that are available to them at MegaMoneyGames. This includes a free %7.00 bonus with no deposit required. This is a great way to try out Robin Dude before making your own bet.


If you’re looking to play one of the simple Ladbrokes scratch cards, then go straight to Scratchball. This game has a football theme, and like most other scratch card games at ‘Ladbrokes Games', the goal is to match three symbols. You can change your stakes every game, which allows you more flexibility when it comes to money management.

When the game begins, move your cursor over one of the empty boxes. As you move the mouse, you will hear a scratching noise that sounds very realistic. If you match three symbols, then you will see the lights to the right blink, and you will hear a celebratory horn.

A simpler option is to select the “Reveal All” option, but that won’t allow for much excitement. The “Reveal All” option is best used when you’re pressed for time, such as during a lunch break.

Scratchball has a wide range of payouts. These payouts aren’t as high as The Big Match Scratch Card, but that’s one of the best Ladbrokes Games. This is a work-your-way-up game. Scratchball comes in batches of 10,000 scratch cards. Of those 10,000 scratch cards, 1,000 of them pay 1x your original wager. Two thousand of these scratch cards pay 2x your original wager. That might not sound like much, but you’re winning double your money. If you want to win 5x your money, then you should be happy to know that 500 scratch cards offer such a return. As many as 50 cards offer 10x your original wager. Twenty scratch cards offer 20x your original wager. Only five scratch cards offer 50x your original wager, but if you’re wagering a decent amount and you hit, then you will see an enormous return.

If this doesn’t sound like the game for you, then check out other Ladbrokes Scratch Cards. Soccer Safari is a great option. David G just won 3,882.80 GBO. Anthony I just won 3,030.00 playing Virtual Dog, and William S. just won 2,702.40 playing Rubiks Riches. These are all great Ladbrokes Games with big potential.

There are a variety of scratch off games that are available in the real world, and even more in the virtual world. Just take a look around Ladbrokes Casino and you will see just how creative the creators of these games can be. One of the popular games on the casino's site is a game based on whacking moles.

The whack a mole scratch off game is simple enough to understand. Players scratch off their boxes to reveal certain symbols. If the player matches three like symbols, then he or she has won a prize. However, if the player blocks three holes with their scratching off, then they have ended the game without winning. It is a simple game of chance that players play for the thrill of possibly hitting it big. The jackpot on this particular game is up to 10,000 times the wager amount. This means that a player who has even bet just $1 can win up to $10,000. That is quite a return!

A scratch off game like this is meant to be played simply for the fun factor of it. Unlike many other casino games, this one requires very little thinking. It is just a win or lose game of chance. That is exactly what makes some players so interested in it. It takes away the stress of having to figure out anything while playing.

The great thing about Ladbrokes Casino's offering of this game is that it comes in two forms, real money and for fun play. This means that players who just want to play the game for the thrill of playing the game can do so. They do not need to put down a single penny in risk if they are just going to play the for fun version. They obviously will also not have any chance of winning any real money, but that is just the trade off that they have to make.

If this game is not enough for the player, then he or she may decide to look into the other games that are offering on the casino's site. These games include other scratch off games as well as a variety of fan favorites from the brick and mortar casinos as well. Any player who wants to play roulette, blackjack, video poker, or more can do so without any problems. These are all available in their electronic form any time the desire arises.

Game, Set & Scratch is a tennis-themed scratch card developed by Microgaming and hosted at Ladbrokes Casino. Game, Set & Scratch is a fun game with strong graphics and sound effects that help set the mood of a tennis event. What Game, Set & Scratch does particularly well is world build: It has a rich cast of characters, the tennis players, and is able to create an enjoyable and immersive experience with a small array of elements. Game, Set & Scratch also provides multiple chances to win each card.

Game, Set & Scratch uses a 2×3 grid, and the goal of the game is to reveal three like tennis players anywhere on those squares. Since those odds are a little low for the average scratch card, Game, Set & Scratch also has a second game. Match Point is simply a win-or-lose proposition, but it wins and pays out at least the face value at such a high frequency that it makes the card quite lucrative overall.

The default face value of Game, Set & Scratch is £2, but the game allows bets as low as £0.50 and as high as £10. The main game has top jackpot of 20,000 times the bet. At the default card value, the jackpot equals £40K, and at the max bet, the jackpot equals a whopping £200K. The bonus game has a max payout of 200 times the bet, and it is possible to win both games on a single card.

Game, Set & Scratch is playable for real money and in a free practice mode. Clicking the New Card button is required to initiate the game and each subsequent round. The pay table is viewable via the View Payout button, and the plus and minus signs adjust the stake. The game has a Reveal All button, or the player can opt to reveal each aspect of the scratchie individually.

Game, Set & Scratch is a lucrative scratch-off that plays reasonably fast and is a great deal of fun. The game is available at Ladbrokes in instant play mode, so it worth sampling in arcade mode. If you decide to stick around and play for real, Ladbrokes Casino will match your first deposit of £5 or greater by 100 per cent up to £500.

Everyone wants to live in Hollywood. What better life could there be than living in a mansion on a hill and having movie stars living down the street? This actually describes the lifestyle of Beverly Hills better than Hollywood in the present day, but Hollywood is still where they create all the movies and TV shows.

Would you like to play on one of these games shows? This doesn’t pertain to in real life, but in a virtual sense. At first glance, you might think this isn’t as exciting as playing in real life, but it’s actually a much better option. When you’re on the real telly, you have might an opportunity to gain some fame, but chances are that won’t happen. Millions of people have been on TV game shows and less than 1 percent of those people have turned that exposure into a Hollywood career. More importantly, when you play on a game show online, you might have a chance to win $100,000. One such game is called Hollywood Stars, and it can be found at MegaMoneyGames.

Hollywood Stars is a scratch card game that makes you feel as though you’re on a real game show. The graphics are superb, especially the host with the microphone. There’s something funny about him. Maybe it’s because he resembles a 1960s game show host more than a modern game show host, but that’s meant in a good way. All the other colors in the game work well.

On the negative side, the sound leaves something to be desired. It seems as though they tried too hard with the sound, which comes off as noisy. That said, if you have a chance to win $100,000, are you going to quibble about the sound? You can always turn the volume down or put on your own background music.

To play the Hollywood Stars scratch card game, you first must select how much you’re willing to wager. After that, your job will be remove the stars on the board and match three symbols. These symbols are a camera, a director’s chair, a red carpet and film reel. If you don’t want to select all the images on your own and you would prefer faster play, then simply select the Reveal All button. The multipliers on this game include 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 200x and 1,000x. Currencies available include GBP, USD and Euro.

Hollywood is a place filled with broken dreams and empty promises, but Hollywood Stars brings real big-money potential directly to the comfort of your home.


If you like to gamble online and you want to make some serious coin, go straight to MegaMoneyGames. When it comes to big scratch card jackpots that you have a chance at winning, this is the best option online. In some games, you can win up to $500,000. That’s not bad for one day’s work. Add the fact that you don’t have to risk more than 1 GBP, USD or Euro and it’s even more impressive.

MegaMoneyGames is home to many different scratch card games that offer excellent graphics, sound and gameplay. Most of them are also unique in regards to theme. There are slots, table games and lottery games here as well. However, most people enjoy playing scratch card games the most. One of the most popular games is called Safe Buster.

In this entertaining scratch card game, the goal is to crack the safe. If you can hack it, then you can go home with 100,000 GBPs. If you can’t hack it, then you will hear and see the red alert button on the ceiling go off and the room will turn into a jail. That’s an awful predicament. However, in this game, you can simply just play again. The stakes are low, so you can end up playing all night. The minimum bet is 1 GBP and the maximum bet is 10 GBP. You can also wager in different currencies, such as US Dollars and Euros.

How do you crack the safe? You must find three gold bars inside the vault. This isn’t just any ordinary vault. It’s a vault that’s located in a special room with a red carpet, velvet curtains and an overall luxurious décor. When you’re “in” this room, you can almost feel the money.

In order to open one of the nine vault doors, click on one of the circles. If no gold bar is present, then you will find a large spider web with a big black spider waiting for your arrival. Does this spider bite? Nobody knows, but does it matter? If there’s no gold bar in that vault door, then just move to the next door. In order to win, you just need three gold bars; they don’t need to be in any particular order. For a faster game, select Reveal All.

Overall, Safe Buster at MegaMoneyGames is a fun and simple game with a lot of earnings potential. The graphics are also a tremendous plus.


Space Evader Gold is a scratch card hosted by Ladbrokes Casino and created by Microgaming. The name is a play on the title of the classic arcade game, Space Invaders. The theme of the game is a little green man trying to make it back to his spaceship while avoiding the perils of a dangerous planet. Space Evader Gold is a refresh of the very popular Space Evader scratchie. The high end is a little lower on the new card, but the Gold version has a more lucrative payout rate and the payouts scales better.

Space Evader Gold uses the board game format. The board has 46 positions. The types of positions are continue, jump, prize, death and jackpot. The player gets eight rolls of a die to get from the starting position to the spaceship. There is a chance that the player will not get to use all eight rolls, since if the avatar lands on a death position along the way, then the game ends immediately.

When the avatar lands on or passes a prize marker, the player wins at least that amount. In other words, when the game ends, however it ends, the player wins the amount of the last prize marker landed on or passed. Space Evader Gold allows bets ranging from £0.50 to £10, and the jackpot is as high as £200K. Space Evader Gold tends to pay out better than most games like it. The difference is the jump positions, which when landed on allow the avatar to skip ahead a number of positions.

Space Evader Gold is a fun scratch card that takes its simple and zany setup and runs with it. The game plays very fast in its default state, and it boasts a turbo mode that hard-core player will love. Space Evader Gold is an instant play game, and Ladbrokes Casino makes it available in a free arcade mode, so there’s no reason not to try the game and see what all the fuss is about. If you decide to play for real, then Ladbrokes is a great option since it’ll match your first deposit by 100 per cent up to £500.

Whether you enjoy playing darts at the local bar down the street or have never even played the game before, Paddy Power Games offers a fun game for even the most novice of players to enjoy. Not only can you practice your dart throwing skills on a computer screen, but you can win real cash and prizes while doing so. When betting cash on a game of Darts, you are putting your money at stake in hopes of winning the jackpot payout level.

The overall interface of Darts is relatively simple to understand. There is a dartboard in front of the player and your goal is the use your mouse to throw the dart and hit the center of the target. Players can choose exactly how much of their money they would like to bet on the round.

After cashing in with money on your account, players can choose their stake from the chips that are located on the bottom of the game screen. Different stakes for different outcomes can be made. The game is truly customizable by the player. Bet that a dart will hit the section that you have selected to increase the odds of winning. Different combinations and different stakes can be bet as many times as the player would like.

There are other features available on Darts that make the game a more personalized experience. The returns section will show the level of the odds for the bet that the player has made, the repeat button allows you to choose the same bet again and the auto bet feature will play the same bet for as many times as selected. Simply throw your darts and hope that they will land on the dart board where you'd like them.

The return to player percentage for long term game play is 93.18 percent. Paddy Power Games offers new player bonuses and other promotions too!

Since the late 1960s, the comedy group known as Monty Python has been bringing the world a particularly peculiar brand of comedy that is uniquely English. In 1975, the group’s success brought about Monty Python and the Holy Grail; a comedy film inspired by the legends of King Arthur. The movie has become a classic, in cultures across the world, and has had far reaching cultural influences. In 2004, American playwrights created Monty Python’s Spamalot; a play “lovingly ripped off from” the original film. The musical became a smash hit, winning three tony awards for the 2005 performance, and grossing over $175 million.

Now, thanks to Betfred Casino, you too can relive the fun, hilarity, and action, of the show, anytime you want, with the Monty Python’s Spamalot Scratch Card game. The game is created with the same touch of insanity that made the Monty Python comedies the cultural icons they have become. Immediately upon loading the game, they player is greeted by whimsical, leisurely music. In the background, the player can see an animated version of the poster that advertises the musical. The game board looks like a scroll of parchment, fitting since the reward conditions are displayed on a second piece of parchment. The buttons, which control the game’s settings, all appear to be carved from stone, and, upon changing the wager, the signature foot, used in many Monty Python sketches, smashes down over the game board.. The whole scratch card appears as if it could have been pulled right out of a program for Spamalot, making the entire experience full of comedic joy.

While the game is available in free to play mode, Betfred Casino will only dispense your winnings if you wager money first. The minimum stake is 50p, and can go as high as £100, for each card. Once you have settled on a wager, press play to start the round. The scroll of parchment will unroll, revealing the icon you need to match in order to win, on this card. The prize will vary based on what icon is shown, and how likely you are to see that icon. Winning rewards the player with the value shown, as well as with an animation, related to that particular icon, and a small clip of music from the show. The game features an autoplay function, to automatically play a large sequence of cards, and a scratch all button, to reveal every space available.

For fans of the musical, the Spamalot scratch card game is one of the most enjoyable ways to play on Betfred Casino, and one that certainly should not be missed.