Great excitement in Hawick last week as a local man won an amazing £250,000 on a National Lottery Scratch Card!

Craig Takacs, 31, isn’t sure what compelled him to buy a National Lottery Scratch Card last week in his local co-op. Having always been sceptical of the odds of winning, he had never bothered to play before. All of this changed on that fateful day when he decided to use the change left over from his shopping to buy one. He then put the card in his pocket and forgot all about until later that evening when getting ready for bed when he found it again. Little did he realise that his entire life was about to turn upside down.

Not thinking for a second that he could win anything, an unsuspecting Takacs scratched the card off and was shocked to find that he had won! Unable to believe his luck, he checked the card hundreds of times just to be sure before telling his partner, Rhonda, who was equally ecstatic to hear the incredible news.

As it was so late at night the two had to reserve their celebrations and wait until the claim line opened at 9AM the next morning. Mr. Takacs described his excitement as he was unable to sleep until four AM. The two set their alarm so they would be ready to phone up and claim first thing in the morning, and it was confirmed – they’d just won an amazing £250,000.

Mr. Takacs, who works as a tree surgeon and lives with Rhonda and their four children in Hawick, will receive the prize in yearly instalments of £25,000 for the next ten years. Rather than squander his money, he said that he would use the cash to buy his house, and occasionally buy a little treat for their children.

One thing that definitely has changed, however, is his attitude towards scratchcards. Far from being a sceptic, Mr. Takacs hopes that he will be able to carry on his lucky streak, as he confirmed that from now on he will be a much more avid lottery and scratchcard winner.

When asked what inspired him to buy a scratchcard on that fateful day, Mr. Tekacs said that he was unsure – but that he liked to hope that it was his late Grandmother continuing to look after him with a little push in the right direction.

Judith Cairns has been hitting the headlines of late as a scratch card thief. She is from Gateshead and worked in 2 stores – where it was uncovered that she was stealing scratch cards in both of them! Not just a couple – she pocketed thousands of them in the hope they would provide her with a big win! Originally it was claimed that Cairns had taken scratchies to the value of £44,000 however due to insufficient evidence in proving which ones she could have actually purchased and which ones she had taken without permission meant that the prosecutors didn’t really have any other option than to accept her story.

This means that her sentence was based on her taking only £2,000 worth of cards and claiming the winnings of £500. Mark Giuliani spoke to the Newcastle Crown Court and stated the following:
“The exact number of scratch cards cannot be quantified but she accepts there were about £2,000 of them. It’s impossible to work out which cards had gone and been sold etc. She said she had winnings of £500. That’s less than Camelot would expect, they said the winnings would be 60 to 70% of the value of the cards. She may have won a million pounds, who knows.”

The thought that she could have gotten away with such a large crime has caused a bit of an upset – but with the lack of evidence there is nothing else that could be done. Judith Cairns is 32 years old and worked in the Lifestyle Shop and Ivan’s Premier Shop which are both situated on Consort Road in Gateshead. She committed the offence last year and has plead guilty to theft of 4 counts.

Her sentence was community service – where she needs to undertake 100 hours of work which of course be unpaid. Her defender Nick Lane had stated that she had a child and had some financial problems at the time and that she of course feels bad about what she has done. He also revealed that she wasn’t in the best relationship at the time which only added to her worries. She now of course is no longer working in those stores but is working 4 hours a week and searching for more work.

Most of you will know that we don’t just give you the skinny on all of the scratch card offerings that are on the go we do often tell you about the slot delights too!

Gala Casino has a fab staple promotion where they choose a game of the week and give you double points for playing on it. Each promotional period runs from Monday to Sunday so you have the whole week to take part and this time their selected game is Supernova!

To join in initially all you have to do is ‘opt in' on the promotions page and start playing!

If you haven’t yet had a go on Supernova yet there has never been a better time than now. For every £10 you wager you will earn two comp points as opposed to one which you can redeem at a later date to spend on your favourite games.

Now a bit about Supernova. It has an unusual design with two sets of reels and a background of stars giving you the feeling as if you are in outer space. There isn’t a bonus feature on Supernova but it’s the individuality of the game that is attractive.

There are 27 paylines and you are likely to get lots of smaller wins as opposed to few larger wins. When you do this will activate the 2nd set of reels. When this happens the first reel will spin hopefully revealing a multiplier of up to 10 x your line bet!

If you do manage to bag a multiplier you will then get a chance to do the same on the 2nd reel. If you land on a ‘black hole' on the first reel the multiplier feature will be over. The most that can be won on this slot game is 50 x your bet and it is suitable for any kind of wagering requirements as you can bet from as little as 25p up to £50.

Fancy a spin on an out of this world slot game that is Supernova? Then head over to Gala Casino now and start racking up those points plus they will give you a fab 100% welcome bonus to the value of £200 so make sure you make the most of that first deposit folks!

Keep your eyes peeled to see what their next Game of the Week is too!

As if it isn't exciting enough taking a flight when there is a prospect of going on your holiday's and soaking up some sun, sea and sand, Ryanair also have some nifty little scratch cards you can purchase on flight where there are some great prizes up for grabs! These include cash prizes, cars and much more – all of which can be won just by scratching off and matching some panels!

As part of their ‘Fly to Win' offer and there were four lucky winners of late who all walked (or flew) away with a luxury new car!

There were two winners from Italy, one from Portugal and finally one from Spain. Ms Maria Soccorsa Pitella, Ms Maria Eleonora Milazzo, Ms Maria Gabriela Rodrigues and Mr William Bullard where the ones to have a swanky new car and all the result of purchase of a Ryanair scratch card that costs just 2 Euros!

The profit of these scratch cards don't just go to Ryanair, a lot of it goes to charitable causes too which may be why they are so popular with the customers. The charities include: The Marie Keating Foundation, The GROW Organisation, The Jack and Jill Foundation, The Men's Shed Association in Ireland and more.

Caroline Greene who is the Ryanair representative that presented the winners with the keys said:

“Every one of our 81m passengers is already a winner thanks to Ryanair’s guaranteed lowest fares and our ‘Fly To Win' scratchcards offer some fabulous prizes, including a brand new car every single month, as well as cash and the chance to win €1 million, all for a stake of just €2.”

There was some poor publicity for Ryanair in recent months when it was uncovered that it was part of the company's policy to not give their customers any change and encourage them to purchase extra items such as the scratch cards to spend more money with the company. The strategy was for the stewards to let customers know that they were struggling for change and they would need to come back with it and offer the alternative of spending just a little on some other items.

It looks like those four winners have come just in time to make sure that Ryanair remain in everyone's good books! But if you're not jetting off anywhere soon why not try some online scratchcards?

With huge jackpots, very high payout rates and often for a lot less than you can by them in your local shop, they are a hugely entertaining way to play. Paddy Power Games have a huge selection so head over and check them out.

When I look for a site where I can play casino games without a lot of fuss and bother, I always gravitate to the tried-and-true William Hill online casino at This site may not have a lot of bells and whistles but it has exactly what I need (which is why I keep on returning). When I punt online, I don’t like to be assaulted with colours and graphics and flashing lights (if I wanted that, I’d go to Vegas); instead, I want the ability to find my favourite games without fighting my way through a maze of instructions and detours. William Hill is streamlined and straightforward – just the way I like it.

The William Hill online casino seems to read my mind in terms of priorities. For instance, I love a good bonus, and they put the promos and bonuses front and centre; you never have to fish around to find the information you’re looking for. And the folks at William Hill are super-generous. Not only do you get great first-deposit bonuses if you start off slow (150% up to £150), but mid-rollers and high-rollers get compensated as well (£350 free for a deposit of £500 and £500 for a deposit of £1,000, respectively). Second deposits are also eligible for a bonus and, as you continue to play on the site, you also get bonuses depending on which banking method you use.

Another reason I like playing with William Hill is because peace of mind is important to me. When I started punting online I was nervous about getting paid, not understanding the rules, and about the security of my personal information. As soon as I started reading about the different Internet casinos, I quickly learned that William Hill’s reputation is head and shoulders above all others. The company’s been around for ages and they really know what they’re doing. This becomes clear the very first time you need to contact their customer service team; those people are great! They’re available 24/7, they’re super friendly and nice and go out of their way to answer any question I had. It seems to me that from start (registration) to finish (collecting my winnings), William Hill online casino is like a well-oiled machine, created just for my gaming pleasure. Add to that all the incredible games, and it is easy to see why William Hill is a winner.

If you enjoyed playing Battleship as a kid, you'll love Battle Cash Bonanza, a play-for-money version of the classic ship-sinking game available at Ladbrokes Games. Battle Cash Bonanza places you at the helm of a cannon with a top-down view of a 9×9 game board.

Your goal is, as with the original game, to sink ships in as few shots as possible. However, instead of playing against a live human who is trying to sink your ships, you're playing against your wallet. Specifically, you pay for each shot you make. The more ships you sink, the bigger your payout is likely to be.

Like slots, Battle Cash Bonanza at Ladbrokes Games is a luck-based game, but there is some strategy involved. You need to aim and shoot to be able to hit moving ships effectively. You have to sink full ships to win the biggest payouts, so when you win a hit, you have to hit it again several times before you can get the full money.

How to Play
The interface for Battle Cash Bonanza is remarkably simple. Just select the amount of money per shot, or your stake, aim at a particular square on the board, and click to fire. Ships will be moving about the board while you fire, so you need to aim carefully in advance of your shot. You get a bigger payout the more ships you hit, and if you happen to sink an entire ship, you get a special bonus payout.

As a simple, easy-to-use game, players can easily find themselves addicted. Unlike card games like poker or blackjack, Battle Cash Bonanza is mostly based on luck, so it is unlikely that anyone playing it will be able to become a millionaire overnight. Nevertheless, it is fun and a good way to while away time with a real money gaming edge.

Another interesting aspect of Battle Cash Bonanza is the setting to change ships to look the way you want them to look. You can arrange the layout of the board as well, which is useful if you think different groupings of ships would be easier to hit.

The only downside to Battle Cash Bonanza is that the cursor and cannon fire isn't as accurate as it could be. The aiming in the game is somewhat temperamental, and there may be a learning curve where you aren't hitting ships as much as you think you ought to be. As you get used to the quirky functionality, this will subside; however, it can be annoying when you begin.

Battle Cash Bonanza on Ladbrokes Games accompanies dozens of other fun cash games to while away the hours. I recommend you try it out today!

Scratch Card Win

Although some online scratch card sites offer free scratch cards or extra bonus cash – you should always read the terms and conditions to see if it’s really free.

Can you Really Claim Free Scratch Cards Online?

You know that saying is something looks too good to be true it probably is?  Well that can often be the case with some of the offers featured on online scratch card sites.  They entice players with the offer of free no deposit bonuses or free scratch cards as part of their promotions – but sometimes there are pesky terms and conditions or wagering requirements to be met that make the offer not quite as good as what you first thought!

No Deposit Bonuses

When joining a new site – it definitely is an incentive if there is some free no deposit cash involved.  Not all scratch card sites do this – but often you will find just that.  It can vary from a free fiver up to sometimes a free tenner.  Although you are generally free to spend this bonus cash on what you would like (sometimes only certain types of games are eligible) – if you manage to win something – you won’t be allow to withdraw unless you have deposited and wagered a certain amount of cash.  So although the bonus is free – you can’t claim your winnings straight away.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are another way for you to play scratch cards for free.  The average welcome bonus is 100% – which means the sites will double your deposit.  So although it can be advertised as free cash – of course it is only free if you make a deposit.  Again sometimes there are restrictions on what games you can spend your bonus cash on and if you choose to deposit just £10 perhaps – you still will probably need to deposit again to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Free Scratch Cards in Promotions

You will often find free scratch cards as part as a promotion, which of course on first glance very appealing but again – you will find there is some criteria that has to be met.  For example you may have to have already deposited within that week – or it could be that if you spend £5 on the game – that you will get another £5 for free.  It is unlikely that you will get this offer no strings attached but it doesn’t mean its not a good deal- it just means it won’t be completely free.

I think the moral of the article is that make sure you always read the small print when you see the word “free” – there will probably be a catch.

Ladbrokes Slot Race

Compete for your share of a huge £15,000 prize fund simply by playing your favourite fruit machines at Ladbrokes Games this August. Play your way to the top of the leader board to win a share of this great cash prize, for every £1 wagered on any of Ladbrokes Games excellent fruit machine range you will earn 1 point towards your total. The Fruit Machines Club Turnover Race runs between Monday the 12th of August and Thursday the 15th or August so see how far you can climb the leader board for a great cash prize!

1st Place – £500
2nd Place – £250
3rd Place – £200
4th Place – £150
5th Place – £100
6th Place – £75
7th Place – £50
8th Place – £25
9th Place – £25
10th Place – £25
11th –15th Place – £20

Playing at Ladbrokes Games is great not least for the 500 plus games available! Choose between great titles such as Monopoly Dream Life, Thor, Day Of The Dead, Harry Trotter and their most recent addition – Worms! One of my favourite fruit machines at Ladbrokes is Madness House Of Fun, The gameplay is excellent and features the music of Madness along with some really fun bonus rounds!

Other Ladbrokes Games Offers
The £15,000 prize pot isn’t the only great promotion running at Ladbrokes Games as you can also earn cash back every weekend until the end of September. Any fruit machine game you play at weekends offers 25% cash back on any losses so however your luck runs you will be better off at Ladbrokes Games.

New players can take advantage of a range of great deals including a fantastic welcome bonus of £10! Deposit and spend £10 on a selection of their greatest games and if you don't win they’ll give you your money back! This is a great deal that differs from most online games sites as you can claim any wins as you make them without having to play through a given amount.

Betfred Casino Promos

If you take a look at the selection of games at Betfred Casino, you will be amazed. Within every category, their catalogue seems full to the brim. Have a look at their slots and online scratch card sections and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Not only this, the online casino has loads of dedicated promotions for players of the different games. In this article we will discuss what’s on offer for slots players.


£10,000 Slots Club Cash Giveaway
Betfred online has only just launched their Slots Club and to celebrate its launch, they are hosting this brand new competition. They are giving away a massive £10,000 over the four week duration of the promotion. Every week, £1,000 will be given to the winner, as well as three £500 prizes for the runners-up. To get involved, all you have to do is play on any of the fantastic Slots Club games. Every time you wager £10 on the specified slots, you will earn an entry to that week’s prize draw. To make it even better, you can earn more entries to the competition every time you wager the specified amount. To give yourself the best chance of winning the £1,000 top prize, earn as many entries as you can!

The games available in the competition include Rainbow Riches, Monopoly Plus, Cleopatra, Siberian Storm, Da Vinci Diamonds, Ghostbusters, 100 Pandas, Pixies of the Forest and a lot more! Be aware that you must ‘opt in’ to the competition to take part.

Da Vinci Diamonds Winning Boost
Play on the specified slot and earn an additional 10% boost on all winnings! The bonus you can receive is capped at £50, so get wagering now to max out. The specified slot is Da Vinci Diamonds, which used the innovative Tumbling Reels technology, in which the symbols tumble down into place from above instead of conventionally spinning on reels. If you get a winning combination, the symbols will disappear and new symbols fall into their place, allowing multiple wins on a single play. On top of this, you get a generous bonus spins round. Don’t miss out on the fun this Saturday 3rd August and claim you winnings booster!

Welcome Bonus
Betfred like to make their new players feel welcome when they join the Slots Club. The online casino will match your first £5 stake. Don’t miss out on this chance to double up.

Kerching Promotions

If like us you love the thrill of playing fruit machines online then you will love playing at Kerching Casino. Not only do they have an excellent game range but they also offer regular cash match days which means you can double your deposits with a bonus cash boost from Kerching. You can use your bonus cash on any of their Fruit Machines, Casino Games and Instant Win Games, so you’ll never be bored and never be strapped for game play cash!

Tuesday Treats
What a treat, deposit up to £50 this Tuesday and we'll match it when you play Fruit Machine games! You can choose from Wolf Run to She's a Rich Girl or whatever takes your fancy in between!

Fantastic Thursdays
Every Thursday you can choose from She's a Rich Girl, Triple Fortune Dragon or Diamond Queen and when you deposit up to £50 they’ll match it.

There are also cash match days on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays along with cash back days on Wednesdays and Sundays. So every day there is the opportunity to claim bonus cash or claim back on any losses incurred. There aren’t many online fruit machine sites that offer this much bonus cash and with such a great range of games like Monopoly Dream Life, Da Vinci Diamonds, Cluedo and Star Trek you won’t be disappointed!

The Cube

Fancy a change from playing online scratch cards then try this new addition to Ladbrokes Games. The superb new 20 win line 5 reel fruit machine from Ladbrokes Games is based on the hit TV game show – The Cube. Aired on ITV The Cube is a game based on dexterity and skill, contestants have to complete a series of tasks under pressure to win the final prize. Now you get your chance to enjoy the thrill, tension and excitement of The Cube combined with the classic game play of fruit machines and feature packed games that are straight out of TV show itself.

You will find all the traditional features of a 5 reel fruit machine game such as wilds, multipliers and scatters. Wilds substitute for all icons except scatter and bonus and during the main game, there are stretches of ‘Stacked Wilds' on the reels. If a full reel of these joined wilds occur on screen, they are replaced by a video from the show such as ‘The Body'. For multipliers you can earn x2, x3 multipliers to all further wins – All wins are increased by this multiplier. Additional triggers of this bonus would add together, x2 followed by retrigger would mean x3 and so on up to x5.

When you activate the Free Spins round you get many chances to increase your wins. One of these is the Jackpot Symbol. A new JACKPOT symbol will be added to the reels and this symbol is a high paying symbol. Achieving 5 of these on a wagered line will pay out a much higher reward than any other symbol in the game. You can also land Super Wilds which have a chance to appear on any reel but the second, these are wilds that remain in place for a set duration of spins before vanishing.

The Cube Bonus Rounds

Bonus Games featured in this fruit machine are taken from the TV Show and are activated when you get 3 or more scatter symbols. Try your luck on Descent where you throw the ball so that it bounces off the columns and lands in the target container or see if you can come to a Dead Stop where you throw the ball onto the raised podium. The ball must come to a complete stop without falling off.

Las Vegas Holiday Prize

Ladbrokes Casino is home to a highly playable choice of online scratch cards – we are delighted to report – but it is also to a lot more games besides. Games also extend to the likes of online slot games and live dealer games. Familiarity with online slots is to be expected, with many casino sites heralding them amongst their best games. However, the playing public is somewhat less familiar with live dealer games. To provide explanation, these games include live versions of roulette, blackjack and hold’em, with players placing their bets with real-life dealers over the internet. Ladbrokes Casino now has the perfect introduction for you to try them out.

£10k Vegas Turnover Race
The Turnover Race starts as of Friday 19 July and will continue for a few short days until it reaches a thrilling climax on Wednesday 14 July. This race will challenge you to get as far ahead of the competition as you can, so as to win the largest portion of the £10,000 prize fund. As with all leaderboard races, your challenge – should you choose to accept it – is to generate as high a total of points as you can. Because this is a Vegas-themed promo is a requirement, and that is to earn points only by playing live roulette, live blackjack and live hold’em at Ladbrokes Casino.

Target a Top-50 Finish
Ladbrokes Casino is intent on rewarding the top 50 finishers on the leaderboard when the promo ends on Wednesday 14 July. You can try to climb as high as you can by wagering on the aforementioned live casino games. Every £1 that you wager on those games will see Ladbrokes provide with one point for the leaderboard. As mentioned previously, the challenge is to perform strongly and finish within the top 50. Achieve that and you will be rewarded with one of the following prize fund shares:

  • First prize – £2,000
  • Second place – £1,500
  • Third place – £1,000
  • Fourth place – £800
  • Fifth place – £700
  • Sixth place – £500
  • Seventh place – £400
  • Eighth place – £200
  • Ninth to 15 – £150 each
  • 16 to 20 – £100 each
  • 21 to 35 – £75 each
  • 36 to 50 – £50 each

No Deposit Treat
Any new players that join Ladbrokes Casino right now can claim a special £25 no deposit bonus. There is also a £25 free bonus to potentially claim by any players that sign up. Best of luck with the £10k Turnover Race!